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I'm soooo excited about my upcoming TT surgery it...

I'm soooo excited about my upcoming TT surgery it almost consumes me at times. I'm 44, mother of 4, 5'9" tall, 149 pounds. I've lost 34 pounds since last year and about 6 months ago I decided to take the plunge. I booked 2 consults with a reputable PS. One for tummy and one for breast. I was more concerned about my breast being done but I'm so glad I'm getting the TT first. I've been working out a lot and my stomach roll is almost unbearable at times. I seemed to have lost everywhere but there. My TT is scheduled for 12/5 and I have a breast consult on 11/18. Does anyone know how long I should wait between surgeries?

Told my boss today

I told my boss today about the TT. She was very supportive. I was worried about one of my co workers finding out and being super negative. After a good talk she suggested I may want to tell her but be upfront about not wanting people to know b/c of negativity and that it's my decision and I'm excited. My boss figured if she's " in on the secret" she may be better. Plus if anyone was to start a rumour why I was out it would be her. So tomorrow I will tell her and cross my fingers. Told her yesterday I was going to take the kids to Disney next year and she yapped on that I must have win the lotto and never told them. Grrrr. I've read too many stories on here where people are afraid to tell and it's just not right. Here we are excited like jumping beans and feel we can't express it due to the haters ( lol ). I have told a handful if people and most all are so wrapped up in the money part if it. I work for it... Geesh ...

Would love to see TT pics of a tummy like mine!

I'm consumed with my TT. Seriously. My sister thinks I'm going to get addicted to PS. The fact that I hate the thought of looking older makes her argument more valid, lol. If only I was a rich girl...
Thought I'd post a more attractive pic of my belly. Would love to see other belies that look like mine.

5 more weeks!!!

5 more weeks and I'm already trying to get the house purged and myself organized. I'll be glad when October is over and the things that went with it so I can focus on preparing for my new bod! It's all about enjoying the journey as well:))

first 5k last weekend!

Creepy crawl fun run. It was a lot of fun!

Needed a reality check with my camera

Took pics while on all fours. Eeek. Good reality check for me! Only 4 more weeks till the eve of my surgery! Fretting I won't get everything done. Not sure how much time hubby should take off work. I'm having it done on a Thursday. Have little ones in school and 1 in daycare. When can I drive?

3 more weeks!

I called the office today for my TT appointment time. No def time but I'm second. I was hoping to be first but I'll take it ;)). I have a breast consult on Monday with him too. Waiting about 6 months for that one. It takes soooo long to get in to see him and then another long wait for a date. Secretary thought I may want to cancel as she thinks I'm so excited about the TT I may use up my breast consult time talking about my TT. Lol. I do have a few questions but I am just as excited about getting the girls done. I have my wish pic and questions ready for him. :))

15 more days

Went to see PS for BA and talked more tummy talk. I won't have a vertical scar ( yay !! ) and none of his patients ever had senoma. My incision will be nice and low too. I asked about putting the drains in on my incision line but he said it will leave 2 raised red bumps along my line when I heal. No thanks, lol. I can't even begin to express how excited I am! Haven't heard from pre op though. Must be soon.

Couple selfies

8 days & 12 hours left ....

Everyone around me is getting sick. Seriously can't get sick right now. I'm more afraid of that than the surgery.
My friend is driving me the day of. I got a call from pre-assessment who moved my a Surgery up a half hour. Yay! I'm ready tomorrow!
Mentally I'm prepared, physically I'm prepared but emotionally I'm not sure. I still have a lot to do at work and I worry that the house won't be kept up after my hard work. Worry I might go stir crazy in the house. And really worry I will turn into a big potato from lack of exercise. Still planning to do biceps with hand weights. U don't need and for that ;)
I'm not at all nervous though. Just sooooo excited. It's hard not to want to tell everyone.

In 5 more days ....

