Trying again - January 2014 - Extended TT -Sacramento, CA

I come from a family of heavy set females and so I...

I come from a family of heavy set females and so I never been small in size. The smallest I have been is a size 10/12 and that was on my wedding day 32 years ago. However; I have always had large breasts but a smaller back and waist until two C-Sections. My children are 33 and 23 and having birthing them my weight settled between 200 to 220. Then something happened and I shot up to 282 and developed a few threatening health issues. I had Gastric by pass in 2002. I lost weight down to 172 lbs. After some steroid treatments for arthritis, i regained my weight back to 205. after 30 years of this I have come to the conclusion that 200 lbs is obviously where my body will remain stable. I am fine with that. So now I will just concentrate on something I can control; my arms. . My legs are very strong and muscular. However; I will need TT and Lipo for my inner thighs and stomach as they have declared war!

I am happy with me but sad that the only way to see my pubic area is to pick up the 10 lbs of apron on my lap.

I sought out a PS about five years ago and can't quite remember what happened. I think he suggested more weight lost and so I considered it a lost cause. I know losing weight would get me a much better result and I would love to but I seem to be stable at where I am.

I read lots of comments on this site and after thinking I had a feel for the cost of the surgery and getting that amount together, I was ready to go back and see a PS. So I had another consult with met with Dr. Yamahata at Sacramento Plastic Surgery Center. I read some great reviews on him and also felt very comfortable with his mannerism. I asked him about my weight and he said since I have no medical issues, I am fine. So he sent me to see the Assistant to schedule surgery.

Well, my balloon was burst! The surgery would cost $5k more than I expected. I am sure because of my size.

I have read other reviews here and there is another woman whose surgery was performed by Dr. Yamahata. She was 184 lbs and her surgery cost $5k less than I am expected to pay. I am gathering it is definitely the weight issue and so have decided to make some drastic changes in the attempt to lose 30 lbs by December. So far I have lost 4 lbs and hope this is a sign of good results to come.

Like others i have heard commented; I go through the guilt of spending this kind of money on me but as I get older and seeing how gravity is taking its course; the guilt is subsiding. I like to hike, go bicycling, trying to ride my new motorcycle and back pack in Europe. Having this apron on me have become a pain in my back, slows me down and does nothing for my appearance.

I am not vain. I just want to feel better.

I will look to this site for encouragement throughout the next few months as I start my journey to the Flat Side.

Thanks for your support!

How exciting to be on your journey to the flat side! I look forward to your updates.

Welcome to RealSelf!  So glad you joined us and I know you will find the support that you need here.  

You just keep focus on the weight loss and being healthy.  You will get there and we will all cheer you on through every pound!   You can do this and soon you will have your new body.  

You deserve it and should do it so stay focused, chin up and keep moving forward.   You will soon feel like a new woman and be loving the new tummy.


I am not quite sure how to describe what is going...

I am not quite sure how to describe what is going on with my flat tire/flab but over the last few months it has been pressure on my pelvic and uterus. I am sure I am packing 10+ lbs in this sac and I guess, due to age, and that gravity has set in, it feels like a ton is sitting on my thighs and pelvic. Painful. I often grab it and pick it up like two sacs of potatoes and the pain is relieved. I visited my GYN to make sure nothing else was going on and she said everything was great internally and suggest that maybe I start wearing a girdle to lift the stomach up. I so need to have this surgery right away.

I am using some of my retirement money and saving up the rest of my money to pay cash for my surgery. I had gathered $8K when I went to the PS and I was so prepared for them to say the cost will be $8K and thought I would be having this surgery within the next two months. Now that I am needing an extended tummy tuck and lipo, the cost is $13K. It will take another 8 months to gather another $5K on my budget. I just sold my home on a short sale so getting financed is out of the question even though I just need another $5K. If it wasn't for the pain this weight on my pelvic is causing I would feel like its hopeless.

Anyone know of a PS in the Valley (Near Sacramento/San Francisco Area) that they can recommend that may cost less than this for an extended Tummy Tuck and Lipo?

I am working hard on losing 30 lbs. I will be very comfortable at 175-185 lbs. Once I get rid of this flab I will be able to exercise more freely so I can reach my goal.

