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Well ladies; I have finally gotten up enough...

Well ladies; I have finally gotten up enough courage to schedule my tummy tuck surgery (4/3/12). I have done an extensive amount of research and found a doctor I am pretty confident with. I have had two consultations but I am still nervous as hell(LOL).

I am a 35yr. old married AA woman with 3 children ranging in ages from a teen to a toddler; and boy have they all done a number on this body. I bounced back after the first one but my last two were C-sections and I have been unable to tighten up my belly or get back to my pre pregancy weight of 150lbs.

I am 5'8" and currently 174lbs and I just want to be beautiful again! My husband thinks I don't need to change a thing but I don't like what I see when I look in the mirror. So I've saved up enough money and have decided to finally do something special for myself.

Well I showed up 20 minutes early for my pre-op...

Well I showed up 20 minutes early for my pre-op only to be told I had been left off the schedule but it would only take a few minutes to get everything together and I would still be seen. Now my mind is running a hundred miles a minute. On started to wonder if that is a sign that I should not go through with this...or am I letting fear get the best of me???

Omg! I'm freaking out! Now the anesthestist won't...

Omg! I'm freaking out! Now the anesthestist won't be available on the 3rd of April so my surgery has been rescheduled for the 5th. Which totally throws off my plan to have my tt done while the kids were on Easter break and away at a relatives house...idk It's like one sign too many...I'm starting to second guess this thing... :(

Well labs all of my labs came back o.k. and I got...

Well labs all of my labs came back o.k. and I got all of my prescriptions filled. Just 9 more days to a new me! I still have some shopping to do before the surgery but I will take care of all that once the kids are out of school and off at a relatives home enjoying their spring break..

Well ladies I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is my big day...

Well ladies I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is my big day..keep me in your to u soon...

Welll ladies..I.made it. Thank you for your...

Welll ladies..I.made it. Thank you for your prayers and your support. Will post pics soon. By the way I'm not in pain at all..:)

Well I'm doing pretty good. Had my first post op...

Well I'm doing pretty good. Had my first post op visit this morning and got my catheter removed. I am flat but I still have some stretch marks which is a little depressing.....I'm still having no pain just soreness. I haven't even had to take any pain meds..I feel as if I could have been pulled tighter. I'm walking upright already.

Swell hell is starting to kick in. :(

Swell hell is starting to kick in. :(

2 days PO... Well I've gotten my appetite back....

2 days PO... Well I've gotten my appetite back. Still no.pain but extreme discomfort from the swelling. My tummy is so swollen I'm afraid I may get more stretch marks....
My ps does not use compression garments so I don't know what I can do for the swelling....any suggestions???

PO day 4...feeling pretty good during the day but...

PO day 4...feeling pretty good during the day but at night it's a whole other story. The swelling is so bad that it seems like its making the stretch marks i have left worse. Ive only taken pain pills twice and i had my first BM with no problems. Im almost standing up straight. I cant wait to get these drains out. They are so annoying.

POday 7 Well I got one of my drains removed and...

POday 7
Well I got one of my drains removed and thank god for that. These drains have been giving me issues from day one. From clogging up to not draining at all. And not to mention they are painful and just Damn annoying....I had to call my PS ER line 3times; one of which he was kind of rude and condescending. I had to remind him I'm not a freakn doctor and my reaction to things are normal for me. This is the first time I've ever had a Damn drain. He wouldn't be acting like that if it was his first time being pregnant( if males could have babies) and he thought he was in labor and I was telling him just calm down its nothing to worry about but he just felt like something wasn't right.... He's still a good doctor even though he was being an ASS!!! Well now that I got that off my'm moving around on my own and even going up and down my stairs when I have to. After all I gotta get use to doing things on my own cuz my hubby goes back to work on Monday.. :( .... Will post new pics soon..steri-strips still on...

11days PO feeling much better. Was able to take a...

