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The Attempt to Remove the Spare Tire - Sacramento, CA

I am actually a relatively small person, but all...

I am actually a relatively small person, but all my fat is in my abdomen. I'm 5'4", 150 lbs., and pregnancy obviously took a toll on my body. I am terrified of plastic surgery and never thought that I would ever have any procedure, but I'm just so tired of people thinking I'm pregnant :\ I decided to go ahead with SmartLipo because even when I'm 125 lbs., my stomach is still big, and thus, I came to the conclusion to have the procedure now instead of theoretically after I lose the 25 lbs. I'm hoping to share my upcoming experience with those that need encouragement, will listen, or offer advice.

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Also, I wanted to mention that there are a lot of...

Also, I wanted to mention that there are a lot of great ways to finance this procedure through credit cards. The cost of the procedure is $6700, but I will only pay $5100, no interest over 21 months. To do this, I will be using the following credit cards with cash rewards: Chase Saphire, Citi Dividend, BofA Cash Rewards, BofA Rewards, Discover 21 month no interest. Let me know if you would like more information.


I look forward to reading about your recovery and results.
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I had lipo on Aug 9. Really sore and swollen first 2 weeks. I am still healing but it already looks so good. Would do it again!!!! Worth it.
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Where did you have your lipo done? Are you located around Sacramento by chance?

The big day is quickly approaching. I'm becoming...

The big day is quickly approaching. I'm becoming more and more excited, anxious, and fearful. Today I started worrying about lidocaine toxicity and found myself googling to find out how many people have had issues. I also know that there is a 5 liter max fat removal and my doctor had told me that he would be removing 5 liters and possibly needing a second surgery. Then I read more on realself and many doctors say that 5 liters is considered a "large" liposuction procedure which then has increased risks. Sigh. I'm just afraid of something going terribly wrong...and me passing away...I can deal with any other complication but that one.


Hi tha's the best decition yu've made everhting will be allright.Wish you luck!
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Well....I called the doctor's nurse today and...

Well....I called the doctor's nurse today and expressed some concerns i had with potential lidocaine toxicity and she was very reassuring and even had the doctor call me later that day. The doctor was really assuring so I am feeling much better about tomorrow's procedure. OMG IT IS TOMORROW! Please pray for a safe procedure and recovery!


I can't wait to hear how it turned out! Sending good thoughts your way!
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Good luck! Hope everything goes well!
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Uh Oh? What does that mean?
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Today was the day! I was in pre op from 130-230,...

Today was the day! I was in pre op from 130-230, surgery from 230-530, and post op 530-600.

While I was in pre op, the nurse reviewed my current medications, took pictures, and explained what medications she would be giving me: ativan, antibiotic, and anti naseua pill. The doctor then came in and chit chatted for a bit, administered a demoral shot and rigt after the shot, he had me stand upto draw on my body and explain to me what he was going to do. Just about one minute into this exokanation I told him I was really tired and somewhat dizzy and he said that was the demoral kicking in and to sit back down. Let me tell yiu, demoral is good stuff!

I then went into the surgery room where they got me comfy and even asked what kind of music i wanted to listen to. Dr. S gave me a numbing shot where he was going to make a port hole, then cut a hole, and then inserted a stick-like instrument, not the cannula I believe because this was seemed smaller, and began to inject the tumescent fluid. Many other reviewers mentioned that this part hurt the worst, but I didnt find this very painful at all and he did this a few times during the procedure around my body. Initially, he only numbed my abdomen area because I was getting a low dose of lidocaine which meant that it would weara off more quickly. So Dr. S started on the stomach and then went to one side of my body and then to the next. I wasnt in much pain, a little oain here and there because I was on a reduced dose of lidocaine and I told him that I could handle it because we didnt want to run out of lidocaine bc I couldnt get any more. There was one spot that hurt like crazy, a tiny spot, so of course he used more lidocaine. He did this for a few other spots as well. The cannula tickeled in some places which is such a weird feeling, and it also hurt more around the rib bones. The smartlipo part, the laser, was very short and not painful at all, lasting about 2 minutes.Honestly, I was in surgery for 3 hours and never once did i think that it was taking too long and i also dont remember a whole lot which means that I must have been sleeping. I remember the doc saying a few things, mostly he was so excited for me and the results. I highly recommend demoral! He took out 5500cc but i believe that includes the 1500cc of tumescent fluid.