Thanks for listening!~
I'm in the saving money and loosing weight mode right now too. Good luck and I hope you have your 5K soon :)

Hi gang, just updating. I have been doing a lot...

Hi gang, just updating.

I have been doing a lot of researches. My major concern has been trying to lose weight, at least 30 lbs, because I wanted to. At first I thought it was odd that my PS didn't ask me to lose weight. When I asked him about it, rather I should lose weight first; he just simply said, "You have no health issues so I am fine." So, not use to not being beating up for being who I am.

I took some pics to put on here and I am still in shock that I look so deformed. When did this happened? If it wasn't for the fact that the weight of my stomach is causing pain in my pelvic, I probably would have not stopped and checked myself.

I have been viewing pics of other body images close to mine. I was checking out their results. I know no two bodies will necessarily have the same results but I wanted something to take to my PS so he can tell me if I am being 'realistic' with the outcome I am expecting. So far, I am loving this PS. Always available for questions and returns my phone calls within 24 hours. I asked him one day what he thought about me having my thighs done the same time. He said because my surgery was a 'major' one... (I understood what he meant... that my bmi is high) that we should do the Extended TT first and the thighs latter, giving myself time to heal. Yesterday I called him and told him I wanted to see some pics of women he has done that is within my body mass/BMI. He responded within 24 hrs. He is having me to come down to the office to look at some pics and talk about my expectations. Of course, this is what they should do, right? However; its nice to know he is on top of his game. I told him that I am working on losing weight. I love how this man responded. Knowing that I had Gastric bypass when I was 282+ and that I am over 50, of course, he says at this point in my life there is some things that is hard to correct. I would not be able to rid myself of my apron at this point in my life even if I lose weight. He said, wanting me to consider this, some people lose the weight, have the surgery and then end up putting the weight back on. So, I believe he is saying that knowing that my stable weight is 200-210 and having the surgery makes sense.

I don't think he was discouraging me from losing weight. I am still going to aim for 180 because I know it will make my investment worth it and me feel better. I believe he also meant that in losing weight or making the changes in my diet will have to be changes that are permanent and consistent in order to maintain the weight loss.

I love me and I will love me less with this apron on my tummy and thigh. Can't wait...

I am ready to make my deposit on my journey. I am hoping to get scheduled in December.
I have my procedure on Monday. Check me out and good luck on your weight loss journey!

Questions??? 1. Tightness: Can someone be a...

1. Tightness: Can someone be a little more detailed about the feeling of tightness? For example, is most of the tightness in the upper abdomen or mid and below BB?

2. Incision: When you try to stand up does it feel like you are pulling the incisions loose?

3. Did anyone have to pay for the EKG and Blood test and if yes, how much did it cost you?

4. I am large in breast size (over 40DD). Is there anyone who is over 200 lbs and large in breast size that already had the surgery? I would like to see your pics so I can imagine what my outcome may be like.

5. I am planning of taking 2 1/2 weeks off for surgery. I have a desk job. Is this realistic?

Thanks in advance for your input.
Howdy, my weight was 187 at the PS and at my 2 week check up I'm 173. I had the extended gummy tuck and I'm very happy with the results, I received Muscle repair and Lilongwe on hips, flanks and back. I Pd 8400. I didn't stay the night in the hospital so it saved money. You will love the new tummy. Check out my pics our belly's look lots alike, but take 3 weeks off work. Good luck to you
Also I'm a 44DD
I have long started my nutrient/changes in eating. However; I wasn't losing any more weight since my weight gain from Steroids after wls. I went from 172 to 205. Recently something was going on with my body and I was gaining weight fast! 14 lbs! I then decided to give up my consistent habits such as wine every nite and starbucks every day. I am also on a special diet right now with the attempt to lose over 20-30 lbs before surgery in December.
Not worry about the end, just the cost of what I would need at the beginning. Wasn't sure when this cream was going to be needed.
I am a herbal girl and eat a very high protein diet. Not much of a meat eater (not a vegetarian) but love egg whites and salsa.

I am sure once i increase my exercise, the weight will come off faster. I have already lost 4 lbs in this week and a half. I am also a very active person and love outdoors and walking (a must). I foresee that my problem will be staying still as I love to go walking every day. Water, on the other hand, is what I am working hard on right now. I only drink about 40 ounces a day and I know I will need to increase that; maybe double it.