In 5 more days they will be wheeling me into the recovery room around this time. I've got 2 calls from pre op already to move my time. First one was 1/2 hour early. Now it's 2 hours later but still fasting after midnight. I don't go in until 1! No chance if sleeping in as I have kids to get up an get to the bus. One needs to get to daycare. That's 7 waking hours with no food. Just sips of water up to 3 hours before. I'm hoping I won't turn into a bear. Lol. I'm a wee but cranky when I'm hungry.
Bought a cig from Walmart today. One piece that has a pee hole ( must have) and it's exposed in the bra area. A bargain at $27. Sexy beige ooooh. Lol.
Thought this week I would be eating better but it's the exact opposite. I know that I will have to really watch my diet after surgery since I can't exercise so I'm enjoying the bad stuff now.

I didn't buy a cig

Stupid auto correct. I bought a CG today... Not a cig. Geesh.

2 days and 15 1/2 hours ....

I'm in energizer bunny mode! Cleaning and cooking ... For some reason I just HAD to get that oven cleaned ... If I didn't have to work the next couple of days I'm sure I would be re- cleaning what's already clean. Thought I would be eating good with just a few days to go - nope. Not happening. I missed my pump class tonight cause one of the kids had tummy troubles and I had to pick her up from school. I started to have some myself so I napped. REFUSE to be sick.
Aunt Flo arrived Sunday. I was elated. She was due to arrive the day before surgery. I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with that as I'm kind of a hygiene nut and I've read you have to wait a couple days to shower.
Got my wheels all shined up and ready to take with me to the hospital. I'm sure they'll think I'm crazy but I don't want a catheter and I like my independence.
Since they moved my surgery time to 1:00 hubby has no one to watch the kids to see me after I'm up in my room. I told him it's ok but he really wants to see me. He's sweet like that. I guess that's a wait n see.

Moved my surgery time once again...

This time it's for 10 am. Wonderful time! That's only 34 hours and 47 mins away! I am still not eating clean. Hoping Aunt Flo goes away soon. I'm up 3 pounds ... Hoping it's from her and not the brownies. Lol.
Put in for a couple of vacation hours first thing in the morning to get my pump class in. My last work out and I've got to make it good. Then it's work and the kids and more cleaning and before I will know it I'll be like a jumping bean waiting to go in to the O.R. Im only half packed. Not sure how big and loose. Packed hubby's pj pants and a pair of mine. With the new surgery time hubby will be able to see me when I get out if recovery. Couldn't find a sitter for an evening visit.
Any last words of advice??? Should I eat really light tomorrow? Start the stool softeners?

13 hours away .....

It's so hard to believe that's its so close. I'm as calm as a cucumber. Tummy grumbling so I think a coffee is in order. I can eat till midnight. I thought I'd be cleaning and going nuts. I'm pretty chilled. Hope I can stay relaxed enough to sleep tonight. See you all on the flat side my peeps! Booyah!!!!

I've crossed over to the flat side!!

It's over and I have to say that I wasn't nervous in the least. It was a great experience leading up to it. As for the pain, I woke up groggy in no pain. As soon as the pain kicks in at all I get my nurse for my happy pills. Love dilaud.
My doc comes in the morning to check his handy work. He came in last night to let me know how it went. He was able to take even more skin off which left me with a bit longer scar but I'm cool with that. My scar is low and no dog ears. He stitched up my insides from top to bottom. He also uses 3 layers of stitches when sewing me back up. I avoided the extension scar too even though my torso is long.
I'm on a liquid diet and starving. I was extremely weak at one point from lack of food. They brought me in a Popsicle which I ate too fast and was on the verge of throwing up.
Got the nurse to take a couple of pics. She thought I was crazy. Oh....coughed a bit and avoided it by getting up right away and drinking. My fingers are numb at the 2cd joint up on one hand. They feel like they are frozen and it's been 13 hours since I've been awake. My skin is itchy everywhere. Not sure why. No rash. And I'm dehydrated.
It's almost 5 in the morning and I'm wide awake. Don't want to type anymore though. Lol

Doc just in

Doc said I will love it! Even made a contour in my belly. He only peeked can't wait to see it off;)

