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Im in the recovery period rite now i wish i had...

Im in the recovery period rite now i wish i had found this site before. I had a mini tummy tuck along with lipo of the flanks hips and a little on the inner thighs. Rite now im 2 weeks and 4 days post op i feel a little lost. I went into surgery thinking by two weeks post i would be swollen but able to do most of my daily activities and care for my children. I had my drains taken out a week post op which my doctor never had me measure at all also the color stayed dark red and thick the entire time they were in, after removing them i developed a seroma im assuming thats what it is after my research because my doctor still has not actually called it anything.... anywho i had it drained the first time and i believe it was 250cc while they were draining it i fainted which was very scary for me since its only happened one other time in my life my doctor told me it was normal and that it happens often i beleived him .....at my next appt (2 days later) i had fluid again the nurse drained all of the fluid which ended up being about 150cc which i think im happy about since through my research ive found as long as its going down there should be nothing to worry about after the nurse finished draining it the doctor came in and injected something into the seroma not sure what it was but made my stomach feel as though it was going to burst open and a burning sensation the second he injected it i once again fainted.

After they got me back to somewhat normal he stuck the needle back in and drained the fluid he injected still leaving my stomach with a burning sensation....i go home after the appt not knowing what to think at this point my stomach is killing me very sensitive to touch and he has me wearing 2 compression garments at this point so im very uncomftorable he also put me on bed rest so i am going out of my mind from sitting and doing absolutely nothing everyday......2 days later go back in to the doctor he examines me and there is fluid but definetely not as much as before (still noticable but less) so he says were not going to do anything were gonna leave it and he wants to see me again on mon (its fri now) i questioned him about not draining it since i felt like there was still to much fluid to just leave alone after thinking he agreed we should drain it i feel as though there scared to drain me because i keep fainting but i want this thing to be gone whatever it takes... so the drained 80cc out this time and sent me home now its the weekend they still have me on bed rest and i can already see there is more fluid probably about the same as friday maybe a little more but not much im feeling very depressed like this recovery is never going to be done im going crazy doing nothing and feeling a little weird that i have to be on bed rest its making my legs and lipo areas swell worse then they were i dont know what to do at this point i feel like some of this is not normal im just lost and sad at this point anyone with helpfull info please post a comment i would love to hear if anyone else has had any of this happen....

Went back to the doctor yesterday to get the fluid...

Went back to the doctor yesterday to get the fluid drained still the same amount but he took me off bed rest and said not to twist or stretch out my abdomen.... a little confusing since the amount of fluid didnt change at all oh well atleast i can do some things and get out of the house ive gotten a little depressed sitting here doing nothing and i think its actually made all of my swelling worse i guess we will have to wait and see i have an appt again on thursday to drain again ill keep you guys updated

Good news!! i think anyways i went back to the...

Good news!! i think anyways i went back to the doctor yesterday and only had 18cc which is awesome barely any at all hoping that the next time i go it will be gone and i can get on to the healing process! I cant wait until i can get to somewhat of my normal life again im a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and a bartender so im not used to sitting and taking it easy at all thats been the hardest part for me .... If anyone has any good advice on the swelling i would love to hear it by the end of the day i feel so puffy and swollen i look 3 months pregnant im taking arnica montana and bromelaine already any who i know its all part of the recovery process but rite now i feel like im watching paint dry!

Went to the ps on monday and had nothing to drain...

Went to the ps on monday and had nothing to drain so exciting!!! Now i can get onto recovering and get back to working out and having a "normal" life again, im still definetely swollen so its hard to tell what the results are yet but i am noticing it going down by the end of the day i dont look 3 months pregnant anymore just a little bloated.... if anyone has any input on when they really noticed the swelling decrease the most i would love to know i feel like im still very swollen for being a whole month out it would be nice to hear someone elses input! I have to go back again next monday and im hoping i can start taking off the compression garment a bit here and there i cant wait to just feel relaxed its amazing how much you start to miss the feeling of comfy pjs i cant wait!!!! Ill be sure to update soon
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I am dealing with a seroma, too. I am 6 weeks post-op from a Mini-TT with lipo. I wish you a speedy recovery.
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Thank you i went yesterday and they didnt drain any fluid so hopefully its gone now i just wish some of the swelling would go down... how is your swelling at 6 weeks? Tom i will be a month out and i just dont feel like i should still be this swollen
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I just checked and it looks like you posted a question already. I hope that gets answered for you soon!

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I'm sorry you're gong through all of this! It sounds like maybe your doctor removed the drains too soon? Try not to feel guilty or weird for being on a bed rest. You've unfortunately ended up with a complication (the seroma) and you need to sit tight so you can heal. Follow your doctor's orders, but do ask for more communication if you don't understand what is being done or why. It's your body and you should know!

If you haven't already, you can post a question to doctors in the q&a community and hopefully they will get back to you with some ideas about what's going on. 

We're here for you! How did your appointment go today?

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