Yes, agree with you that some seem to not want to share certain information. I tried going on line to find places about cost for EKG and Blood work here in Sacramento and information was scarce. I will call a few places next week. I am mapped out to the dollar of my surgery expenses and may have to sell a grand child to get the extra cost for the tests. lol. Just kidding, I love my little ones.

Again, thank you for responding. Four months can come real fast and I want to be ready.~

Will be seeing my PS tomorrow with a list of...

Will be seeing my PS tomorrow with a list of questions. There has not been many reviews where one was disappointed in their results but one is enough when you are spending a lot of money. I am taking a photo of another patient with my body type who also had the Extended Tummy Tuck and asking if I can expect the same results or better.

I have lost 4 lbs this week so I should be at my goal of 180 before surgery. I have made some serious correction to my daily eating habits. Ones that I knew was sabotaging my weight and just had to come to terms to let it go. I also jump started my exercise program. I've got four months but need to be stable by then.

No one seems to want to share their story about the cost of their EKG and Blood work. I am sure there may be a reason. But If there is someone and you just do not want to post it publicly, please send me a personal message. I just want to be able to add up the cost of what I am doing so I can have all my finances by December.

I study the reviews here everyday; seeing everyone's results, how wonderful they are. This helps to remind me why I am going to spend $13k and how I am worth it. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us.~
Hi BlackSwan - Keep your eye on the prize my friend. I was 207 the day of sugery 6 weeks ago and doctor removed 12 pounds of tummy flap (10 of tummy flap another two pounds of lipo on my flanks -- also had extended TT) and I could not be happier! Today I weighed in at 191. I too had weight loss surgery 1 1/2 years ago (started out at 287) and had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy) and I couldn't be happier! I want to get another 10 pounds off, but I tell you what -- I would have NEVER gotten that belly flap off, regardless of working out 5 days a week for the last year, just wasn't going to happen! Check out my profile and photos....I think you will have a wonderful result! Feel free to email me if you have additional questions. I didn't have to do the EKG. I took off 3 weeks from work, but probably could have went back after 2 weeks. Keep up your protein (at least 70 grams a day), at least 64 ounces of water every day and keep the carbs low.

I can't believe it's my body that is refelcting back in the mirror! My boobies are currently a 42DD. I'm actually having breast reduction sugery next week on Sept. 6 and my insurance is covering the cost of that, thank goodness!
OMG, Tamara! You look fantastic!

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I look at your before pics and can't believe that is you in the after pics! You had an excellent PS.

I hope to be under 190 by time of surgery. I think the fact that you at 5'8 and have very slimming thighs and legs are bonuses. I am in need of a lil lipo on my inner thighs.

I can't help but noticing how less the cost is for your surgery. Is that under $9,000.00 out the door? I meant Doctor, Surgery room and anesthesia? I am getting the Extended TT and my cost is $1260.00. Man, if my TT was under $9K I could have my surgery today. I got that much now. That would have been nice. I would love to get this done now.

I wonder is it worth going out of state to see another doctor? I know some people do.
So far so many has told me that they did not need an EKG. I am seeing my PS tomorrow and if he insist that I need an EKG I may have to go somewhere else.

Who is the doctor that did your surgery? I know he is not in Cali but I would love to read up on him.
Thanks, Newtummy. I love my 44DD and as I lose weight I know it won't go down to far. It runs in my family. However; I would love an excision on the back. I got two sacs back there I won't mind parting with.

My journey begins! Surgery scheduled for December...

My journey begins! Surgery scheduled for December 27th!!!

Today I had another appt. with my PS. Funny, I have been calling him my PS before I truly selected him. I was going back and forth with the idea of rather I should have interviewed other plastic surgeons but I was comfortable with him from the very beginning and like the fact that he was honest and thorough and is all about my safety; so after taking a list of questions to him today and getting comfortable answers.... I decided to make my deposit on the surgery.

Oh soooo Surreal!~

Oh..., and I got great news! I asked the doctor why I needed an EKG and he said because I am over 50 and that no 'GOOD' anesthesiologist would perform on a patient over 50 without an EKG!. He is confident in his staff and it would not be allowed without knowing I am in good health condition and that requires an EKG! See...! He won me over again. It was all about me.
And to make things even better, when I told him I can't find anything under $700.00, he smiled and said, talk to my assistant and she will tell you where to go. The EKG costs $75.00 and the Blood work around $30.00. But first, he asked, will your insurance company not pay for these? He said it is frequent that though they will not cover cosmetic surgery, they will cover these and even better, my PS informed me that my primary doctor most likely can do an EKG right in his office! Now, WHY didn't I think of that?!? Boy, was I relieved.