Tummy and heart troubles

My bowls have always caused a problem for me as I would have to do daily enemas for relief. I figured I would do the same after this surgery. It didn't work. I'm taking stool softener a too. My belly sounds like it's going to explode! I am very worried about my stitches.
Walking around is manageable. I use my walker. Trying to stick with light eating cause if the bowls. A coffee yesterday caused to blow up like a balloon. I had to take gasx. Didn't really work.
As for my heart ... Was broken last night. I haven't been telling many people cause they get hung up on the money or "what do u need that for" " look at my belly" etc. hubby has been bugging to tell his mom before I see her again next weekend. She had it done at my age which helps and I have been asking her lots of questions. The thing with his mom is that she's not the warm and fuzzy kind. I thought I was prepared for the phone call but I was very wrong! She got mad. She never asked me how I was or anything, just said " can I ask you something?!" I said " sure" she yells at me " how in the world are you paying for this?!? Where did you get the money?!" I said " we worked it out and this is why I don't tell a lot if people cause they get hung up on the money. My mom doesn't even know but it's because I don't want her to worry about me. I told her that hubby wanted me to tell her before our visit next week. She proceeded to tell me the kids and I aren't invited. Just her son. I couldn't continue talking. I was an emotional mess. Hubby walked in the door and seen me. I could hardly breathe. The phone rang and she said " what did u say this time?!?" Unreal. I had to take an Ativan. I was a mess for over an hour. People need to learn how to turn their filters on and keep them on. I've been nothing but good to her. I'm a people pleaser and I try way too hard with those who like me the least.

Day 4 post op - 1st drain out

The first few days weren't so bad really. Today was my worst. I had a dr appt today so u decided to wash my hair while hubby took the kids to school. Took my walker and washed my hair over the sink then I did my make up while sitting down. That was enough to wear me out. When hubby came home I was on the hunt for my bandages. I completely wore myself out and needed a nap and 2 dilaud. Woke up loopy but I had to get into the shower and get ready for the appointment. Hubby was not sure if he could stomach taking off the bandages. Then by the time he was fumbling with the binder I almost passed out. It was awful. He was about to call 911.
We made it there. I had a lot of gas pain. Gasx doesn't work and still softener a made it worse.
Doc was very impressed in incision. Said it was perfect. I tore a stitch in my belly button but he said or will be ok. Took out the drain. Felt like someone put a cigarette out on my skin and didn't take it off! Really hurt. I see him again on a Friday for the second one.
The next couple if days I really have to take it easy. Hubby goes back to work on Thursday and I have to get the kids off by myself.
Took 2 quick pics. I'm very hunched.

Day 5 - I understand swell hell

Took my bandages off to clean my bb and drain sites. Had my camera ready and .... Whoah!!! Who's belly us this ?!?! I am soooo swollen. My own fault I'm sure. I'm getting up too much and not drinking enough water. Seems like my life has been simplified for me and I still can't do that. Needless to say I didn't want a pic. I've been up for 3 hours and really need a nap. Hubby had to get car inspected and left my almost 4 year old home. I have to get her to her autism school in an hour. It will be my first time driving. Didn't take any narcotics today but will when I get home. I need some deep sleep. Thank you to all my peeps for comments and suggestions. Now I need to be a good girl and heed some of it!

Learned my lesson

Hubby got home early and took 4 year old. My older daughter came over and drove me to the stores. She wheeled me around and did everything. It still wore me right out. I'm back home, horizontal and took my meds. Tomorrow I'm not doing a thing. I expect too much of myself sometimes. I'm going to be good girl from now on.

Day 6 pics

This morning I am less swollen so I took some pics. Still very hunched. I took a muscle relaxer today to see if that will help. Today is rest day and see if I can stand straighter day. Would love to sneak in a bath since I don't smell the best....

