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Bye Bye Loose Skin, Hello Sexy Torso - Sacramento, CA

Tomorrow is the big day. I am feeling nervous and...

Tomorrow is the big day. I am feeling nervous and excited all in one. Lately I have been "Nesting" if you know what I mean.
So a little about me is that I am a 32 yr young mom of 3 boys. 11yr old twins and an almost 3 yr old. All were delivered vaginally. I used to be so proud that I didn't have to have a C-sec with the twins but now I will be having an even longer scar. My best feature has always been my long torso (I am 5'10.5" and 160lbs). Not sure what else to write. I will be posting pics when I can.

Had my surgery. I haven't been able to look yet as...

Had my surgery. I haven't been able to look yet as I have tubes and a girdle. He did give me a pain pump which I feel is a life saver, have only had to take a few muscle relaxers for the tightness. I also have to walk around for a few min every few hours to prevent DVT in conjunction with some machine that is strapped to each calf that tightens and releases. I don't remember seeing my Dr after surgery but the nurses said I did have a year in my ab muscles and that my waist is so tiny like Barbie, whoa, lol. I see Dr in a few days for a post off and hopefully a peek

Last night was a little bit hard for me, tried to...

Last night was a little bit hard for me, tried to cry but even that hurt. I doubled up on pain meds and then was back to normal, before then I was only taking 1 pill each time. I can't believe at how much I have been sleeping. It's a good thing I suppose, helps the days fly by. I see my Dr Monday afternoon. Hoping he will remove drains and bandages so I can peek. Hoping my BB looks decent. Will take a new pic Monday

Hello. Today went really well. Didn't do much but...

Hello. Today went really well. Didn't do much but sleep. When I wasn't, I got up on my own, paced around the house at a faster speed then the last few days. Pain level has been a 2 out of 10. Can't wait to sleep on my sides again, my back could use a break. Is it possible that my incisions are healing already? They itch which I know is a good sign

See Dr tomorrow early afternoon. Will be able to...

See Dr tomorrow early afternoon. Will be able to get the binders off and take updated pics. Can't wait

By far the worst day. Have been having low back...

By far the worst day. Have been having low back pain probably from slouching, using the heat pad helps to a degree. The binders are so tight I want to cuss up a storm. Hubby loosened them again a tad. Most of the day and night all I do is sleep so my back and butt are just fed up with this. I am normally a side sleeper but can't because of Dr orders. I cried right before writing this and my lovely 11 year old hugged me.

Today is exactly 1 week PO. Everything is going...

Today is exactly 1 week PO. Everything is going good, rarely any pain in the ab, but the low back pain from being hunched over is the worst. Also the 3 remaining drains are getting in the way and being tugged a bit, not comfortable at all. Tomorrow I see the Surgeon so I hope they will remove them, fingers crossed.

Saw the nurse today and she removed 2 of the 3...

Saw the nurse today and she removed 2 of the 3 drains. Was a fast pain but I am so thankful they are gone. I now put my last drain under my binder so it barely makes a bump. Went shopping to get out of the house and used the shopping cart to lean on as I still can't stand up straight. Thought I would appear more normal that way then walking like a granny. She cleaned out my belly button again, it certainly looks natural. Next appt is in 3 days to get the last drain and the stitches on my belly button removed. Will post a pic soon

PO day 9 and was beyond fed up with the binder. No...

PO day 9 and was beyond fed up with the binder. No matter how tight I make it, it shifts and moves up pushing my breasts. So I went to Target and bought a tummy control girdle panty. It is pretty tight and goes to my belly button. Not sure if this is allowed but I am having much less back pain, more mobility, more freedom, etc.

2.5 weeks PO. Doing great. We bought a house 2...

2.5 weeks PO. Doing great. We bought a house 2 days ago so not being able to do anything physical is hard and almost impossible. Thankfully the twins are almost 12 and were able to carry stuff into the garage yesterday so we can start getting stuff into a storage locker so we can sell this home. I sat on the ground packing a box and sit when sorting laundry. The lower back pain has almost disappeared unless I am doing too much moving around. I am almost standing upright too, very happy about that. Dr gave me the go ahead to use Mederma.

Just shy of 4 weeks PO. I let the 3 drain hole...

Just shy of 4 weeks PO. I let the 3 drain hole scars show, they are on my vag, very sexy for the hubs right, lol. Still not able to stand up completely straight. I thought I have read that women normally need 1-2 weeks to stand straight. My 6 weeks PO is on the 31st. I haven't been using the Mederma either. Today I was a bad patient and carried some heavy boxes. Before then I just packed and let others carry them. Now it is just a waiting game for this house to sell. They are selling within weeks out here. We plan on hiring a moving company though, the boxes I have been packing went into a storage place to de-clutter this place.

5.5 weeks PO in Bikini

I love that my scar can hide so well. Dr did a great job. Went for my first walk today. I can't wait to start jogging and lift weights again.

Loving how light my scar is

Sorry I haven't posted in months. Been busy with moving twice, training for a half marathon and Tough Mudder. I can't believe how light my scar is as I am almost 10 months PO. I'm so pleased with the results
Dr. Yamahata

Best Dr ever

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking good. Scar healing nicely. Happy continued recovery.
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You look great! Keep posting:-) I've been following your post because we seem to have the same body type, ht wt... So it gives me a good preview of what I get to look forward to. I hope I look as good as you when I heal!
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looks great!
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Your scar is very light. Looks great! Have you been applying any scar creams?
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Thanks. I used half a tube of Mederma is all.
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Wow! It has made a difference.
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             looking good! girly!
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Gorgeous! You look fabulous. Congrats on your new flat tummy!!
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Model figure! Gorgeous!
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Looking great!!!! Wow!! Congrats on the new home!! Take it easy during the move but enjoy!!!
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You look great! I'm kind of right behind you with healing, it's exactly 2 weeks pro today. So I'm looking fwd to your updates maybe see what's to come for me.
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I am 2 weeks post op today! So I guess we are the same :)
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I promise to take one tonight for you. Been so busy cleaning this house and packing, the agent comes tomorrow to take pics and of course my new vacuum broke. STRESSED.
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I just saw this. We can be healing buddies! Haha :)
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Good luck with your packing. Don't overdo it. Your results look great. :)
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Thanks. I haven't been doing any lifting and we borrowed our neighbors dolly to love heavy stuff to the garage. Hubs and the kids have been such a big help (not that they had a choice).
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Looks great so far! Keep up the good work!!!!
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You look amazing!!!!!
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You are looking great...
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Looks gorgeous - wow wow!
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Awesome! You look amazing! And congrats on the new house!!
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Thank you. How are you doing? I read you get a drain out today?
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Doing ok. Just getting discouraged because my output still is somewhat high STILL!! They will maybe come out tomorrow but when I measured my output this a.m. they were both about 14cc each! So now I don't even know if tomorrow will be the day. It all depends on the rest of the days output!!! Very discouraged. This is now day 11.
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Look at it this way, all that is getting out of you, helping reduce swelling, helping flattening your belly, etc. Gotta think positive. If you ended up bloating, they may have to aspirate you, deff don't want a needle stabbed in you to suck out fluid.
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Thanks fireman wife I needed to hear that! :-)
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