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Still Recovering, but sure now - Sacramento, CA

I had my extended tummy tuck abouit 3 weeks ago....

I had my extended tummy tuck abouit 3 weeks ago. It has been very rough so far. I'm going through the normal depression phase where I'm wondering if it was worth it. I had a very bad reaction to Norco--which landed me in the E.R. one week after surgery. That was the worst experience of my life. I'm starting to look at my new tummy (9 pounds of skin and fat were removed). It looks completely different--in a good way. But it was not what I was expecting. However, after loosing 145 pounds, a tummy tuck was pretty much required. I had an arm lift done at the same time, which I would reccomend against doing. The tummy tuck is enough to recover from. Having an additional procedure done makes it that much worse. Good luck to everyone else though.


U look good! What is Norco??
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I think you look amazing!! it is tough I am 3 weeks and my tum still looks and feels odd I noticed two bumps today but just hoping they smooth out I think you are going to love your tum!!
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You look great sweetie, and you deserve the wonderful figure that you've no doubt worked hard for! 145 lbs gone is AMAZING and your results are really great. I'm 11 dpo, I haven't gone through any emotions yet except complete and udder happiness - I love my new flat tummy. I'm SUPER scared I'll eat badly and it will come back, that's my only fear. You should be so proud of yourself honey, you did an amazing thing. I bet that once you've healed a bit more you'll look back and wonder why you 2nd guessed yourself. You really look great, good for you! :) Bug hugs
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Ok, so I am going to try and get back to the gym...

Ok, so I am going to try and get back to the gym this Saturday. I know I'll have to baby-step it, but I'm not sure how much I will be able to handle. I'm excited, but scared at the same time. I used to live at the gym (2 hours per day, 7 days per week), and being away from there for this past month has been harder on me than I imagined.

Any tips for returning to the gym?


You look great. Back to the gym - don't over do it. Did you check with the doctor?
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Thanks :o) I know to take it easy when getting back to the gym. The doctor said that I had to wait at least 10 days after having my last drain removed before going to the gym--which will be Friday, so I thought I'd wait for Saturday so that I can be there when there aren't many people in the gym to see me struggle. Just going to try and do no resistance slow cardio to get my body moving again, but not going to care about calories burned for now. Just gotta move! :o)
I agree with you. I think one procedure is enough
I had TT and MR Lipo on inner outter thighs Flanks hips and knees
I can't imagine not having my arms at full capacity.
Good luck in your recovery
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Doc gave the OK to stop wearing the arm...

Doc gave the OK to stop wearing the arm compression garment, and he said I can return to the gym. Just have to build up my time there gradually over the next 2 weeks. I can't wait to go to the gym. Sounds crazy, but leading up to my surgery, that was my "happy place". Just 2 more weeks of the tummy garment. Woo Hoo! Gettin' there. Slowly but surely. :o)


You look great...
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Today is my 1 month post-op date, I'm back at the...

Today is my 1 month post-op date, I'm back at the gym (going WAY slow, of course), and all the surgical tape has been removed. Starting to slowly feel like myself again. But I can't wait to be able to stop wearing this binder garment. It's driving me crazy!!

Oh- and a lot of people have been wondering about prices of the tummy tuck. My surgery was through Kaiser Cosmetic (didn't even know it existed). The surgery was not covered by insurance, but all perscriptions were my normal co-pay. All follow-up visits, garments, and medical supplies were free.


You look great and 145 lbs weight loss is incredible. I've lost 80 so I know that its hard work. I am 4 weeks po feeling depressed, feeling trapped in my body, ready to be HEALED!! :) So....I'm feeling your pain! I had a breast lift too, I would imagine an arm lift would be even more painful. Its just a lot to go through. Best wishes!
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Thanks Avett1. You look great as well! And I agree, I am so done with this recovery crap. I just want my normal active life back. I keep feeling like I should be healed more by now, but thankfully this site has helped me know that I'm where I should be. Best of luck to you! :o)
Thanks Kapliani! Good luck with your sugery. Just keep in mind- the first 3-4 days suck. Royally. But each day gets better and better. Best of luck to you!
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Ok, I'm having issues with a drain hole. I had my...

Ok, I'm having issues with a drain hole. I had my last drain pulled on 6/5/12. Everything seems fine, although a LOT drained out onto the pad overnight. The next day I took my first shower, but put a Band-Aid over the drain hole to try and prevent anything from getting into it. The drain hole is far to the back on my left hip, so I don't see it easily. I completely forgot about the Band-Aid until this weekend when I removed all the surgical tape. When I removed the Band-Aid, there was a scab that had attached to it, so the hole ripped open a little bit. There has been stuff coming out of there ever since, and it doesn't seem to want to close up.