Day 7 - Mistake not to take my meds last night

Kind of a mess this morning. Last night i went to take my meds and hubby thought I should skip them cause I took 2 muscle relaxers through the day. Huge mistake. I'm in a lot of pain. When I stand the back pain overtakes the belly pain and vs versa when I sit. Waiting for the meds to kick in as I'm useless at this point. I have to get kids ready for school and drop the youngest off. Thankful my daughter stayed overnight. I swore I wouldn't say I regretted this surgery but I can honestly say I'm hurting so bad it's hard not to think those thoughts. So I sit here crying and hoping it goes away

Second drain out - :))

Still very hunched over today. I am also feeling more burning and sharp pain now and then. Seen dr and he assured me that I was doing great and he took out the second drain. He told me that from now on I will notice a big difference in how quickly things will progress. I'm thrilled. I've already been able to get around less hunched this evening. Yay :))

So I went for a pee ....

Today was a total Debbie Downer Day. If it wasn't for some of my RS pals I would have ate my way through it. I had enough of the hunching and swelling and the uselessness of my former non stop body.
Then tonight I went for a pee .... And I looked down at my new belly. It's hard and swollen but only half the size of the one that used to hang over my vijay jay. I would constantly grab the handful of flesh and be excited to know that it would someday be gone. It's not gone... But I can't grab a handful anymore.

What is this?!?! Gross ... It's getting bigger

I found this gross watery blister yesterday. Today it's twice the size. Does anyone know what it is? I had no heat on it. Soooo icky.

I'm starting to see a difference !

Day 13, practicing standing straighter by going next to the wall and putting my shoulders back. It's working. Today I feel great ( except for the cold I woke up with) and it's a snow day for the kids. My plan is to get them to help me clean this place up before heading outside to play. They are a lot faster than I am, lol.

Took some pics. You can see the blister. Hoping it doesn't scar. I found out it was a friction blister. My PS told me to pop it and put peroxide on it. My boss ( a nurse ) told me to leave it as there are healing properties in there (?). I couldn't stomach popping it. Thankfully it did in its own and I put the peroxide on.

I wore my full body sausage suit yesterday and it made a big difference. I had to take it off when I got home as it was so tight. My cg from the hospital is way more comfy.

Sleeping on my side for 2 nights. First night was hard. Second better. I turn every few hours. I have 3 soft pillows under my head and a stiff one between my legs. My back thanks me in the morning!

I guess I'm perfect....that's what my PS tells me ..

Went to see my PS today to check out the blister. He also got to see my scar without the steri strips for the first time. He said it looked perfect. Everything I asked I go " perfect". I told him he was saying perfect a lot so he switched to great. Lol. I'm doing great, it looks great, he couldn't be more pleased. Made me feel a lot better. I had accidentally put tape over the blister. When I pulled the tape off I also pulled the new skin off. Ouch. He told me to put Vaseline on it and cover with bandage before I tape. So now I'm using micropore tape and I've read good things about it. Plus it's very inexpensive which is a bonus.

Other than getting a perfect rating from my PS, I'm walking a little straighter all the time. Hard to believe the difference in just a few days. I'm aiming for total upright posture by Christmas morning ;))

Oh... Got a nasty cold/flu. Woke up last night terrified of coughing. I grabbed hubby and told him to "GET ME UP". Quickest I've seen either of us move, lol. I raced to the Halls( syrup center - works really well) and then the fridge. Just drank the syrup right from the bottle. I ended up on the couch propped up, cold and had all my stuff lined up if I needed it. Woke up with a fever and I felt like crap. I couldn't help but cough some and my insides felt like they were in fire. Each time I'm thinking I'm damaging something. Pharmacist said to pair Tylenol 3 with DM cough syrup and boatloads of water. Apparently codeine is the best cough suppressant. The downside is it makes me very alert. So it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm still ready to roll. Got to get to bed and pray I don't cough.

Lastly, updated pic. It looks better each day I can stand straighter. At first my bb just looked like it was soooo off. My belly is swollen and shiny. My daughter said it looks like I rubbed oil all over it. She wanted to know if my boobs will be shiny like that after their done, lol.

