So Excited to Get the BBL - Saint George, UT

Well ladies in soo excited and anxious for this,...

well ladies in soo excited and anxious for this, and im also new at this.. I just scheduled my first appointment for a consultation for this coming monday Sep. 17, 2012.. i am very happy to get this started.. i really need it cuz i really dislike my body. my goal is trying to get a full round look nothing really dramatic cuz i also want it to look natural but i sure want BIG.. and im hoping i can get what i want..

I had to make another account cuz I forgot my login.. lol but yes I did get the surgery done.. I didn't get the results I wanted :( but I do have a lil bump compared to what I had ... its been a year now and I kinda wanna go for a second round but I wanna go to a better dr. That will give me the results I want..
Did you get the surgery done? Do you have after pics? I have your same body
Yes I did it its been 8mnths Im ok with my results but I wanted MORE A MORE ROUND BOOTY so I'm thinking in doing a second round.. but I do have a lil bump compared to nothing I had before ill post pic in my new account if u wanna see what my results are after 8mnths I did gain weight its hard not to I LOVE FOOD lol.
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