32 Yr Old Ready to Have my Body Back - New Tummy and New Boobies :) Saint George, UT

To think that I used to have perky boobs and a...

To think that I used to have perky boobs and a decent looking tummy seems like a fairytale I dreamed up, but I think at one point I did...Until I got pregnant. The birth of my son was the greatest blessing of my life, but boy did my body go downhill (totally worth it though). I gained 100 lbs during my pregnancy, and about 4 1/2 years ago I lost 90 lbs of that, which I've kept off ever since. Although I've lost the weight and have maintained the loss, I am left with loose skin and sagging of my breasts and tummy. I've wanted this surgery for so long, and now that it's almost here I am getting so darn nervous. I pray that I've picked the right Dr. I hope that my results will be great! I hope that my recovery goes smoothly.

Unfortunately we can't know the answers to any of that until we actually DO IT! What I can say is that reading some of the stories on RS has really helped me mentally prepare (as much as one can be prepared) for what I am about to put my body through. I am scared, but so very excited to get on the other side - from Pre-op to Post-op.

Today is my pre-op appointment with Dr. Peterson. I am going to be picking the size of my implants, which I'm stressing out about picking the right size, and I will also be getting all of my pre-op instructions. I am getting a BL with saline implants (under the muscle) and a tummy tuck w/muscle repair (no lipo - been there done that lol).

I plan on getting all of my post-op supplies together this weekend (any tips would be very helpful). I can't believe it's almost here! Ok, I will keep updating and will be adding some Before pics soon.

Sad tummy . Before

2nd attempt at before Pics

Here are some before pics of my very sad tummy and deflated, low hanging boobies. Can't wait for things to be put back where they belong. Trying to stay on the excited side of things and not let the crazy nerves get to me. Every time I think about cancelling (due to fear), I just look at that stomach and remind myself that I earned this and I deserve it!

3rd times a cham

For some reason my photos won't post? Sorry about the multiples. I will figure it out someday ;p

Picking a size?!?!

I went to my pre-op yesterday and decided on 400cc saline implants, and I am now having second thoughts about the size. I want to go a little smaller to 350cc implants. I am already a C cup with my own breast size and 400's just seem huge. Here are some rice sizers that I put in this morning and they are 360cc's (approx.) Thoughts?


I am beyond scared and nervous!?! I can't believe it's almost time! I'm trying to remind myself of all the reasons I want to do this, but a part of me just wants to cancel, or reschedule. I'm a nervous person by nature so this is sending it to a new level.

Will post a few more before pics tonight.

Less than 24 hours to go!

I just got the call... Reporting for surgery at 6am tomorrow morning. This is so surreall and I'm so nervous that my body is going numb or something... Just emailed the doc to see if I can take a Valium. I'm nervous about the pain for sure, nervous about the results and if it will be worth it, but surprisingly right now I'm most worried about the anesthesia and not waking up. I know people do this every day and I'm sure it will all go well, but there's the nervous side of me that just won't listen to reason.

Well here are my last before photos... Tomorrow I will be on the other side... Recovery

Post op! Woohoo!

I'm way to tired to post anything in great detail but I'm now post op! I am sore, but the pain so far isn't as bad as I thought it would be. My boobs actually hurt worse than my tummy as of right now...didn't expect that! Im wondering if it's because of the pain pump? Anyway, I haven't gotten to see anything so I'm assuming at my post op visit tomorrow morning I will get to check it out.

I haven't gotten to see them but I definitely see cleavage ;)

Show me show me!

My first post-op appt with my PS is about 1 & 1/2 hours away. Bright and early at 7am. Can't wait to see what things look like under all of these tubes, wraps and garments! I also get my catheter out this morning thank goodness.
Here are a few more cleavage pics since it's all I can see lol

Post op day one.

Here are my day one pics .... Long way to go but overall feeling pretty good.

Day 3 Post

I've been pretty tired and out of it the last few days so I didn't want to post a bunch of gibberish. I'm a little more "with it" today and it probably has something to do with the fact that I'm trying to take less pain medication. I did throw up a few hours after surgery and I'd like to avoid doing it again if possible.

I have to say that I thought recovery would be harder than this and a lot more painful... But I am pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, but it's tolerable for sure. It's a whole lot of soreness and discomfort, but not hardcore pain. I've had tooth pain that is worse than this for sure. For me I'd say that the swelling is the worst part and the least expected. My thighs are almost double their size and they look like tree trunks :/. It's only temporary I know, but my pants that were loose before don't fit now lol.

Anyway, Went to my 2nd post op appt today and Dr. Peterson says I'm doing great and moving around very well :) hooray for mobility. I do require a lot of assistance for some things, but I am able to stand up on my own and go to the bathroom so I'm very happy about that! I got my catheter out on Wednesday, and my pain pump out today so all that's left are the two drains.
I am so grateful to my wonderful support of my hubby, my mom, and my doctor and all his staff. Everyone has been so wonderful!

I get to shower today so I will do it in a few hours and try to get some pics to post.

Time for a nap...Happy healing to all :)

5 days post

I feel like I may be turning the corner as I've a lot of people say :) I haven't needed pain meds in about 24 hours and have just been taking ibuprofen and Tylenol.
Thankfully the swelling in my legs has reduced significantly and I have lost about 5 lbs in fluid retention in the past 2 days. Please be prepared for frequent trips to the bathroom! Like every 30 mins to 2 hours. It seems like I'm getting up at night at least 4-5 times.