11days PO
feeling much better. Was able to take a shower on my own yesterday for the first time. It was very exhausting. My back is still very sore and I still have swelling and bruising where lipo was done. I drive today for the first time. It wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable. I was so nervous I'd pop a stitch or someone might hit me. I go today to get my other drain out..thank god! Them I'm suppose to start receiving lymphatic massages so hopefully that will help with the swelling and soreness....I'm so tired of sleeping in a recliner and getting tired just from brushing my teeth. This whole process is really getting to me. I had a meltdown yesterday because Im was just so fed up with needing assistance to complete the simplest task like lotioning my legs or drying off after a shower. I am also upset I have been so swollen it caused new stretch marks along with the ones that were still left behind it just pushed me over the edge. Well I will update photo when I get my drain removed. Ttyl

PO day 12...Feeling better than ever. It's like...

PO day 12...Feeling better than ever. It's like magic ever since the drain was removed on Monday I have more pep in my actually made dinner yesterday and didn't need to take any breaks. Majority of my bruising is gone but I do still have swelling and hard spots on my hips from the lipo. I have started wearing spanx and have noticed the swelling is a lot less at night and it allows me to get in and out of my recliner more easily. I still have on steri-strips so I'm going to ask when can I begin scar therapy.

19 days PO... Bruising is completely gone. Sitll...

19 days PO...
Bruising is completely gone. Sitll having some soreness and hard spots where lipo was done but it has gone down and gotten better. I can't stand the constant fluctation with the swelling in my tummy from day to day but this too shall pass as I've read. Belly button is healing well and I will begin scar therapy as soon as these stupid strips fall off. My PS does not want me to take them off so it's just a waiting game. My scar is very thin and seems to be healing well from what I can see where the strips have actually come off.
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He did a great job on you too... inlove him. I never had him be an ass to me.. and im a bugaboo maybe it was just the emotions of the day . It was emotional just has much as physical. Im thinking about getting my boo s done....
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You look awesome! Nice,flat and smooth!
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Your results are getting better everytime you list your puce. I am waiting to lose more weight before I spend more money on consults. But I will definitelt add Dr. Hause to my list. Thank you for sharing. :)
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When you add more pictures your results look great
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Hi 1Diamond, congrats to u and happy healing!
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U look great, looks like your scar is super low. Glad your feeling well. Just had my Pre Op. It went really well! Happy Healing to you.
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Thanks & Congrats mytime2shine! yes my scar is very low I'm so siked about that. I hope it heals well...
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I would love to have this procedure done but after hearing about the pain and the brushing. I don't tolerate pain well at all. I do however look forward to the final healing and if you have any additional advice. Take care.
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@Sexysilverfox...the actual tummy tuck really isn't that painful..its the swelling from the lipo I had on my flanks....the pain meds u will get will be more than enough to get you through. It's no walk in the park but when I look down at my flat stomach it worth it! My advice to you is if they offer a pain pump pay the extra money since u don't tolerate pain well.
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Thanks denell37.... I just hope once the swelling subsides I will have the results I am expecting....
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Thanks rebelled37.... I just hope once the swelling subsides I will have the results I am expecting....
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Congrats!!!! U look great....happy healing!!!!
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Thank you everyone...
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Prayers for you and wishing you a speedy recovery :-)
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That's great VAmum! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hey 1diamondgirl, unlike you i was able to bring my surgery forward to the 2nd, so we'll be looking out for you. Flat tummy here we come.
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Aw, don't second guess yourself! You said in your heading your are finally doing something for you so continue ahead with that plan! I will admit I would be pissed about both of those scheduling issues you have had to deal with. Don't these people realize the stress this causes???? Try to move forward. Vent here as much as possible, but keep your eye on the prize! Your future flat tummy! My surgery is April 2nd. Will keep in touch with you!
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Thank u! I needed that...Congrats on your surgery. So soon we will both have bikini bodies...let's make sure to keep in touch. Feel free to send me private messages and we will share info and swap
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i Most certainly will! Just bought some supplies, I'm all over the place trying to prepare and appear like I'm keeping it together! Lol!
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Forgot to tell you that I am originally from the west coast as well!
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Wow, we have the same body type. I am currently weighing in at 174. My date is may 3rd and I am also having lipo on my inner and outer thighs and flanks. I am so excited and nervous. Can't wait to hear about your results. Let's keep in touch. Wishing you all the success with your surgery :-)
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Well ladies I have my pre-op appt. on 03/21/12. I have always been slightly anemic so hopefully all of my labs come back normal and I will be able to continue with my TT. Wish me luck!!
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Good Luck 1diamondgirl
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Dr. Hause
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