In post op, the same room, I was bandaged and cleaned from blood tinged oozing. Then the nurse helped me get into a compression garment and a binder. I need to wear the compression garmet until tomorrow which is when i can change the bandages and shower. After that I can wear spanx but I still havento wear the binder for three days.

My hubby ordered Cheesecake Factory food to go and we picked it up on thenway home. yummy! during the ride home, he tells me that i asked 7 times if i had called my mom, where the baby was twice, windered if we had picked uo the food yet when we had, etc. Yes, I was happily in lala land.

Once home I ate a bite or two in bed. I used the bathroom which took a lot of energy to stand up. I slept for a few hours and then woke up around 11pm and asked for the antibiotic and vicodin and used the bathroom, which again, took all the strength out of me. I then went back to sleep immediately. Then woke up at 3am for bathroom, gatorade, and yogurt and began typing this review.

As if now, I cant stand for long periods of time without feeling an overwhelming urge to sit down. I have leaked thriug thr garmet and binder in some areas and im sure there will be some more significant oozing when I shower in a few hours. Im actually afraid to shower bevause i am certain that i will be light headed, but i hear this is totally normal and also my hubby will be there with me. As for pain, Im not in a lot of pain. My tummy is sore so it is slightly painful to get out of bed but not horribly. My c section surgery was definitely a lot more painful than this, that is for sure. Please excuse the typos...Im still slightly drugged and also typing this from my tablet. I think I am going to be alrigt :-)


Stunning results already
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Lookin good!
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I'm posting three new pictures today- 2 days post...

I'm posting three new pictures today- 2 days post op. I think my side profile improved but the back view looks more swollen. Or perhaps it's the light...you decide.


already you can see a difference! :)
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U look great! I'm so excited for u!
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I went from awful (pre op) to awesome (immediately...

I went from awful (pre op) to awesome (immediately post op) to WTF happened? My upper/lowe abs are swollen and they make two big bumps from the side view. I'm also hard as a rock! Ahhhh!


Hi! How are you doing?
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Oh yeah that is the same timing when I decided I had made a terrible mistake. But about four days later it turned around again. My surgery was August 5.
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That's how I am I swell up after a few hrs n I get scared so I wrap myself back up.
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Added updated pictures for day 11- I'm really...

Added updated pictures for day 11- I'm really swollen. This is officially proof that I went from a huge difference to no difference between day 2 and day 11.


Hi everyone! I'm doing well- the swelling is going down but I still have "hard" areas. I will post pics tonight!
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Ive lost track of the days post op. How is your swelling? All soreness gone? Are your pants hanging off you yet? You are such a good sport to share your experiences with us. I will attempt to share the most embarrassing parts of my body with the community when I have my procedure done this winter. Be well.
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you look great post ops ! I hope that you will lose teh swolen fluid of the last few days but you look really great. It gives me hope :) for my case
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Day 21- new pictures uploaded. The swelling is...

Day 21- new pictures uploaded. The swelling is going back down!


I am 3 weeks out and although I am lumpy and swollen, my lumps are not visible and I am thinner than I was pre-opt and more comfortable in a a bathing suit now.
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Had my lipo on Aug 9th. Still lumpy a little. My doc said it would take til early December to be fully healed. Give it time.
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You have scared me I can't tell if you are happy or not. I am scheduled for Oct 6th and leaving for a Caribbean vacation Oct 29 . Seems like you still have a lot swelling 3 weeks out. HELP ME! should I postpone til after vacation?
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5 weeks post op and frustrated. my new bidy is in...

5 weeks post op and frustrated. my new bidy is in thee somewhere, right?


