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I had my first consultation 8/12/14 with Dr. Scott...

I had my first consultation 8/12/14 with Dr. Scott Green out of Sacramento so far so good he seems really nice and knowledgeable. I was referred to him by a good friend of mines who also had a tummy tuck by him. he's kind of pricey! I'm going to have two more consultation one with Charles Perry, MD &
Christa Clark, MD first before I give my deposit $1100.00 to Dr. Scoot Green


@kimmers25 Thank you so much! I very excited myself time is getting closer and closer lol I will keep you updated with pictures real soon ok thank you for your support
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HEY @ MAKE ME OVER wow that's a lot... Dr. Scott Green is very nice and knowledgeable I had good vibes with him so far he's my #1 well see how it goes this week with Dr. Clark! This is so hard to me this process of choosing a good doctor... Are you going to see Dr. Kimberly Henry? I will definitely keep you posted on who I chose and let me know how it goes with Dr. Green ok thank you :)
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Good luck with Dr. Clark. She clearly does great work and you may find she is the one for you. I am telling you what I experienced so you can better prepare yourself for your consultation. I would find out how much operating time she would need to achieve what results you want and what any options are. Don't be afraid to tell you you were already quoted or question operating time if you don't understand or if the time is much different than what you were previously quoted. My experience with Dr. Clark for a Mommy MakeOver Consultation was rushed and confusing. The mistake I made was this was my first ever consultation so didn't have a plan of what to discuss, but I did tell her I wanted breasts lifted but felt concerned with the end result without implants, that I wanted tummy tuck and was unhappy with my thighs then we started talking about a body lift and I was not prepared to discuss a Body lift because this procedure was not something I considered. Also, never did we discuss how I felt about changing things up while operating into a more extreme procedure only later I found out I was quoted for 21 hours for two procedures with an option to put implants in on second procedure, and extend the tummy tuck into a 360 Lower Body lift if she felt better results could be achieved while operating... But then again, I did ask for her opinion and the consult was abruptly ended without discussing further. I am also disappointed she has not answered my email I sent her explaining my concerns and requesting a second consultation. By the way, Dr. Hamayata told me that a 360 body Lift was way too extreme for me, completely unnecessary and that operating time would be 6 hours max to do the Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck before walking me through the entire process... He gave me plenty of time and made it clear he had all the time in the world to answer questions, plus email address if I later had questions. I look forward to seeing Dr. Green next week followed by Dr. Kimberly Henry although I question distance playing a role with follow up care with Dr. Henry due to he only being in Davis once a week. Information is power so and plastic surgery should never be rushed so get as many consultations as you can until you find complete trust with a surgeon. Let me know how it goes for you and I hope the info. helps. Michelle

before pics :(

just wanted to show the pooch before my TT


I just had a TT with Dr. Scott Green about a month ago and he was pricey but so very good at it. My scar looks amazing, my belly button is amazing and I would go with him again in a heartbeat and will for any future work. I'll just have to save longer, lol! Good luck and hope you have great results, no matter where you go!! :)
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Consultation with Dr. Charles Perry

missed my appointment rescheduled for 8/27/14 tomorrow yay ... will keep every one posted


hey Msmajestic ok good to know hun thank you so much that really helps me with making my mind up on who I want to choose as my doctor

Ok here's some ugly truth! Calm before the storm


Congrats to you. I would love to hear more about your experience and find out advice based on your experience... Would love to see photos of your transformation too! I am also scheduled with Dr. Green for a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift. I am nervous and excited. Want to make sure I am totally prepared and just getting back into this site to connect with people who can offer advice and share their stories. Wishing you the very best. And cherish your new self! M
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I can't say enough about Scott Hrren. I had a TT and arm lift on 4/22/14 and thigh lift with lipo on my calves 7/3/14. My incisions have all healed beautifully and u think my recovery has been exceptional compared to what I've read on this website. I did my research pre surgery, asked a lot of questions and followed Dr Green's instructions to the letter. I could not be happier with my results and my husband is very happy too. I had a consultation with Dr Christa Clark prior to my consultation with Dr Green. I was impressed with Dr Clark but her approach was more aggressive than Dr Green's. Dr Green felt I didn't need a lower body lift and I am glad I went with Dr Green's recommendation. Both PS estimates were pricey but I feel I got what I paid for.
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@JR1960 Thank you very much for comment and information it really helps me with making my decision

Decision made!!

well every one I decided to go to Dr. Green for my TT !!!!
Its official 10/14/14 so so so excited :)


I am super excited about your post! We are scheduled a month apart! I am also getting a TT by Dr. Green. I feel so lucky to be able to follow your progress and looking forward to seeing your results :)
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oh wow! ok cool i will definitely keep you posted! two more days!!!! i cant wait
@rosevillemamaoftwo hey I so hope so!!! lol he's seem very knowledgeable so that's a plus in my book.. but thank you hun
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count down

two more days!! i cant believe its finally about to happen!


@ ltprice thank you hun! I will keep every one updated on my progress @azsunshine thank you!! you look amazing so happy for you @Layla_NS thank you thank you! I need all the positive vibes I can get lol .... flat side here I come :)
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Best of luck for a good experience at the hospital and a great result! Can't wait to hear how you are recovering. Soon you'll be on the flat side! Sending positive vibes and lots of good wishes.
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Good luck! I wish you the best!
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Headed to see Dr.Green!

A little nervous but ready! Talk to y'all soon!????

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Surgery went good yesterday

Hello ladies! Everything went well yesterday! I was pretty heavy medicated yesterday so I update you guys with more details and hopeful pictures later today after my first check up.. So excited to see what it looks like! I haven't peeked yet!


Oh yay! You were in my prayers yesterday. Happy to hear everything went well. So anxious to see your updates. Thank u so much for sharing.
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