Any suggestions? Help please!


when I had my drains out my PS asked me to put on tripple antibiotic ointment until the holes would completely heal which they took about 2 wks or more, I would put the antibiotic over holes cover it with gauze and when i took a shower I would take the gauze and tape off so I would not brake the skin/scab over holes....eventually got healed
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Thanks for the tips pocahantas12. I'm putting tons of antibiotic stuff on it, and I'm changing the Band-Aids a few times a day so they don't have a chance to attach to the hole. Hopefully it works.

Today marks 5 weeks post-op. I had someone take a...

Today marks 5 weeks post-op. I had someone take a look at the drain hole. Luckily they don't think it's infected. I just wish the damn thing would close already. I am happy though that the huge scabs that I had on my right side have finally fallen off. Those things were driving me bonkers.

Doing ok back at the gym. Going at a slow pace--I don't even break a sweat. Going to up it this weekend from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I'm sure I still need to take breaks in between. But it's nice to be moving again, even if it's not the pace I was at before.

Updated pics will come this weekend.

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So, after talking with my doctor, turns oout I now...

So, after talking with my doctor, turns oout I now have a yeast infection due to the fact that I was on antibiotics for over 3 weeks. Not a happy girl right now.

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5 week pics added. Finally able to stand straight...

5 week pics added. Finally able to stand straight enough to take side view shots. The incisions go pretty far back.

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Today is my 6 weeks post-op date. I was going to...

Today is my 6 weeks post-op date. I was going to keep wearing the waist compression garment until this weekend, but I just couldn't do it. I needed to free myself of that damn thing! So I went with the regular girdle today. Feels sooooo much better than that Velcro piece of hell. :o)

Happy healing!

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So it's day 2 of not wearing my tummy compression...

So it's day 2 of not wearing my tummy compression garment. I was so full of fluid when I got home yesterday from work that I had to lay down for almost an hour--which still didn't help it go down. I've noticed that when I do lay down for a long period of time after a build-up of fluid, that it hurts like hell (almost an arthritis-like pain) all around my incisions. Is this normal?

I also have finally loaded a scary picture. It's the only one I have of when I first saw my stitches. Crappy quality because my mom took it of me on my phone. But this was the hell that I saw 1 week post-op.

Happy healing!


! What an amazing transformation! You look incredible and so well deserved! I'm getting a TT and BA. I eventually want to get my arms done but that will have to wait until a later time!
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I would definitely wait on the arms. I had mine done at the same time as the tummy tuck, and it's just too much at one time. Plus, it takes a long time to get full range of motion back. I'm at 6 weeks post-op, and still can't reach up very high.

Good luck on your TT and BA! I'm sure you've earned it :o)
;D Thank you! And thank you for the advice and heads up on the ROM!

Today marks 7 weeks post-op. I must say- I'm more...

Today marks 7 weeks post-op. I must say- I'm more than a bit frustrated. I keep gaining weight because I can't burn off what I used to be able to at the gym. I now weigh 2 pounds more than I did before surgery, and they had removed 9 pounds from my tummy. I had been down to 139lbs about 3 weeks post-op, but I still wasn't really able to eat normally yet at that time (I have IBS, so the tummy is sensitive, and the E.R. trip made things even worse).

I've been feeling really down in the dumps not only because of the weight gain, but because I still feel like a Franenstein. I'm hoping that my niece will be able to take some good pictures this weekend to make my scars look less hideous.

Also, I still am filling up with tons of fluid in my tummy throughout the day when I am up and about.

Please tell me that this all gets better? Please. Someone. Anyone. :o(


Hang on girl!!   The swelling can last for weeks!!  I remember well the frustration I had with the puffy look and feel when I did too much.  What helped me was keeping the before and after pictures next to each other.  Just look at those often and you will see how far you have come.  

And stay off the scale!!  That thing is the devil when you are recovering.  You will flex up and down within a five pound range for a while.  Stay on a good diet and try to stay stress free.  The added stress also will not help.  

Hang in there.

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Thanks Kimmers. I keep telling myself that it will get better, but it;s easier said than done most days. But I'm trying. :o)

Yes it is easier said than done:(   I know that but you can do this!

Baby steps and one day at a time.  

