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Throughout my adult life, I wanted to get a tummy...

Throughout my adult life, I wanted to get a tummy tuck, but did not know where to start. Over the years, I gained and lost weight, but no matter how much I lost, I still had the saggy skin that made the weight loss anticlimactic. Once I found the right combination of tools to help me keep the weight off (lap-band, exercise, diet), I was still self-conscious about the appearance of my body and the loose skin everywhere. Every day, I faced a person in the mirror who was very happy in life, earned a good living, had a loving family and wonderful friends, but was unhappy seeing her naked reflection. Do you know what that is like? If so, then you know it is profoundly disappointing. If you can relate to that feeling, then you owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Prada. I have had numerous consults with area plastic surgeons, but there was always something missing or lacking in their approach, bedside manner, pricing structure or that “x” factor that must be present to trust someone with your life, health and happiness.

After what can only be classified as “massive weight loss,” I was in serious need of a body lift, thigh lift and probably every other procedure known to man.

I am a person who cannot freely spend unlimited funds on myself without tremendous guilt, so I set a strict budget for my procedure(s). Dr. Prada was the first PS who was willing to do one procedure at a time (tummy tuck, butt lift, thigh lift) rather than urging me to do everything at once.

My first procedure was a tummy tuck with muscle repair in September 2011. The results were amazing. After all those years, I finally had a flat abdomen! What a rush!! I had one minor allergic reaction that was handled by Dr. Prada’s staff as he was out of the office. When Dr. Prada heard about my problem, he called me from an airport while he was on vacation! Who does that?!? I was very impressed at his concern for my well-being, knowledge and the amount of time he spent understanding the complete issue as well as his long-distance recommendations to resolve my problem. Within a very short amount of time, my allergic reaction subsided, just as the doctor said it would, and I was on my way to complete healing.

My second set of procedures (butt & thigh lift) was in March of 2012. The recovery time was a bit longer as they were big procedures, but the results have been stellar. I had no complications and was able to return to work in my home office after just 2 weeks. I was able to travel back in the office after 3 weeks. My butt is lifted, my abdomen is flat and my thighs are slimmer! I put myself in Dr. Prada’s hands and he has given me the greatest gift ever: a body I can be proud to say is mine. I’ve recently bought a couple of full-length mirrors and like myself naked again! Yay!!!


Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Congratulations on your weight loss, you totally deserve the new body you've worked so hard for! If you don't mind sharing, how did you lose the weight?

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Hello Kristy, thank you for the kind words. I don't mind telling you that I lost the weight by having a Lap-Band procedure in 2008 and combining that with exercise and sensible eating habits (usually!). It has been a long journey and was so happy to find a surgeon I believed in -- and who believed in me. I can't say enough nice things about him and his staff.

Well, congratulations on your weight loss, you look really good in your after pic and you deserve the new body you've been working so hard for! WLS isn't an easy way out, it takes a life time of commitment and you seem to be doing an awesome job so far!

Lower Half Makeover (tummy tuck, thigh lift, butt lift)

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Lower Half Makeover (tummy, thighs, butt)

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Lower Half Makeover (tummy, thighs, butt)

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2014 I was quoted $26,000.00 for everything( dr. and surgery suite) from same office, needless to say I wont be doing that, I thought it would be about $15,000.
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I was quoted 27,000 for everything breast, tummy tuck with muscle repair and lower body lift breast lift mastopexy with gel implants.. Yes I will be having surgery I have one more consult but felt very comfortable and confident in his skill and his portfolio shows results. that includes two pain pumps.
I think you are one of the photos in his portfolio in the office :) He was showing me the scarring from the lower body lift.. I was going into with mommy makeover and breast lift with augmentation. But this was an option and after talking it over I am afraid I would be left with horrible pan handles in my lower back area that would protrude over my jeans so lower body lift is the way I am going. Thanks for sharing your story and you wonderful journey.
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After numerous consultations with area plastic surgeons, I finally found the best. I chose Dr. Prada because he's truly gifted and sincerely wants his patients to be happy. I trust him. Three little words, but they speak volumes. Trust your surgeon or find one you do trust; it’s your life and health on the line. Dr. Prada will earn your trust with a combination of personality, knowledge, skill and a dozen other characteristics that I cannot begin to name. It’s difficult to know what one person finds in another to feel complete trust in them. I’m just glad I found it. Finally. In August 2011, I met with Dr. Prada for the first time and was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the lap-band procedure, how the port/tubing would be managed during a tummy tuck procedure and what I could expect. He took his time and answered all of my questions without being condescending or talking over my head. He treated me with respect and courteousness – and earned my respect in return. His approach fit with my budget and I agreed to do the surgery after my initial consult. I had finally found a surgeon who took the time to understand me. It was a splendid feeling. As I sit here now looking at my before and after photos, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in just 12 short months. Thank you, Dr. Prada. I am overjoyed with my results and wish I had found you sooner. Someday I’ll have to tell you the story of how we almost never met. I’m so glad we did! As you must know, I have recommended you to anyone who will listen (and a few who wouldn’t!) and will continue to do so in the future. I feel honored to have you as my surgeon and buddy. To anyone who has taken their time to read this review, thank you. If you give Dr. Prada a chance, you will trust him too – and you will be as pleased with your results as I am with mine.

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