He showed me before and after pics of other faceless patients and what I can expect my results to me from where I am now in weight and size. I seem to have the body of two separate patients, one split low belly and one wide round belly... I am a mess. lol. He said if my upper waist is wide then I can expect a wide waist length. Well, I am working on that now. I told him that since I last met him I have changed my diet and am losing weight. So far I have lost 6 lbs in one and a half weeks. Hopefully, this is a good sign and by December I will have something better to work with. I have come too far now not to get something better.

Now, I can only hope all stays well or get better between now and December. I am jazzed!

Any way, thanks for listening and thanks for all the encouragement and information. Now, back to my working out...~

Hi Black Swan. I was looking at TT reviews as I dream of one day having one. I had a BR a year ago that was covered by insurance, but I wouldn't be able to qualify for insurance to cover TT. Would that be possible for you? If you are experiencing pain related to that extra tissue, your insurance company may consider that medically necessary. My aunt had a TT following gastric bypass and her insurance company footed that bill. Just a thought...
Yes, Iowa, I have applied twice for the surgery but that was over the course of ten years. The pain I am experiencing now is new and I have seen the doctor once already for it. He felt it was my uterus so he sent me to the Gyn. I just sent him another request to see him since the GYN said its nothing involving my female parts and feels it is my old scars from my c-section. I have hopes to see him this week.

At first they denied me because the moisture under the flap was not causing a severe enough situation, just redness.

I don't now what this pain is but it is diffinitely in the flap. I am hoping they would do something because I do not like this pain. I will keep you posted.
I'm sorry for replying so late but my phone never sent the reply! I sent you a reply today from my pc to your post on my page... I hope I've answered your questions. Dr. Yamahata is a fantastic doctor! I told him he was a miracle worker! Good luck!

OMG, has anyone experience this pre-op?!? As a...

OMG, has anyone experience this pre-op?!?

As a WLS patient, I have been dealing with this oversized panniculectomy but as I continue to try exercising and losing weight, recently I have been having pain where the apron is pulling down on the old caesarean scars and adding pressure on my groins. Even the nerves in the skin over my vaginal area hurts and the doctor has now prescribe me nerve medication. Has anyone else experience this?

Four years ago my doctor requested a Lipodystrophy (removal of access skin) and the insurance company denied it. Today i went to the doctor in tears. It has been over a year and I can 't take this pain anymore!

I am writing an appeal to my insurance company. Please pray for me. :(

Well, its been one week since I mailed in my...

Well, its been one week since I mailed in my Notice of Appeal to my insurance company because four years ago they denied my doctors request for a Panneculectomy/Abdominplasty surgery. You asked why did I wait for four years? well, they denied it claiming the pics my doctor sent in and my medical record at that time did not show i was experiencing skin problem or chronic problems due to the excess fat on my stomach. Who does not have skin issues from flab hanging over their hips? Well, that was four years ago.
I exlpained to them that since that letter I tried it their way and since then I have gained 45 lbs (did not note pounds in letter) because I now developed chronic pain in the hip and groin area from this flab. My gyn told me the only thing I can do to assist with the pain is basically wear a belly sling shot. My primary care has put me on nerve meds to help with the pain in the groin area and states there is nothing I can do for the back pain. My marriage is shaky as my sex life is non existing due to all of this and I frankly had to let them know this was not what I expected when I made the sacrifice in getting the weight loss surgery.

I know it was a long shot to even appeal but I am hoping they come to reason and help me with this cost. Though one way or the other, I must have this surgery. I know i am only dealing with 8 to 12 lbs here but I look like I am nine months pregnant and can feel every bit of this fat sitting on my lap. Being heavy breasted and having a short waist line, my breast is compressing the stomach fat against my lap. Ugh!!

I finally was able to stream line my diet from 1700 calories to 1200 calories over the last month but because it is so painful to walk I have only lost 7 lbs! This is so discouraging. I literally sat in my primary care's office and cried. Ok, I am over it. At least I lost some, right?

