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I had what may have been described as the worst...

I had what may have been described as the worst asymmetry this office has seen. I have dealt with this my whole life and have been absolutely mortified of ever having it looked at to see if it could be changed because I never wanted to remove my bra or shirt. I spent years hiding it and did a pretty good job of it because not many people knew. When I finally worked up the nerve to go in and have it looked at I was given a very honest response from Dr. Prada. He would do his best to fix my problem I just needed to have realistic expectations of the outcome. So. That was it. I was doing it. As of tomorrow I am 3 weeks out and couldnt be happier. He listened to exactly what size I was trying to accomplish and for me this wasn’t about huge boobs. This was about same size boobs. And I’d say from where they are sitting right now, the notice of difference is slight if any. I will be able to report back once they have settled more but as of right now, today, I am 100% glad I took the plunge. I can’t wait to wear v-necks, and halter swim tops and things with stripes. If you are asymmetric you will understand that. Granted this was never about what anyone else thought, I’ve never had a complain from a man (as if I give a shyte if I did ? ) but I have a feeling being less self conscious will make a world of difference in that area of life as well.
What I need to learn now, is posture. I have been hunching over for so long that I don’t even know what standing up or sitting up straight is. That has probably been the hardest thing in recovery.

I was easily a big B on one side, and the tiniest of an A cup you could be on the left.

I haven’t gotten to put on a real bra yet but Im guessing its going to fit and not make me feel like a mutant anymore.
Congratulations to you!!! Feeling comfortable in your own skin, no matter what people say, really does help with the confidence when it comes to body image. Once you have healed and are cleared you should look into something called Rolfing. It's a pretty intense form of massage but not in a relaxing way. In a way that helps with fixing people's posture. Good luck on your healing process!!
Ahh! Thank you! I am still working up the nerve to post pictures but to give you an idea I had 234cc to my right & 375cc to my left. I was absolutely completely lopsided. So really anything was an improvement. I just can't wait to figure out what size bra I wear!
Scroll through or post in the search for asymmetry, it will pull up others who have had similar situations. It is amazing and encouraging to see people's transformations, especially with stories like yours. When u r ready be courageous and post them...I'm sure it will help and encourage others!


Today marks 3 weeks.

•Y• 375 cc left, 234 cc right

I don't know what's normal or really what to expect but I can say I think my personal experience so far has been pretty good. As you can see, I didn't have much to work with beforehand.

2 weeks out

I never wanted this to be noticeable to anyone else which is why I went small. I just wanted to correct asymmetry & wear things that didn't require padding. I bought this a hundred years ago & I can finally wear it.

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. I'm so glad you can feel confident about your body. You look wonderful! I'm certain many other women will appreciate your story as asymmetry is quite common. Keep us posted. Congratulations!

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I truly appreciate this website for everything it's made to be. It helped me along the way so I hope I can do the same
Thank you! I need to get around to uploading more recent photos

Day 26!

Have I mentioned how happy I am that my PS listened to me about size? I do believe I'm still a B cup, maybe a C (haven't gotten to shop for my new girls yet). My goal was never huge boobs & he nailed this. People can't tell which is exactly what I wanted & I can go braless when I'm done healing. My left one is uber sensitive & my right one is still numb. I hear this is all normal. But Thursday I finally get to stop wearing this god awful granny bra! I'm not much of a girly girl so these perky b/c's are perfect for me. The thing I've hated about this recovery process most... I can't workout! It's making me insane. Either way, I'm 26 days in, can notice the "drop" so far & I'm still happy.

