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3 weeks after surgery my smile was still quite...

3 weeks after surgery my smile was still quite crooked. My surgeon told me that I shouldn't worry and that my smile should return within 2 to 4 months. I got a second opinion from a different facial plastic surgeon and a third opinion from an MD off the internet. It still didn't make me stop worrying, but it gave me the patience to wait for my nerves and muscles to recover.

MY SMILE IS BACK! By 2-4 months I obtained a completely normal smile and am very happy I had the surgery done. I have some residual numbness on my chin, but that lessens with each week that passes. I also had upper and lower eyelids done, along with and endo browlift. I will list what the surgeon said the retail price would be, but I did get a professional discount due to working in the same medical system.


Hi there, I was wondering if you can tell me, did the $12,000 cover all the surgeries you had or was that just the cost of the chin implant?
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Thanks for posting pics & responding! You're a very pretty lady! I probably will have to have the same surgery done (removal of chin bone). I may also have lipo done at the same time. :-)
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Thrilled that you are pleased with results & you came out of it unharmed! Did you have a chin reduction done by reducing the bone or fat & tissue? I have a long & pointy chin I think partly due to bone & tissue (it seems like chin never quit growing after it was supposed to). I hear chin surgery is rare compared to chin implant (which is the LAST thing I need)so when I hear that someone had it & received great results that makes me feel confident that more people will have it done & I won't feel so nervous about it. The more experienced a surgeon is in 1 particular type of surgery the more likley it is that I'm going to go to him!
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Photo Update


It was only a few days ago..sounds like I have a long way to go. Thanks for your comment. It helps
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WOW. The results are incredible! I still think you could reduce your chin a little more though for a more feminine look. Congrats you look amazing!
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I had chin liposuction 6 days ago and I am having a hard time dealing with my crooked smile. Can you look at my picture and tell me whether your smile was similar? I am so worried that my smile will not improve. I had slurred speech the first few days, but that has resolved. My surgeon acts like the crooked smile is no big deal and assures me she did not severe any of my nerves. She did cut the muscle under the chin to remove fat that was underneath the muscle.
Your results look great, thanks for posting your story.
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Because I assisted him as a surgical RN for many years prior to making the decision to have surgery. I was confident in his medical background, knowledge and skills. The ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon Fellows in training work under him in the final years before they are out on their own.

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