Today is my 8 week post-op date. I feel like I...

Today is my 8 week post-op date. I feel like I should be happier and healed more than I am. I still can't stand up completely straight, which is annoying, and slightly painful. My arms (due to the arm lift) and still not able to reach very far. I feel like I'm the same as when I was at 4 weeks.

I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor next Tuesday. Can anyone think of good questions that I shoud be asking? I already have a list, but wanted to get "outsiders" opinions.



As always, thank you for your kind words and your support Kapilani. I will be sure to bring my food/exercise log along for the appointment (yes, I'm nuts, I keep track of everything...comes from being an auditor). I just hope he'll have some answers for me. :o)
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Hi SMS, There has got to be a reason why your recovery has slowed. Or maybe it does not happen as a straight slope, so I'd ask your doctor to take a look at maybe your activity habits and/or diet to see if either of these may be the cause of your healing frustrations. Take Care, thinking of you!
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So I'm no at 8 weeks. It's been rough--emotionally...

So I'm no at 8 weeks. It's been rough--emotionally. Having to think about if I want revision surgery, or just live with the results that I'm not so happy with.

I rearranged the pictures. Added a WAY before picture of when I was at my heaviest weight 6 years ago. Also included some fantastic shots that my niece took for me a week ago.

Hope everyone is healing well. Hugs!


I absolutely LOVE your results! You look awesome and I hope you can see that real soon. I am 5 weeks post op and going through swell hell , heres to a speedy recovery for all of us TTers!
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You really look amazing. I hope you're happy with your results! I'm also super bloated and feel fat but it's better than all the hanging skin! :)
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I'm at 14 weeks now. I have my next follow-up...

I'm at 14 weeks now. I have my next follow-up appointment on the 30th, in which I will be discussing in detail how this revision migh work out. I want to know EXACTLY what is involved, and if it will cost me anything.

Many people have commented that they don't see any need for a revision. So I've posted 4 new photos to show the comparision. There is the normal pose- which looks great. But then there are the bent over poses. Now, while I won't be walking around like this all day, everyday, any time I bend over to do anything, this is what I have left with. 2 large pockets of skin left on me, when they shouldn't have been. I still can't be without my CG simply because that skin giggles all over the place, and it's uncomfortable.

So we shall see what the good doctor has to say for himself on Thursday. Hopefully I will have good news to report.


please let us all know how u doing. A tt is a very hard procedure to go thru and i wish the best for you and want u to b happy. You r so worth it and have worked so hard at this. This tt girl is praying for you and wish you well......Take care
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Thank you for your kind words. I just want this all to bo done with. I want my scars healed and to actually look as healthy as I feel. Best to you.
So sorry your results weren't better. I wonder why he decided not to give you that vertical cut to help pull it all together? Good luck when you talk to him!
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So I had my 15 week post-op appointment yesterday....

So I had my 15 week post-op appointment yesterday. Things went well. He said I'm healing fine, and everything looks to be going well.

I asked about my revision, which he said I am far enough along that I can schedule it at any time. If I want to be put under (which I think I do), it will cost $980. Otherwise it will be free of charge. The prcedure should take 1 hour, and will only be about 1 week of "taking it wasy" as the recovery time. since it's just removing extra skin- nothing internal. But I will get another new belly button. This makes # 3, I feel like I should be triplets.

But it was cute- he agreed to take a picture with me. Seemed quite bashful--I think I'm the first person to ever ask this- which is odd, because he is quite a fine looking man.

I will llikely schedule the revision for the end of September, since I have a 5K to do on 9/22/12, and I don't want to be recovering from the revision when I do that.

More to come later.


I will be thinking about you and hoping for a quick recovery from the revision.

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Yay! I'm so glad your follow up went well and he's gonna do your revision free of charge. I think I would want to be asleep, especially if he's going to do a neww BB. I'm supposed to be getting a revision in October and she said something about doing it in her office but I don't know if I want that or not. I think I'm gonna be too nervous and scared.
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Mine will be done in their office (well, they call it their "Clinic") as well. Ive been in the room that they are speaking of before (for my first post-op appointment when I got my arm drains pulled). It kind of looks like a mini operating room crossed with their exan room. It just keeps the cost down because they don't have to book the operating room and have that charge. And I agree- I will be too freaked out and will not want to hear what is going on while they are doing the revision. Knock my ass out, please! :o) Good luck with your revision!

So I finally heard back from my doctor about the...

So I finally heard back from my doctor about the revision. He wasn't very helpful with the email I got back from him.

