Saggy Loose Lower Eyelids from Juvederm then Hyaluronidase

I had too much Juvederm injected into the wrong...

I had too much Juvederm injected into the wrong place. It led to chronic bags, poor contour and a very tired, old look.

A few years ago I had Restylane in the same place with no issues. It looked great and lasted a long time.

Hyaluronidase was recommend to dissolve the Juvederm overfill after waiting several months for the filler to go away on its own (note: it hangs around for up to several years in this area). I had 6 rounds of Hyaluronidase over several months. During that time I witnessed my skin degrade right before my eyes. This was worsened by having my lower lids stretched by too much poorly placed Juvederm for nearly 10 months. The Hyaluronidase immediately made my skin crepey, saggy, loose, with a purple pigmentation line in my tear trough. You literally wake up the next day looking like Charlie Sheen!

It appeared to dissolve my native hyaluronic acid - my plastic surgeon at the time acknowledged he could see the skin losing its elasticity and becoming really thin/wrinkled, so it was recommended I get botox, then look at doing a chemical peel, laser or start using Retin A after treatment with Hyaluronidase was complete. I agreed to the botox, but that did nothing to help with skin quality or the folds/wrinkles below the eye.

For the record, I always used Retin A on my eyelids before all this. My skin was in good condition before Hyaluronidase.

Now I am facing laser or a chemical peel to help address the state of my skin. I plan on travelling to have this sort of treatment done by a top revision eyelid surgeon. It's going to cost a fortune.

Always be careful with any fillers. Even if they can be dissolved, there can be bad results. Many of us on this forum have ended up with terrible complications from Hyaluronidase. Not only has it ruined my eyelids cosmetically, but it also dried out my eyes and left them with a constant tired feel.

It's important to realize that poor results with ANY cosmetic intervention can lead to unexpected expenses, depression, trauma and a prolonged recovery. My life has been a nightmare for the last 12 months. I used to have confidence, but I've become a hermit that hates to go out and no longer likes talking to people. I am sad that I look older than my well-preserved 40 year old sister (I just turned 30). I am sick of being told I look tired, worn out and unwell (I'm super healthy). I am scared that this damage is permanent. I was so much more attractive before. I even want to quit my career because I no longer enjoy interacting with people. It has destroyed my life as I knew it. I now have counselling to assist with the depressed feeling and anxiety caused by this situation.

Do your research. Make sure you are getting the most conservative approach with the best filler for that area. Be careful about having hyaluronidase around the eyes. If you can live with your results, then don't risk it. Dissolving it isn't as simple as it sounds!

I forgot to say please ignore the marks on my nose...

I forgot to say please ignore the marks on my nose in the "NOW" pics. It was from pure tea tree oil on a zit that burnt my skin!

Added a whole bunch of photos to show the...

Added a whole bunch of photos to show the progressive dissolving process.

Hopefully forum visitors will see my pics and be more cautious about their choices.

These pictures help demonstrate the much talked about potential side effects of Hyaluronidase.

Hi everyone, I just had Perlane injections yesterday into my cheekbones.. I don't like the result, it looks too big.. I'm scared now and don't know what to do. Should I go back to see my surgeon? Should I do hyaluroniase injections to remove Perlane? I'm scared that my surgeon will do even worst since he hasn't been able to make good cheekbones injections... Does anyone know a GREAT plastic surgeon? (Who are the plastic surgeons that celebrities go to see?) And when I read the reviews about hyaluroniase, some say it works well and worth it, some say not to do it... I don't know what to do.. Please help me, I'm starting to freak out! Thanks so much for your help.
Very hard decision and only you can decide. Research EVERYTHING you can about hyaluronidase including: brands (Vitrase, Hyalase, Hylenex), the dilution ratios and amounts. Read EVERY review of hyaluronidase good and bad. Really look at your result and decide if you can live with it or not. Is it better to wait? Perhaps some of it is swelling as you only had it done recently. I can't tell you what to do. I can only tell you that it's a big risk because it's hit and miss and you need to be fully informed by yourself. All surgeons have a different opinion and use different brands and different dilutions and different amounts. There are no rules. This can be the difference between success and disaster. Ask around. Call some surgeons. Ask their protocol for hyaluronidase. They will all be different. Good luck.
Thanks for your answer. It's going to be the 3rd day after my injections and it is getting better. It's less big than yesterday. I think I should wait again a few days and doing some massages before appreciate the final result... I think I could live with it. I've heard that hyaluronidase destroy your own tissue and that it's an aging product, is that true? I don't want that... Maybe by 4-5 months, some of the Perlane will be gone and that will be perfect. It is not that bad actually and I don't want to take any other risks with hyaluronidase...
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