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So, ive always been the ugly guy.years of nasty...

So, ive always been the ugly guy.years of nasty comments, ive got severe acne scars throughout my face and have always heard how ugly i am, etc, etc.

so im 38 years old and have never had any sort of a relationship, hell ive never even asked a girl i feel these scars are the reason so i check into resurfacing. my instincts told me to back out the first time, but i was talked into it, went ok, though. ive tanned for years, and i can see the differencein skin tone from my face, he stopped at my chin line, to my neck and lower, so im very worried about this, well needless to say, i go back for a second time, and tell him my worries about looking ridiculous with a white face(im very pale naturally) and my neck and chest coming up. so he says they can "feather" it in.

well by "feathering i guess he meant he just wouldnt do the lower half of my face(paid for a full face treatment).the whole event was not very friendly, rushed even. so he takes maybe 3 swipes, im not even red a week later( did i mention i never peeled, only maybe 5 or 6 "sanding dots" the first time) well looking in the mirror i notice this obvious skin difference , on my lower face.

so needless to say ive taken cell phone pics, i go in today to point this out, of course noone can see anything, its "shadows" "no way i could have missed that". he did offer to take a few more swipes on the area that is bothering me when i come back in 6 weeks if it is still bothering me. well i think he is obligated to fix this mess. I am that miserable.

my pictures were totally dismissed, i had only $1600 saved up for a total of 4 treatments , and i do not have the money to keep correcting this, i make basically $9.67 an hour. so basically i will have given up all my money and 2 years of my life for nothing, and my skin will never match again.

DO NOT DO THIS. i work at a gas station and i am so miserable dealing with the public i can not stand it. i feel like every persons eyes zoom right to these spots. i am less confident then i have ever been .

i dont thimk ur ugly at all and i bet you have a great heart i have been thinking of doing this treatment next week i have 5 of tha ugliest chicken pox marks ever and i want them gone.i know exactly how you feel but in due time you will find someone that loves ypu for you acne and all im so confused dont know what to do but i want theses things off my face(tears)

You are looking absolutely fine, I can't believe you consider yourself ugly!! I totally agree with Daniellia - as women, we are rather attracted by a guy with a few scars than one with skin smoother than ours!! Actually, a few scars are even quite sexy. Be proud of yourself, and don't let your misjudgement of your own attractiveness come in the way of a happy relationship. All the best from Germany

I have to agree with the other above comments that you are a good looking guy. I'm not seeing what you see. When I first saw your picture I couldn't believe this was the guy who was saying he felt ugly. You don't need to wear a hat to hide. You really are attractive. As women, we are drawn to ruggedness. You have a great life to live. Please don't let this hold you back. I feel all of these comments can show you how different your perception is from others. We just don't see it and you zero in on it. People see the big picture and you are Very handsome. Test the waters....ask some women out. You've got one life....would love to see you live it to the fullest. You will find a great relationship, trust that we speak the truth when we say we see you as handsome. Best Wishes my friend.


Posted a few more pics, the worst of the damage.

posted a few more pics, the worst of the damage.
The best doctor is Dr. Kofford at Dana Point. He trains determatologists in California and uses multiple techniques and multiple lasers with his patented High Definition Laser Skin Resurfacing. Just look at his photos. Riviera Laser in Dana Point, California. I've heard good reviews about Dr. David Rahimi in the Los Angeles area as well at foreveryoung.
To the guy that works at the gas station, don't give up you had a horrible practitioner. I have had 4 fraxel treatments and have had significant results. I would not give up and interview your next doctor.
As a girl that gets compliments on her skin, and hit on all the time, I want to let you know I think that your a very attractive man. Men can rock the rough look, and you certainly do. If you find the way to gain self confidence, finding a lady won't be as tough as you think.
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he was very nice the first time, but the second time was rushed and unfriendly and you see the results

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