Had Full Face Fraxel Restore Just Hours Ago:

I had my first Fraxel Restore treatment at 1:45...

I had my first Fraxel Restore treatment at 1:45 this afternoon. The cost was $1000 for the full face. I was confident with the laser nurse (all she does is laser treatments) doing the procedure as the Laser Center I went to is widely known to be the best in the area. What I WAS anxious about was how I would do. My main concerns were pain & the possibility of scarring. After doing the research I found most people had pretty major pain with the procedure. Even though my pain tolerance is generally high I worried (others had said their tolerance was high too but that it still hurt). It had been described to me as hot pins & needles moving across your skin. With the use of the numbing cream (which they leave on for 1.5 hours and cover the area with saran wrap) I took a 600mg. Ibuprofen and a 1mg sedative just to take the edge off.

Once the saran wrap & numbing cream were removed the nurse started the procedure. She started at my jaw and I was surprised (and thrilled) at how little it hurt. The first pass she did over my face was very, very tolerable. The pain started to become a little more intense after the first full pass, and every pass there after. She went over my face a total of about 8 passes. By the last pass it was intense heat & painful, but ultimately still tolerable. To me the procedure felt more like sandpaper and heat over the skin than pins & needles. From the beginning of the procedure the roller hand devise blew cold are onto the area which helped a lot.

When the procedure was done the nurse put a little sunscreen on and sent me on my way. I was just a little swollen,red, my face burned a little and felt dry - but I was able to go out and finish my day. 5 hours after the procedure I removed the sunscreen with Cetaphil face wash and put on some Cetaphil moisturizer. My face is still slightly swollen and red, and I was told it could be more so tomorrow. I plan to sleep upright to help with the swelling.

I am thrilled that it was tolerable, especially after reading the reviews. My plan is to wait to see the effect it's had on my face before doing anything more. My biggest concern was my uneven skin tone - mainly brown spots (sun/pregnancy) and some fine lines.

I will follow up in a week or so to share any updates.

One last thing - I thought about canceling my appt. a few times fearing the procedure would be too painful - but then I knew I would always wonder about it. I know this is a very personal decision - everyone has different pain levels, expectations, etc. but I wanted to let you know that there is at least one person who had a good experience with Fraxel Restore and, if everything continues to go as well, I will do it again. I will also post some before and after pictures once the swelling and redness go away.

I hope this review helps you make the right decision regarding Fraxel Restore for you.


Hi Wendy, I am now 16 months post Fraxel and having the same problems, only my skin is scarring as well. This has changed the texture of my skin and my oil glands are not working. My skin is also very sensitive and continues to get worse.
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Hi! I'm from your area and am very interested in pictures of each stage of your procedure and whether you are satisfied with the final results. Also, I wanted to know which Laser Center you went to and which nurse performed your Fraxel Restore procedure. Any candid information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated and would help me in my own decision making regarding this. Thanks so much!
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I went through 10 sessions. My last one was right before Christmas 2009. About a month ago I started to notice a change. I look like I am aging. ALL my marks are still there. Same as it was before the fraxel, but now I have lines under my eyes and my face isn't smooth at all. It's like bumpy. I do not put my face in the sun at all - ever. I will start my own page on fraxel to help people.
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