BBL tomorrow! Monday August 27, 2012

Got my breasts done, now why not lipo? I already...

Got my breasts done, now why not lipo? I already have a big butt, but have been wanting lipo for forever on my legs, so why waste the fat and why not just add it to my butt?:) I have a consultation next week with a different doctor about the bbl and lipo. Already had one consultation with a plastic surgeon about Vaserlipo and was disappointed, mainly with cost. Anyone else get the fat removed from their inner or outer thighs? Any advice for me?

hey girl,
welcome to the bbl sisterhood. congrats on starting your journey.

Ok I'm now uploading before pics so you ladies can...

Ok I'm now uploading before pics so you ladies can tell me what you think. Getting bbl done in less than 24 hours! Always have had a big butt, so I might just get the lipo then decide if fat injections are right for me. He is going to do my calves, inner thighs, front thighs, around the inside of knee, and outer or back of thighs (can't decide which) for 5000, 6000 if I want injections into my buttocks. Should I remove fat from the back or outer part of my thigh? Which will enhance my buttocks? Check out my gallery and tell me what you think!

Will try to post tomorrow after procedure if I feel like it...

Thanks ladies! So excited!
Hey baby doll I am really considering getting the butt lift from Dr. was the surgery?? How do u look today?? Was it worth it?? Is he a good doctor?
Nothing wrong with you I'd take u as is
Hey babydoll2012 I live in Stl & had a consultain with Dr.Ramos, can u tell me how u like ur results because I was thinking about going to him but didn't see a lot of reviews on him
Dr Roque Ramos

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