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Age 45, Meds For Thyroid Disease, Massive Weight Gain - Saint Joseph, MO

Hello My name Lydia am 45 yrs old, I have a...

Hello My name Lydia am 45 yrs old, I have a wonderful hubby, been married for 26 yrs. We 3 girls ages 29,27,and 22. I also have 8 grandchildren, love them all!!! I was Fine with my weight until ‘91, I had gored “thyroid” disease, I am still taking medication for this and over the years I have gain weight like crazy, the most weight I have gained is 265lbs. I was 125lbs before my thyroid. In 2008 I got the lab band and for the past 2 yrs I have staying in 160lbs to 168 lbs up and down. I have see one doctor at K.U. Medical, I was supposed to get tt/w/mr/lipo on 4/2/12 but my lab work come back to low, my hemoglobin level was so low they said I might need blood invasions. “I couldn’t believe it I felt just fine!!” I feel fine 2 days later I went to hospital due to a panic attack I felt very cold weak, keep going to rest room #2.. lol couldn’t breath I for real thought I was dieing. I decided that Doctor I had was not the one I needed due to my problems I was having so I switch… Dr. Rippy is wonderful person and doctor I made a great decisions. He has done a lot more example he has gave, 12 shots plus my iron meds then after that went once a wk for 4 wks than checked me and it went up some so now I’m taking multivitamin w/iron and b12 shot monthly and waiting. I want this so much I’m on here all the time, I also visit tummy talk tuck!!. you GUYS are all very helpful no here!!! I’m confused on witch doctor to get for TT/W/MR/LIPO been searching for about 1.5 years.. Was set on one back in April no really not for sure!!! J

Well i saw on here were one of the doctors said he...

well i saw on here were one of the doctors said he has his patient take folic acid and muiltvamit so i went out and got me a bottle of folic hope it will bring my hemblgohim up i want it to be up at least 13 or 14

So how everyone doin great i hope i be takin my...

so how everyone doin great i hope i be takin my meds and got folic acid i go back on 15th aug for lab it should be up good now hopefuly i can make a app around sept my b/ day is the 1st good present right

Ok well iam soooooooooooooo so happy my levels are...

ok well iam soooooooooooooo so happy my levels are up now my app is set for oct 1 and iam goin to see him one more time for labs and talk to him on set 18 i just brought me a seat raiser and some pillows

And got me a tube of anrica cream went fri to my...

and got me a tube of anrica cream went fri to my other doctor and my hem is up 12.2 so iam good iam goin still to my other doctor for a physical and the same day to my tt doctor its gettin close to the date hope ill do fine it realy helps readin everbody i think what scare me the most besides gettin put to sleep is when u wake up after when i had my lab band i panic bad and other thing how people talkin about not standin up is that crazy .i think ill be ok the only thing i havent go is vaimtas and binder and my bandages pad, and tape i did to well ill write more when i get back from my doctor app happy healing to u all and god bless

Ok sorry i had to remake my app on the 18 and went...

ok sorry i had to remake my app on the 18 and went 25 every thing is good to go i pass thank god iam bless my true is here i go oct 1 at 530 am i still cant belive it i pray ill be ok and look good my family goin with me my hubbie, took off 5 days and my three daugthers my youngest is 22yrs old if they keep me she stayin w/me and one have ant tips please send them me way i want to take pictures i hope if i ask the docter they will will bless us all and keep us safe

Well i did it iam so glad went in at 530 took me...

well i did it iam so glad went in at 530 took me at 730 mark me up they were all very nice woke up fine stay the night took shower my daugther stay w.me and help me shower i love it feelin good on my back she took pic i think iam goin to have dog ear both size write mo,re later just want the ones that have not went yet relize it not that bad so far i took three pain pill oxycodone .tylenol mussler reiaxzer sleepin in relincer w/ pillow the pic are two days ian standin good just not all the way i have a bind on to my hubbie is helpin me to there all so sweet i love them so much

Ok well last week got right drian out wasnt bad...

