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Ready for my TT soon :) ( waited for 18 months)

Hi, I'm 31 yo and have 2 healthy children 2 yrs...

Hi, I'm 31 yo and have 2 healthy children 2 yrs apart. My last pregnancy ended 2 1/2 months ago and my son have left my tummy stretched and flabby. I know it's very early to think about a TT but I've heard you can't shape the extra skin once the elasticity is stretched. I'll work out and save money in the mean time. I've been reading stories on this site and it has given me hope to a flatter tummy if working out and time does not work. I'm nervous and excited at the same time:)

I agree with Happy, you are one patient person! I'm having a hard time with waiting a few weeks, I don't think I could do a year. Kudos to you for that!
Wow you have more patience than I do. I'd never be able to wait a year for a TT after I made my decision. I went to an open house my PS office put on, made a consultation for a week later. At the consultation I paid for my TT. My orignal TT date was April 9th but since someone cancelled I was moved up to tomorrow. Good luck on waiting now that you've made the decision to go to the flat side. Also do you have any pictures?

So here are some pictures after 3 months after I...

so here are some pictures after 3 months after I gave birth. I forgot to mention that both of my pregnancies were via c-sectioned.
Are you getting your TT soon?
Yes! Going to drop of my 20% off when I wake up later today:) very excited!!
I'm not a patient person at all so I hope I can be for this procedure. It's just that I have a newborn and a 2 year old and I used up all of my PTO from work with the last pregnancy. So that's why I have to wait, to accrual vacation hours and to lose my baby fat. Please keep me updated with your tt ladies:) thx. I will upload pictures soon:)

Finally scheduled my surgery date!

It's been 18 months since I gave birth and now I'm ready for my tummy tuck! Scheduled my procedure for 8/28! I can't wait to have a flat tummy again :) will update pictures of before soon!
How are you doing? Its getting closer and closer !!

7 wks count down before my full TT

Currently I weigh 119lbs (5 ft) and It seems like I can't lose any more weight! I can't wait for surgery on 8/28! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Here are some pictures of how I look now.
Hi there....... Your day is almost here !!!! YAYYYYY can't wait to hear all about it!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!
I'm doing great! 7 more weeks and counting:) thanks to you i scheduled my surgery date sooner so I could get a discount on top of the 3% discount for paying with cash. :) how are u feeling? How many weeks did you take off from work?

Day 1 post op

Ouch! It hurts like crazy! I woke up every 3-4 hours last night in pain. Took my meds but double pain med bc I feel like my stomach muscles was ripping when I got up, I had the full TT and lipo of the flanks. The procedure yesterday went well, everyone was very friendly and professional. I can't wait to see the results, I hope I didn't ruin any stitches when I get up and move. 4 more days until dr. M takes the drain out. Yay! I finally did it:)
Hi ❤️ Just wanted to check on you..... Wanted to make sure u were ok.
How are you feeling mamacita? Updates?
I just coughed and it hurts like heck!! My 2 crazy kids are in day care and I finally get to sit and relax. It's been a crazy 5 days post op bc of my kids :( my mid section is still swollen and bruised:( . The doctor told me to stay off my feet but it's hard with 2 small kids and no family around. I was taking the pill medications and it helps a lot and now today he told me he's cutting back bc I shouldn't take the doses I was taking. I guess my pain is just too much and what I took helped :/ I just hope the pain go away so I won't have to take them and be constipated ! Will update pictures once the swelling goes down :) thanks for listening to me vent.

7 wks post tummy tuck

I think I like my new tummy however the road to recovery was not so well. I saw my ps earlier this week and told him it still feels weird to walk up straight and there's numbness, but he said it's normal:( he only gave me 6 weeks off work but luckily I went to my primary dr to extend my leave bc my PS don't feel like I need additional time off. I want to rate my PS again . Very impersonal, short and doesn't explain details thoroughly. His staffs however are great! If I could do it again, I would choose another PS!


Pictures throughout the TT
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

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