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Hi everyone, this is my first review here. I have...

Hi everyone, this is my first review here. I have been reading many of the coolsculpting reviews on this site before I decided to take the plunge and have this procedure done. I had a consultation one week ago and actually had the treatment done yesterday.

I basically prepared myself for the worst after reading how much pain some people were in from the procedure. About 1.5 hr before I took 2 pain relivers and hoped for the best. I used the large applicator on my lower abdomen. I heard the smaller one hurts less, and I had the option to use the smaller one but the lady told me that the larger one works better.

So pain wise...It all happened very fast! One second she was laying the cool gel pad down and then next the vacuum was on! It was quite a bit painful at first!! When people say: "it takes your breath away" I didn't quite know what that meant. If I had to describe it I would agree, because the lady was trying to talk to me about procedure stuff to distract me, but I couldn't even hardly respond, let alone hear what she was saying. It's a very odd feeling. Almost like you can't even speak initally!! I don't know about everyone else, but for me the pain never "fully went away" it was always slightly there...just got better after everything was frozen.

That was honestly the longest hour of my life, haha. There was a nice tv in there for me to watch and I listened to my ipod. She checked in on me every so often, which was nice. It was also pretty painful when she massaged my stomach afterwards. Also for the first 10 minutes after the treatment it felt like i did 10000000 situps.

Redness didn't last very long, couple hours. I'm not even very sore today....just slightly tender. I plan on going to the gym after work also. Since it is only day 1 i can't say if it is going to work yet or not, I just wanted to share my expereince.

If it does work it is totally worth the slight (temporary) pain. I forgot to take my own pics before i went in because i was busy, so I will take some tonight and upload them. I will also try to take weekly pictures and update on how i am doing throughout the process.

I am a little bit swollen right now so my stomach actually appears a little bit bigger than it normally does! Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help!!


For me about 3 weeks. Trust me the pain is tolerable. I only took Tylenol. It took a few days for things to wake up but they say that the more pain one has the better the results will be.
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hi! great post!!! i had my first treatment about 2 months ago and have seen such good results in such a short time i went back 2 days ago for another one o my belly!!! it was very painful yesterday (just like the first one) but it is well worth it! im sure lipo afterwards is just as painful. after my first treatment 2 months ago i felt fine as well and a little numb on my tumm, but when the nerves "woke" back up, let me tell you, its damn painful!!! lasted about 2 weeks. but youll do fine ha! :) good luck.
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Oh man! That's crazy...I feel so fine right now (barely sore) that I didn't expect anything bad to happen. How many days post-procedure did the "waking up" feeling happen? Because I have felt great up till now! Been going to the gym & wearing jeans & just going about my days like before. I'm glad to hear that you had such great results! It gives me something to look forward too! How long was it for you to actually "see" your results? Thanks!

Today it has been one week and 1 day. I thought I...

Today it has been one week and 1 day. I thought I would give a short update on how things are coming along. I can't really tell if anything has changed yet. The pain was not there really at all the first few days, but I am in a little it of pain right now. The last two days have been the worst so far. I guess after one week you really start to feel it. I've been taking pain meds which help a little bit. What really helps is standing or laying, and not sitting! I'm hoping this goes away soon. It's no unbareable, just pretty uncomfortable 24/7. I find it actually feels BETTER if i push on my stomach or have something like tights on. Not my jeans though, those hurt like hell. Any tips on getting through this period of pain would be greatly appreciated!

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Yesterday was the two week mark since I had cool...

Yesterday was the two week mark since I had cool sculpting done. I can honestly see a difference already. I am in zero pain, I have been in zero pain for awhile now, it didn't last long at all!! I am wearing a pair of jeans that were tight on my waist before and that I never wore because of that fact right now.....AND THEY ARE LOOSE!! No joke...
I also have been hitting the gym 4 or 5 days a week doing a half hour of cardio & 20 minutes of weights. I don't ever weigh myself so I don't know if i've lost any "actual weight" but i probably have. I can really tell in just the way my clothes have been fitting me....they are much looser. I can't wait to see more progress in the upcoming weeks!! :)


I had coolsculpting done 8 days ago on stomach and sides. Tingling/nerve pain started at about days 2-3 on stomach, has gotten worse, and is still there. Uncomfortable more than painful, sort of like having a very empty stomach, with of course the sharper nerve pains. It is quite distracting. Strange how it comes and goes throughout the day, though. Worse when I sit - I think because the area gets more compressed. Glad to read that it seems to stop for most within another week or so.
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How are you doing this far after the procedure? Hope you are ok!
Thank you for sharing your story. I have really been thinking about this procedure and your review helped make my decision. Good Luck to you :)
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