ok well last week got right drian out wasnt bad took deep breath in then out and it was over with went yesterday got left side out still swell how long does this last . its taken me longer to go back to work only cause the work i do lot of movement how every one doin my prayers are with you all standing good cant lay in bed yet with legs out stright pulls on my stomack put pillows under my legs to sleep still any one else does this write move later

Sorry been a while iam doin fine wish my belly was...

sorry been a while iam doin fine wish my belly was flater lol need to srat wokin out i hate my thighs my daugthers laugh at me says thats what a guys like i tell them who cares what they like i dont lol my hubbies say i look hot thats what counts to well ill have to get some more pic up i dont go see my doctor till march happy healin
satish ponnuru ,m.d.

i got him from my lab band doctor , ponnuru is at ku the university of kansas. they are very nice there .u should vist them want my breast nexts

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I wasn't ever sure if my thighs swelled after surgery or if they looked bigger because I could see more of them due to no lap fat!! LOL. Your looking great.
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Thank you for the compliment!!! How are you doing at 6 mos?
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You seem to be coming along great, it's just the waiting factor for the final results! it's been 3 weeks for me and i already see a difference but want more results lol im so spoiled!
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Thanks! I think we will continue to find more things that we can make right with our bodies! I don't want to become addicted to plastic surgery but I think I can use a little lipo on my thighs also and my poor arms OMG i need a arm lift but definitely wont be doing that how ever in march im goin to start taking boxing lessons focusing only on the arms of course i'll be doing my regular work outs also but when i say FOCUS i really do mean 60 mins 4-5 days per wk
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How is it going? Please update with more pics, I'm sure you look fabulous!
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Hi, so glad you are doing good. Can't wait to see your pics. I hear you about the thighs girl!
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Yes my dr will be charging me because Im getting liposuction on my back, waist, lower and upper stomach along with the snipping of the doggy ears which will be a few thousands
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Hey ms lady how are you feeling? you look great!
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How are you doing ?
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Looking good Lydia your tummy before is exactly the same as mine, surgery for me 21st Jan 2013 tummy tuck boob uplift, how tall are you, I weigh between 161 - 157 pounds, loat 4 stone 2 1/2 yrs ago with Weight Watchers, I am a small 5 foot 2 inches, hope my result is as good as yours, happy healing xx
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Glad to see you're on the flat side and doing well! Happy healing to ya :)
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Hi...hope you doing great..So I just say thank you for write message for me.. WE CAN DO IT!!!
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Looking good! How are you feeling? Congrats to the new you! HAPPY HEALING
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Looking good! I know you are excited, but take your time and rest.
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OMG girl you look wonderful, your new tummy is beautiful. xoxo happy healing
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Are you still taking muscle relaxer pills? Agree with the walker helping, especially if you are walking bent over *at all.* That will put stress on your lower back faster than you can realize. As does sleeping in a recliner, surprisingly. When I moved to the sofa and slept on my side, I felt a lot better. Keep thinking positive thoughts, it will eventually get better.
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doin good just wish the back pain lower will go away
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My prayers for you sweet girl. It does hurt really bad, I remember. But it will go away. A walker helped, or maybe your husbands arms.
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then day 6 sat evening started crying for no reason lol when ever i get up try walkin my lower back hurts bad still drainin the tubes left side about 30 ml not much on right
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I got there at 5:30am then got marked @ 7:30 am, it all was over by 11:30am. I stayed overnight at KU 1 night wanted to stay for 2 but they wouldnt allow it. They were very nice doctors and nurses thank goodness. Now I am home in and outta pain and cant stand too long so doing lots of sitting. Post more latter;)
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Yay! Glad you came through it well, and already posting. Missing yer tummy yet? ;) Yeah, I still don't miss mine either. Looks great, Lydia! Incision is nice and low, can't even see it, and belly button is centered and looks great already. Congratulations! Yer body took a beating so standing is a little wobbly at first, take it easy and give that time. Won't be long before you'll be walking around and checking yerself out in every mirror you pass. Really happy for you!
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Thinking of you girl!!
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Hello,today is your TT day!!! hope you are doing great!!!keep us post.GOD WILL PROTEC YOU!!!
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Your day is here!!!! Happy healing!!!
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