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As a 48 year old with many years of sun damage and...

As a 48 year old with many years of sun damage and those pesky newly appearing age spots, I decided to uncover some new skin without the high price of a spa or dermatologist.  You CAN do it safely if you are very careful.

Start with only a 12.5% solution (a small bottle of this can be found online for about $25).  Begin with only a one layer peel the first time.  Complete instructions are usually included....always follow them!  If you do okay with a 1 and 2 layer peel, you can add layers each subsequent treatment, spaced 3 weeks apart.  You will eventually know how much your particular skin can tolerate.  I have not done more than a 3 layer peel.

Never buy a strong solution.  There are horror stories out there of people using 50 and 100% TCA, with terrible consequences, including permanent scarring.

Just as a guideline, I only dip my Q-tip into the the solution once for a single layer on my whole face.  Always wait 5 minutes between layers.  I have also done 3-layer spot treatments on age spots -- it takes a few treatments for them to completely disappear.   A small bottle of the solution should give you many muti-layer treatments, saving you $100's over going to a specialist.


I've tried TCA at home 20% in several layers for up to 10 minutes & haven't been able to remove age spots on my arms. The area around the spots gets frosty so I rinse but the spot itself does not frost. My spots are slightly raised and not all that dark but certainly darker than my fair skin and get darker in the sun. Any suggestions?
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Unless you have a multitude of age spots, Try using use a Q-tip and dab the TCA directly on the spots numerous times over a matter of a minute or so, until you actually see the frosting. I have done this on dark spots on my face, and the individual spots will dry up and peel.
I would not use TCA anywhere around the eyes. Chest is okay.
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