I had asked how much time I would need to take off of work. His response didn't address this. He just said I would need to "take it easy for 1-2 weeks".

I asked if I needed to stop all the vitamins and medications 2 weeks prior to the revision. This was not addressed.

Also, would I need to have a drain again and the CG. He said that I would need another 6 weeks with the CG, and a drain is possible, but he would wait and see.

I am going to try and schedule the revision on a Thursday, then take the following Friday off. Hopefully that will be enough time to recover from just having additional skin removed. So I must check the schedule of work and social events, and book the revision accordingly.

Not sure why the revision freaks me out so much. But it sure does.


Hey there, glad you are proceeding with your revision. You should definitely do well this time. You do seem to have enough loose skin for him to pull down tight. I am worried because mine isn't so loose but I am trying to think positive. So I'm confused, are you going to be put to sleep or no?

So the revision surgery has been scheduled for...

So the revision surgery has been scheduled for November 15th. I have my pre-op appointment on the 30th. The revision surgery should only take an hour. I will be knocked out for it. But this should take care of the extra skin on the tummy and the dog ears on the sides. I will be getting another new belly button.

Any words of advise for the revision?

Anything you can think of that I should be questioning my doctor about tomorrow at my appointment?

Thanks for any help that you can send my way. :o)


Hey ms sms please check your inbox mail
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All the best to you in your upcoming surgery. You look great and you worked hard to get this far and not have it look like you want. My surgery is 11/08 so I was also a big girl that lost weigh after 5 years of working out all the time which I love now, and I have to watch what I eat but hate the diet word. I am 55 so hope mine goes well the first time.
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Good luck on your surgery. Hopefully they get it right the first time for you :o)

Well, due to having a case off the sniffles,, my...

Well, due to having a case off the sniffles,, my revision surgery had to be rescheduled. They didn't want to take the risk of having complications. So now it is set for 12/6/12.

All things happen for a reason, right?

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Alright ladies, the revision is scheduled and...

Alright ladies, the revision is scheduled and there are no snags in the near future that I can tell, anyway.

I posted new updated pics. I've gained a bit of weight, which I'm hoping the good Dr. Ken Doll will suck away with the revision.

Happy thoughts will be needed on Dec 6th, between 1 and 4 PM. Lets hope I'm not temping fate here.

Happy healing to all.


I know your excited, you'll do well like the 1st go round! Good luck
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I didn't do so great the first time around, which makes me think I'm insane for putting myself through this again. But hopefully this won't be as bad.
Kudos on your weight loss. I'm sorry you're having to go through a revision but I get it. I'd want it to be just right too. Good luck.
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Surgery time has been pushed up to 7:30AM with an...

Surgery time has been pushed up to 7:30AM with an arrival time of 6:30AM. Looks like I'll be recovering by this time tomorrow. Starting to get freaked out! :o)


Best of luck, prayers and positive thoughts your way!!
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Thank you!

Home now. This was 10,000 times better than the...

Home now. This was 10,000 times better than the first round. I didn't throw up at all this time. Even already back on solid food, and sent my parents home because I'm doing ok without any assistance.

I've take 1 pain pill. Might try taking a half one for my next dose. I'm in pain, but nothing like last time. I can feel all the incisions though, which is odd. I think the vertical scar goes right below my boob gap.

Oh, and it's a good thing that I got this done. I guess I had a seroma in my lower tummy (between belly button and bottom of TT scar). I didn't even realize it because I thought it was part of the weight I've gained back. Never felt any pain from it.

So the revision too 2.5 hours versus the 1 hour projected due to needing the seroma removed. I did have to get a drain this time because he didn't want to risk me getting one again. Sucks, but I'd rather get this right.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you all!

Happy Healing!!!


Hope you continue to feel better and better each day! Now is the time to spoil yourself.
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WOW - what a fantastic change and congratulations on everything you've done. Thanks for keeping it updated. Happy healing. :)
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Glad everything went well. Take it easy!
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It's official...Swell Hell has returned. I...

It's official...Swell Hell has returned. I actually think that they put on the compression garment so tight, that not only will I have bruised ribs, but I see my face swelling up, likely because the fluid has nowhere else to go.

I'm still trying to avoid the pain pills. Last one I had was on Friday night at 8:30. I only seem to get bad pain when sitting/laying down and getting back up. Other than that, it just feels squished because of the garment.

And yes, I've tried to peek. The vertical tummy cut comes about 1 inch below the space between my boobs. That should be fun to wear bras with while healing.