My asymmetry looks almost exactly like yours! Except I have an A and a deflated C. I've never seen anyone as bad as mine! I'm getting an augmentation and possibly a lift on one side in December. I'm so happy to know there's hope!
I feel your pain! I had a lift on my right because there was really no getting around it if I wanted to them to even kind of match. I went in with very realistic expectations & came out more impressed than I thought I would. Today I am 8 weeks out & my left is finally starting to soften up. Because i had more real breast fat on my right, obviously my left looks more fake than my right. But my goal was to wear normal bras, striped shirts & halter bikini tops. Not always wearing my purse across my chest & slouching to hide it. The driver definitely accomplished what I was going for. I can not stress enough how happy I am that I didn't go bigger! My PS had bigger plans for me but I relentlessly let him know that it wasn't for me. I'm not your typical "boob job". Mine was a "boob correction". I didn't want bay watch boobies coming out of it. I wanted to not feel like a freak & finally, at the age of 31, I don't. I can't even describe what it did for my level of intimacy. Until the surgery I had never taken off my bra during sex. And now I can. What the hell have I been missing?!? Keep me posted on yours. Id love to know I'm not the only one. Everyone always says "asymmetry is soooo common". Well, my PS told me he had never seen someone with such a dramatic difference. He was shocked with the results too! If my left one wasn't so small in the beginning, you wouldn't even be able to tell I had an implant or a lift on my right. No scarring. I wish you luck! And would really love to follow your progress so keep me posted. Us unevens need to stick together :)
I will absolutely update as progress happens! You have no idea how relieved I am to see someone with a similar story. I see other peoples' asymmetry and, while I can sympathize, I just want to tell them how lucky they are it's not worse! Thanks for updating. When I go for my official consultation in a month, I will be showing my PS your photos. :)

8 weeks out

Left one is finally softening up.
Hey girl! I am soooo happy to have found your review. Not only do I have the exact same problem as you and want the same goal (not huge boobs, just "normal" ones) but I also live in St Louis. I literally laughed out loud at your comment about wearing stripes because you totally get it! I've had a consultation elsewhere but didn't feel confident about it. I actually was feeling kind of doomed about it, like I was going to be stuck like this forever or I was gonna end up with clown boobs. But I see now that's not the case! Thank you so so so much, you've helped more than you know! I'll be booking a consultation with Dr Prada asap!!
If you have the same thing I have going on I would love to follow your progress. Because I swear I thought I was the only person with it this bad! Dr. Prada was impressed with his own work haha it was quite a challenge & my results exceeded my expectations. Than man is a master of his craft! If you do, mention my profile. I'm keeping my name private because even though fixed, I'm still mortified of what I did have. But if you show him this picture I guarantee he'll know who I am!!! They were making my progress such a big deal. Maybe that's how they roll, either way it made me feel greeeeat
I'm so happy that you've had such a good experience! They look great by the way! I am going to call on Monday and book my consultation, but probably won't be able to go through with surgery until Jan or Feb. I look forward to seeing your progress, because I am super curious about scar healing on the side with the lift. I will need one as well. Who knows what real bra size I am, but I think my larger is a small D and the smaller a large B. It's bad. When I get closer to surgery time, I will upload pics. After I remove my profile photo though haha. Oh also I'm curious how your breasts end up settling. I'm super worried one of mine will look fake and the other (bigger) one won't. Or that they'll sit differently or something. Again, you are helping more than you can imagine!! I will tell Dr Prada at my consultation that you gave me the final push to follow through. It's so true!! Thank you! I'll keep in touch for sure =)

I can wear stripes!

I... Can wear stripes!
Hey girl, was just wondering about your progress!? Because I'm in the exact same position, i would love to hear about how you've healed. How is the scarring on the lifted side? And did they settle to the same position and "feel"?? Any info would be sooo appreciated! Thank you! =)
Hey there! Sorry I haven't posted any new pictures it's just that now that they have "settled" and healed they no longer feel like an experiment. So it would feel like I'm just taking a picture of my boobs.. if that makes sense. Anyways! Scarring is absolutely amazing. The left has settled in and got snug with the right. My right one is softer than the left but that was expected. The implant size is much smaller than the left. I can honestly say that the money was well worth it. If you experience the same thing I did then this will not be a disappointment. I was scared but went into it with realistic expectations and came out of it more than impressed. I never thought they would sit this similar to one another. Wearing no bra, or a lace bra with no padding in it is just... I dont have words. I went my whole life wondering what not worrying about if people could tell felt like and now its my life. I have no regrets at all. I will try to post pictures soon! Please let me know if there is anything I haven't covered!
I'm posting a picture for you!

5 months out!

The girls have evened quite nicely I couldn't have asked for better results. Scarring is minimal & continues to fade. Best decision of my life! Wish I had made it sooner.
There should be a forum just for us asymmetrical ladies!!! That would make understanding what to expect a lot easier
I agree!! I had no pictures to go off of when I did it. I couldn't find anyone that came close to what I had going on so I just convinced myself anything was better than what I had & went for it. My dr talked me into getting on here to show other chicks suffering from this that it can be fixed. He was just proud of his work.. Ha!
He should be! Is he a specialist in asymmetry or just a regular PS with awesome skills?
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