Best try to get a few hours in before the first kiddo or puppy wakes up.

3 weeks today and 1st day for a wee bit of cardio

21 days today! What a ride this had been. I'm almost over my cold and I went back to the gym today for a little cardio. PS gave me the ok as long as I didn't hurt. Just walking though. So I put in an hour at 2.4 mph. At first I felt like a real slacker but when I tried to go any faster it hurt. It was the very most my busy could do so I accepted that. Wore my hospital CG as I was afraid the girdle wouldn't be enough support.

This morning I was the least swollen and it felt good but I forgot about pics. I managed to snap a few tonight. It's coming along pretty good. Still trying to stand up without a hunch but every day gets better!

Oops ... Scolded puppy and pushed wrong button. More pics

21 days of progress

Time to start eating right

A year ago on Dec 30th I started my weight loss using Myfitnesspal. I stopped logging my food about about 6 months ago but it's time I start again. My goal is to look amazing by the end of February.

I was at the gym again today on the treadmill. I'm not a big fan of the treadmill as I like a bigger burn. The classes are more my thing. Anywhooooo... I was DYING to break out in a run. I did bump it up to 3 mph but that was my max without feeling like I was gonna rip something. The fact that I was at the gym felt great but sad also as I really miss it.

I see my PS again tomorrow. Will update again with pics next time.

Couple of pics

Today marks my 1 year to a better body. Last year I weighed 179 on this day. Today I weigh 149. My goal is another 8 pounds then sculpting and shaping once I get the okay from my PS. Time back I would have lost more before my surgery but my body liked 149-151 and I stayed that weight since the summer. Cleaning up my diet ;)

4 weeks today

It's night time so I may look more swollen. Tummy still numb. Last night was almost burn free :))
Treadmill again @ 2.5 mph. I will try a bit faster tomorrow. Overdid it last week and couldn't even do 10 mins. Gave it a couple days break and trying again.
Should also mention I lost my butt. Very sad. It's flat as a pancake. My capris are not very attractive, lol. I was starting to like my new booty.

I had a date with the treadmill....

I had a date with the treadmill today. Thought I would try 3.0 mph for 30 mins. I actually did 3.5 mph for 45 mins with no burning or pains at all!! Without hinder either. Sooo excited! If all goes well I'm repeating this tomorrow. I got the go ahead after 6 weeks for all exercises and this will def help with the transition.
For all you tt's, listen to your body if it tells you to stop but it doesn't hurt to try a bit more. I'm at 4 weeks and 3 days.
Also... Slept without the pillow under my legs last night. No burning or zinging pains. I woke up nice and flat. It's amazing what a difference a few days make!

Night time Pic.

5 week update

Just a quick 5 week update with pics. Last week I pushed myself at the gym and over did it. My tummy felt like a bed of hot coals and I felt miserable. So I stopped the gym until next week. It's not worth it.
Started scar away. Scar is still raised. Husband still won't look at it :/

6 weeks and I'm turning to flubber...

Seriously losing all my hard work. I have lost and gained then lost and gained 3 pounds. I think I may have gained more as I lost muscle. I don't even recognize this new flubbed body. Good news is I'm cleared for all exercises and back to work Monday. I'm going to make my mind up and get back into the game. I'm a bit nervous to get back to the classes but I'm not going to think about it. Just do it. Anyhow, this past week I've felt the best. Also went on a shopping trip today and got some new clothes. I'm the same size but my shape is so off its hard to get clothes that flatter me. Once I start exercising I hope to change that. Posting some pics. Last one is my dream belly. I hope to post one just like this on my 6 month anniversary :)

Just a few split shots ....


7 week update

Went to PS for follow up. He's very pleased with incision. Says this is the worse time of it for redness and it's looking great. Flattening out more.

8 weeks - better all the time :)

Feeling great! I went to my first body pump class last Monday and was sore for days. Went a lot lighter but it was just right. Looking to get back to a regular routine of exercise soon.