Happy Healing All!

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I woke up this morning with blood on one of my...

I woke up this morning with blood on one of my compression garments. The garment had rode up in the night, and lifted the surgical tape right off of the left side dog ear repair. It bled all over my underwear and garment. I stuck some first aid tape on it, and tried to tape down the padding that is supposed to be covering it and protecting it from the CG.

I've email the doctor to also find out why my lady parts are the most sensitive part of the whole revision. If I make the mistake of leaning against the bathroom counter, I'm in instant shocking pain when my lady parts hit the counter.

Still waiting to hear back from the good doctor on those.

Fun times.


hmmm... well I am glad he did the revision for free!!! But the anesthesiologist has to get paid and it wasn't his or hers fault..thats weird that you may have been awake during the procedure well I guess it would be like a c section but even then there is a anesthesiologist fr spinal tap.. so did you ned up paying to e put under and if not how did they numb u?? Well you look amazing for all the weight you have lost!!! Congratulations!!!!
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I wasn't awake during the procedure. I was full out. And yes, I had to pay $980 to be put under. It ended up being a bargain because that was for 1 hour, but the procedure lasted 2.5 hours. The other option I had was to just have him do a few things in the clinic, and that would have meant about 10 shots in my abdomin, and I would not have gotten the same results that I would have being put under. Plus, he wouldn't have been able to fix the seroma. :o)
how did you know that you had a seroma? What were your symptoms?

Had my first follow-up appointment today. Got the...

Had my first follow-up appointment today. Got the drain pulled (YAY!!!). Doc said everything looks great. I guess all the stitches that I got are disolvable, so I won't need anything pulled out of me.

I've posted a pic from the appointment today. It looks worse than it is. This is with all the bloody surgical tape still on, and the drain is still in. But according to my darling boyfriend, the scar underneath isn't pink at all, and he said it looks great. There is new tape on it now, so it will be a while until I get to see everything.

But doing WAY better than I had expected. :o)

Happy Healing!


You look great! So happy your excited abt your new results!! Happy healing!
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Hi there lady! I know all to well about the "revision" glad you are happy the second time around :-) Happy healing!!
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Thanks Jazzlyn! The revision scars are so much smaller and lighter than the original TT scars. I'll have to post more pictures once all the tape comes off (a piece fell off this morning, so I got a tiny look at the scar). Happy healing thoughts to you as well :o)

I'm posting some 4-week revision pics today. They...

I'm posting some 4-week revision pics today. They are not my normal--Standing in the kitchen in my undergarments-- pics. I took these with my phone right before I put the CG back on. The front has a little rash around the belly button from where the surgical tape was starting to chafe my skin. But other than that, I seem to be healing fine. Had my 4-week check up on Thursday. Doc said everything looked great, so I don't have to go in for another check up until 3 months down the line. I will be trying the ear plug trick though to try and get my belly button to look less like an anus.
Happy Healing :o)


Thanks everyone for the happy thoughts! :o)
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Looks great!
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thanks for sharing your experience. i had a sizeable weight loss myself, and now regret not asking for a fleur des lis incision. my sides are very loose and when i lean over i have a similar hang to my upper abdomen that you have. definitely not as much as yours, but its there. the whole effect will in the end, look pretty odd i suspect. i am loose on my sides and back and above my belly button and really tight from bb to pubis....strange. your revision is looking great and i am glad you got what you needed!
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I've finally changed this to say it was worth it....

I've finally changed this to say it was worth it. I don't have the excess 11 pounds of skin flapping around on my stomach, so that feels nice. These scars are healing very well. Not sure why/how that is, seeing as my arm scars are still so bad. But I think it was worth it, even though I had to go through it twice.


Hi There, I am trying to find a plastic surgeon through Kaiser for a tummy tuck. Having a bit of a hard time finding reviews on surgeons with them. Just wondering if you were happy with your surgeon and feel he/she would a good choice? If so, are you willing willing to share their name? Sorry if you have it posted here, I didn't see it. Anyway any feedback would be appreciated, thanks so much for sharing your story!
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Now that's what I'm talking about ! Looking awesome! In so glad they corrected it. Cheers
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Looking good xx
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Kaiser Cosmetic

My doctor was great, but made the decision to not extend the tummy tuck vertically (he saw to avoid an additional scar) without my conscent. Now I still have a small pooch at the top. The revision surgery is scheduled for Dec 6th to correct this.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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