How's the progress coming along?
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Hi LaurieKay1, it's coming along- there is definitely a better shape but I still swell A LOT by night. I'm thinking a touch-up surgery will take place. I keep meaning to post more pictures and I will now make a point to do that this week.
You have really good chnces of being perfect in another month or so...just wait till 6 months, you'll be very pleased. Me not so much but thanks for the compliment. I knew he was a good Dr, just was not a good decision to go with the consultants suggestion to do my tummy. I am super happy for you and thank you for the compliment you left me, your very kind. Your gonna be wearing so many cute things next summer... yay for you :)
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3 months post procedure- still swollen and the...

3 months post procedure- still swollen and the swelling still gets worse at night. I posted new pictures taken in the morning.


Keeping a food diary is essential in success, and trust me, the longer you do it, the easier it gets. Eventually you will learn all the vitamins, calorie intake, and proper portion sizes. I am not trying to offend you, but it is clear you haven't done all that is necessary to lose the weight first, but it is true that we have stubborn areas, which I have as well, which is why I looked this up in the first place. With that said, there are hormones in the foods we eat, as well as hormone disruptors in the products we use to beautify ourselves, which can cause fat to accumulate in our body. So, for instance there is estrogen in soy milk and sweet potatoes, so staying away from them certain times of the month can help shrink your waist. I eat estrogen containing foods about a week prior to my period until a few days after my cycle starts bc that is when estrogen is at it's low and testosterone is peaking (which is why we act different, more sex drive etc). The reason I do this is because the testosterone causes my skin to break out and these foods help with that. You probably know about b vitamins and boosting metabolism, but biotin and green tea are also fantastic supplements, and biotin helps with skin and hair as well...(That is what I meant by beautiful inside=beautiful outside. I have 3 really good friends that eat the same way, and we all look 17, no wrinkles, and
flawless skin. Junk makes you yucky looking almost imediately, which I noticed after eating with no rules during the holiday season. I looked like i had a hangover, even though i dont drink because the sugar and salt sucked the moisture out of my skin, my dark circles came back, i broke out everywhere even my back, and I gained 15 pounds. Now, just 11 days after New years, I'm about 4 pounds away from what I was. Losing weight is all about physics as far as energy use, and is literally a math problem, but how can you solve it if you don't know the value of your variables(food). Well now that I realized I'm a big dork, I need to fuel up.... Brown rice, kale, and collard greens with lemon and sprinkled with hemp seed for lunch with a side of homemade butternut squash soup! Again, it takes a long long time not only to like healthy food, but to shape your body with exercise, and you can, I have faith in you:) 1200 calories a day sucks, but just like any other addiction, you have to change your environment so you don't fall back into it. I used to go to the library where no food was allowed to study, and I got way better grades that way too.
Anyway, just trying to help steer you on the right course.
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Today I added two new pictures- 6 months post op....

Today I added two new pictures- 6 months post op. I have an appointment with the doctor on Wednesday and my hope is that we will be discussing a touch-up surgery. I'm happy with my results thus far, but believe that a second surgery would be beneficial to further shape my body. The second surgery should be covered at no additional charge and the nurses and doctor are already knowing that I will be requesting one.


KrisT, you aren't offending me, but please don't assume that people aren't doing all that they can to lose weight as you aren't aware of everyone's backgrounds.

Yay! It's official! I have a touch up surgery...

Yay! It's official! I have a touch up surgery scheduled for March 17th! I've maintained my weight, but theoretically I should have lost weight after the fat was taken out the first time. So, this time I will continue to lose instead of maintain after the procedure. I didn't think Dr. S would do it originally, but after I told him how much I have exercised and dieted to maintain, he believed that I was trying and in it for the long run. I must have struck a soft spot, because he's doing the touch up at no charge!


How did your touch up go? Was it basically the same procedure repeated?
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It was upper and lower abs (repeat) and bra rolls. It went well and I'm recovering more quickly this time!
Were the results good enough that you would go through both sets of procedures again?
Dr. Blynn Shideler

Dr. Shideler is a fabulous doctor that spends as much time with the patient as you want. He returns phone calls promptly and spends all the time you need on the phone. He is highly experienced, personally knows the inventor of tumescent lipo, Dr. Klein, and also trains other doctors on this technique. He is highly professional, doesnt sugar coat things, and has performed over 1000 tumescent smartlipo procedures. He is booked out 2 months in advance at Sono Bello in Sacramento.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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