Everything. Just feels very very tight and uncomfortable but no pain at this point. And I'm nervous/excited that my left drain is ready to come out.

Here are a few more pics. I'm really going to get some better pics today but I have been so exhausted I haven't thought about it. Going to attempt another shower today too :)
Happy healing all!

9 days post

Since my last post I have gotten both drains removed :) (it's not pleasant but only lasts a few seconds and totally a relief once they are out). I think yesterday was another turning point for me... I showered all by myself for the first time, put actual clothes on instead of sweats, did my hair a little and put a little makeup on. Hubby was happy when he got home :) today I had another appt with my PS (I drove my self :)) and he seems very pleased with my progress. He said I can remove the steri strips on Tuesday so I can't wait to see what things look like then. I see him again in 4 weeks.

Overall I'm pretty amazed at how il feeling. I've been working remotely from home since Sunday and it's been working out pretty well. I'm feeling better every day. Even went shopping for some wireless bras and a spanx for my tummy today. Tried on a cute tank with NO BRA and I'm amazed that those were my boobs :)

Although I can't see my final results yet, I am confident that I picked the right surgeon. He and his staff are beyond amazing! Dr Peterson answers my emails personally, even on the weekends! And Joley in the office is wonderful! She has called me, texted me, walked me through things on the phone and been so invested in my success and well being! I truly feel cared about and it's pretty awesome! They even sent me a thank you card after my surgery. I really can't say enough about them and that's a pretty cool problem to have :)

I will update again after I take the steri strips off... Hope you're all doing great and feeling even greater!
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

So far my interaction with Dr. Peterson and his staff have been wonderful! Dr. Peterson has personally responded to every email of questions that I have sent, and he seems to have a genuine care about the patients and not just about $$. His staff have also been very friendly and very easy to talk to. I have my surgery planned for Aug 12, 2014 and will post a full review after I see my final results.

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Yay you! So excited about your first little shopping trip.!!!
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:) thanks!
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You look great!! I hope you are feeling as good as you look!!
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WOW! AMAZING! looking good! You sound like your recovery has been great! Keep on healing and posting....
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Looks amazing!! Are you happy you went with the larger size? I think you look really good...congratulations.
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Yes totally! Still can't wait until they drop and even out but happy with the size.
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I am sorry if I missed but what implants did you go with in the end? You look wonderful.
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went with saline and 410 on the left and 440 on the right. So far the right does appear larger but my PS says when things drop and settle it will all balance out.
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They really look good.
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You look amazing! WOW! and losing weight also. You sound like you are healing well, and with little pain. The settling will take time...hang in there!
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Thank you! Today was one of the most tiring so far but I am now showered and in bed :). Both drains are out now (right drain site appears to have a slight infection- will call my PS in the morning). I'm trying to be patient also with the settling. The healing and waiting is definitely the hardest part of the whole surgery process.
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For sure call your PS if you think you have an infection
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You are looking great! I had a lift and augmentation performed by Dr. Peterson on August 5th and was so glad to come across someone else with pictures. There aren't many BL/BA progression pictures online and I have been concerned because mine are so tight and high. Yours seem to look pretty great for having a lift
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Yes they are very tight and high for me too but I think as they drop and settle we will be happy. Right now I completely understand what you mean! But I think as things loosen up and heal it will settle down a bit
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I am working on my patience :) I thought I was a patient person, but this is testing me for certain! I am taking pictures daily to see even slight differences....they are there, I just want pretty dropped and fluffed girls now! You are right, they will take time :) I think reading through your progress has me convinced to document mine too. It is hard not to really know what to expect, and proper expectations are so important!
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You look great! I love having a flat stomach and boobs that don't flap/ slap when I run.. Haha. I was so excited to have a flat stomach again I never really got the "what have I done" blues. I'm six months out and still I am still pretty much numb below the belly button but other then that everything was back to normal at the one month mark. Hang in there it is soooooo worth it!
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Thanks! I've actually seen the swelling in my legs go down significantly and have lost around 5 lbs of fluid retention in 2 days... Lots of trips to the bathroom ;) im feeling better today and haven't taken any pain meds in 24 hrs. Only ibuprofen and Tylenol. I'm trying to be more patient with myself and allow time to heal
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Seabugg how far below the belly button are you numb? Orkyd, girl you look amazing. I wish I could get boobs like so many of you. Can't convince the hubby on those yet. I'm working on it! I turn 40 next year...
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From belly button to the top of scar site. Below is normal. Not a tingling numb just more like asleep numb.
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You look great! Hope you have a speedy recovery!!
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Awwww thanks!
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Great results! You look amazing! Nice waist, nice breast, nice BB. Way to go girl! Now it is time for you to take care of you! Best healing vibes being sent! Happy you have a pain pump too!
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Thanks for the kind and supportive words! I need them right now. Today has been emotional... I've has the why did I do this blues because I am so swollen EVERWHERE. I know it's temporary so trying to stay positive.
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The swelling does go away...are you taking arnica? That is supposed to help, and for sure very low salt intake. Hang in there!
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I had forgotten about my arnica pellets and have started taking them Friday evening. I don't know if it's coincidence or if it's the arnica but I've lost 5 lbs of fluid retention in 2 days!
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