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I had my first lipodissolve treatment to my saddle...

I had my first lipodissolve treatment to my saddle bage area three days ago. The injections did not hurt, but I had swelling and was very sore for two days afterwards. Today I am no longer sore, but I still have several silver-dollar sized bruises - doesn't surprise me because I bruise easily.

I really liked my doctor. She was friendly and answered all of my questions. The staff was also very friendly. One of the girls working there had had lipodissolve injections to her chin the day before and she showed it to me and let me touch it - it was warm to the touch and she said that it was tender. The doctor had also had lipodissolve done to herself. When she first learned of lipodissolve she was skeptical and had the injections done on one side of belly and on one arm. She showed me her arms and I could immediately tell which arm had been injected.

I stood up while she did the injections. She injected a substance called collagenese into the pits of my cellulite and the lipodissolve into the fat areas of my cellulite. She explained the the collagenase breaks up the fibrous bands that pull on the skin and cause it to dimple and that that lipodissolve breaks up fat cells.

I was very thristy right after the treatment and for the next two days. I drink a lot of water typically, but I was really thirsty. My thighs also felt hot to the touch. I know that both the thirst and heat were caused by the inflammatory reaction. I was also very tired and I have slept more than usual. However, I was able to go to class the night of the treatment and have been able to do all of my daily activities, including taking long walks. I will start working out again today.

My thighs are tighter, but I am dissapointed that the cellulite dimples are still there. I am hoping that they will improve with time. Has anyone else out there who has had success with thighs and saddle bags? Will you please contact me with your experiences/results? I would love to know how long and how many treatments it took to see results?

I am having my second treatment done in two weeks. My advice to folks is to go to a physician for lipodissolve treaments. From what I've read most people who have had bad experiences went to expensive spas and paid three times as much to be treated by non-medically liscenced personel.

I will keep posting and hopefully will have good news to share. So far I think that the experience has been worth it.

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Polite, caring, answered all my questions and did not act as though she was in a hurry. She had also done the procedure on herself. She talked to me throughout the procedure. I felt comfortable with her.

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I am 5'8, 135 lbs. I weight train 4-5 days a week and do cardio a few times a week also. My diet is almost flawless which include protein, good cards, & healthy fats. So I am very very frustrated with these pesty saddlebags!! So I had lipodissolve done about 4 weeks ago. While the saddlebags are still there, I think I did lose a small amount. I have another appointment for another treatment in 2 days then I will be measured to know for sure. I am still not sure, if I like lipodissolve. I am not sure if I am still swollen or not but it almost seems like the fat has transferred from the thigh area to the back of my legs with some bruising or dark patches. I am praying that is not the case!! Has anyone else experienced this? I am still hopeful that the 2nd treatment will help!
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How did your results turn out? I've had two injections so far and still have some residual bruising (6 weeks later) as well as little bumps (I think people all them nodules)... did you have this? Will they go away? My little dimples are still there too, did you have any luck with getting rid of those?
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Was your dr. Julia Bruce? I just went to her a week ago and am so far waiting to see results but very optimistic
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Where did you get your procedure done?
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