U can see a little change each week

10 weeks - look the same

I don't see any more difference in the last couple of weeks I have only got to the gym once a week too :( Hard with kids and hubby's new schedule.
My muscles are quickly adjusting though. Each weight session gets better n better. I'll be back to lifting my normal weight in the next couple of weeks. Still not doing the abs though.
I've also taken off some of my previous photos. A friend informed me that anyone can see these and even though I don't mind my body naked, I wouldn't want my neighbour or do worker knowing it's me, lol

11 weeks

Loving my belly and scar. I put a little make up in it today and it looks fab. Next I'm working on my butt. Tried combat last night and I wasn't ready. Sticking with pump and I think I'll start up my shred video again ;)

13 1/2 weeks

Seen my PS today. He said he couldn't be happier with my results and most importantly he said that this is not my final results .... That I'm actually going to get FLATTER!!!! Over the moon! Will post a pick on week 14. So for all of you wondering if you're gonna get flatter ... Oh yessss u are!!!!!!

Just over 14 weeks

Tummy still has numbness but I'm cool with that. Scar is red but I'm good with that too. Spring is coming so I'm cleaning up my diet. Hoping to go down one size. Go me!
Big thank you at all my RS sisters! Big bear hug for each of u!!!!

16 weeks and swelling

Not sure what's going on but swelling has taken over! It's been gradual over the last week. My co-worker was the first to inform me that she noticed "my paunch". That was on Monday. Every day got worse. Last night I was even bigger than before my surgery. Put my binder on tight last night- terrible sleep but it has gone down some. I'm home sick today so I'm wearing it all day. I've been exercising more .. Could that be it??? Still avoiding ab exercises. I did read if there is visceral fat around your organs then they will protrude. I was at a good weight when I started this. Oh .... About that .... I'm up a few pounds too. Calling the doctor on Monday if it doesn't get better. Going to try massaging too. If I find a solution I will def share!!!

17 weeks

An update on the swelling.... Wearing the binder the last few days ( I've been home sick with the flu ) and the deep massages with coconut oil seemed to do the trick. It helps that I haven't been eating much either due to being sick. I'm adding a pic I took today. The first pic was taken last summer before my consult. I was a couple of pounds heavier but pretty much the same. Tummy looks ALOT better!

8 month pics

Struggling with a 9 pound weight gain. I lose a few then find them again. Overall my TT looks good. Need to make time to hit the gym again. ;)
Dr. Geoffrey Cook

Dr.Geoff Cook is a sweetheart. Sat in the chair beside me and let me ramble on. Very funny and confident. I have no worries whatsoever about his work.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing!
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You look incredible! When I read the part about your mother-in-law's reaction I was ready to scratch her eyes out! Exactly why I don't tell anyone! Keep up the workouts because it's working!
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Sorry for the typos in my last comment, rushing for work.
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Looking wonderful Lisa. I'm working out 5 times a week...only dropped 5 pounds in 3 months! Hope it's cause I'm building muscle :-/. They say when you replace fat with muscle, ya don't lose weight cause muscle weighs more. YOU look awesome! Keep it up
  • Reply
What do you think had caused the right gain? That had me a little nervous I must definitely do not want to gain wait. Both of your pictures look amazing.
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I am the same height as you (5'9") and I was 153 lbs when I had my surgery. I gained a little over 20 lbs (yep, twenty) since February, but I have lost 14 lbs of it so far. You look great! Thank God for our height, huh? ;)
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Thank you for you message earlier today. I have read your entire blog and I think it is best on RS. I love how you put so many pictures of your progress. It really shows how things change from week to week. I really connect with everything you said, including the comments (how can you afford it, how much, why?, you are crazy, etc.). I have five big supporters and as long as I have their support. I have not told all the others that WILL JUDGE me, they can just put a cork in it! I have decided I am going to do this, my date is set, it is paid for and I just getting ready to get "flat" with all the other beautiful people out there on RS. You look wonderful! I hope that I can be as "perfect" a patient as you. I'm trying to read everything out there about how to keep my new look.
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Keep that positive attitude and you'll do fabulous!
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You look amazing. I haven't told any extended family fearing the same response. Believe in yourself and your immediate family for strength. Thanks for your response for my upcoming procedure. If you get the breasts done, do it for yourself as being a mere male, I can tell you men are always fascinated with breasts whatever the size or shape! My surgeon said that a 3 month interval between procedures would be comfortable. Hope this helps.
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Thank you :))
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Fantastic...Looking so beautiful! I was so sorry that your mother in law had a bad response to everything. I have the same kind of mother but worse! You just have to learn(as well as I) how to get that tuff skin ad blow off her comments. Some people just like being mean and not supportive. I know you have been a sweet daughter in law I'm sure...I have always waited on my mother and taken great care of her and it is never good enough. Nothing but negativity. Well on a happier note... Your puppy is soooooo cute!!!!!! We just got the same kind of puppy 2 months ago and she is just as cute! She does chew our molding...wish she didn't and eats her poop sometimes....yuck!!!! But pure joy to have her. She brings us such love and therapy. I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you, you're so sweet. My mother in law didn't speak to me for 8 months. We ended up going for a visit and she was great the first night we arrived. By day 3 she was back to herself. She never apologized or spoke a word about it. Awkward but I'm so glad it's over. My puppy is 10 months now. Stop chewing the moulding but destroys her toys and any underwear she gets her teeth in. We are up to 7 pairs now! As I'm typing she just grabbed a Kleenex out of the garbage,lol. I'm 8 mos post op. Struggling with a bit ofweight gain and lack of exercise. Time to update my review!
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I have one of those in my family too, my grandma. I haven't spoken to her in almost 2 years, because she doesn't like my husband. Stupid, just like her judging you, when she had plastic surgery too. STUPID! I am happy for you! You look wonderful!
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Lisalicious, you look wonderful. Your tummy is so flat, I really enjoyed reading your journey, you simply did not hold back. Thank you so much for giving women like me hope and support. BTW: You do not look old at all>>
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You look amazing! Congrats on your results and I hope you're enjoying your new look this summer. :)
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You look amazing! I'm scheduled for a TT and breast implant revision Sept 4. I was told by 1 ps that my incision may be higher than I expected bc I don't have loose skin over my bb. I actually have 1 more consultation from a nj top doctor to get 1 more opinion. He's double the price but the results matter more than anything! Again you look fabulous!
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You Look Great! !! . Thank you for keeping us updated because, it helps women like me to know what to expect through my journey. I am sorry about your mother n law, you can't please everyone. I haven't told anyone in my family because, they would only talk about the money and how I should love myself the way I look. My boyfriend and kids are the only ones that I felt needed to help me. Good luck on your weight loss journey. You are looking great.
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OMG, Definitely best results ever, it so pays off to get into good shape beforehand. You look so lean and toned, like a twenty year old's body. Sorry to say this, but I don't like your Ma in law! It's no ones business but you and hubby and she needs to but out. As for banning you and the kids (her grandchildren!) - well that's childish. What did you mean when you said she called back and said 'what did you say now?' Did she think you'd said something to hubby? Best off without her I think. Of course the best revenge is looking as great as you do right now, hee hee!
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You're too sweet. She still hasn't spoken to me. It's 6 months. Thanks for the kind words. Means a lot.
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Love love love. This is text book perfect surgery. Nice scar. Gorgeous definition. Perfectly placed navel. Stunning. I prefer a higher navel. It looks leaner and perfect. Just perfect
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You look amazing! I love the vertical indent in the middle of your upper abdomen. Hope mine looks like that when I'm done! My belly pre-tummy tuck looked much worse than yours. It's so much better now but I want that redundant skin roll to be gone and that will happen soon.
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Thanks ;) I do like the indent but it isn't as pronounced now. Some on here don't like theirs but I find it adds to the curvy look. :))
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Wow! You look stunning! I can only hope my results come out as nice as yours!
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Thanks girl! I don't know about stunning but I'll take it ... Hee hee.
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