Often, I see other women in my condition and worse, at my age and younger, and I see how limited they are, and I just do not want to be that way. I love to hike. I want to ride my Harley more. I looooove walking. I love to travel. As it is right now, and I know I am not as bad as some, I don't mean this to sound vain, but i feel... deformed. Is that the right word?

Not everyone can afford to do this and I am grateful to God that one way or the other, I will have this chance. If I become a millionaire, I am going to help some of my sistahs in getting this opportunity! A simple thing for some of us such as eliminating this sac, seems transforming. Of course, I am only speaking from what I see and read from you all while I am still waiting for my big day.

Well, thanks, for letting me vent! Thank you all for posting your comments. I swear, this should be a frickin' soap opera. I vote for Cherribabi to be the Star! That girl cracks me up!

Well, the insurance company denied my request for...

Well, the insurance company denied my request for the surgery again. They said I only had 365 days to appeal the first one and that was ten years ago. Oh well, I tried. Its a good thing I kept on saving my money for the surgery.
I am so happy to have this site because every time I start thinking about spending this much money on myself for something like this, I want to back out. Then I read your reviews and look at your results and say to myself..."Heck, yeah, I want to look and feel that good, too!"
I have made changes to my eating habits that are good but I am still not losing any more weight. Of course, I am not exercising now but I am practically only eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day. The weight should be lowering some even without exercise. I asked my doctor what he thinks is wrong. We had already check my thyroid and it was ok. My doctors says one thing is I am not exercising enough but he believes the main thing for me is that I am not getting enough rest. He was right. I am only getting about 4 hours of sleep. I definitely need to work on this.

Two and a half months to go!~
Hey Gurl, Keep going! You are right about needing rest to loose weight. If I don't get enough the weight loss stopped. At 1200 calories you will soon be at your weight loss goal and then your tummy tuck!
Hi Black Swan, I wish you the best on your journey. How tall are you? Just know that you are worth EVERY PENNY!!!! We as women are prone to sacrficing for everyone but ourselves!!! Its time to stand up an do something for us! So continue your journey and stay strong. My surgery is a few weeks before yours 12/18. I too am working at losing more weight before the surgery.

Hey Ladies, I was wondering if any of you here...

Hey Ladies,

I was wondering if any of you here know of anyone who had their surgery done in another country? I was reading about Dr. Dra Walkiris Robles in the Dominican Republic and was looking at her website. Her price is very good including the hospital, room and board package. Air fare is not expensive. I read some reviews from four other ladies and would like to hear others.

My surgery is costing me $13K here in California and the prices I am hearing for Dr. Robles is as low as $7K.
I am very curious.

Holla back, please, if you have any information...
Thanks, ladies. @Mytime, I am 5'4. It looks like i will never be 175 lbs again. But at least I can get this ball and chain off of my lap. I am $2k away from paying all the surgery cost and If i had that today, I would schedule my surgery next week! I can't wait to get this done.

Forty-eight days is still a ways and I have been...

Forty-eight days is still a ways and I have been busy getting the rest of my funds together. Things have been busy at work so to keep me distracted.
I read some posts where some of you have been fortunate to meet a TT Buddy in your area. That is a good to have. If anyone is here from the Sacramento, CA area, give a sista a holla. I am sure I would like to know there is someone near by that can relate to what I will be going through.

Happy healing~
Hi, attempting to post from my phone....a second time. The next 30 days will go by quickly do make sure to get your post op items. But most of all get ready for this life changing event. I never knew how much my tummy was weighing me down, but I truly feel and move like a different woman. It's a confidence booster...and get ready for a new type of thinking even when it comes to clothes. Big tummies are a trip! Speedy healing when your time comes!!!
Seems the first time went through.LOL
Hi, The next 30 days will come so quickly, I hopeyou are prepared. This is a life changing experience for the better. I encourage you to keep posting because we are cheering for you. All of our stories smooth and rocky intertwine creating a beautiful regal Kente cloth.

Well, 28 days to go before changes. I have been...

Well, 28 days to go before changes. I have been going through a little selfish vs unselfish emotional roller coaster again this week. I was trying to get a promotion on my job, but it did not happen. It would have allowed me to go into another position and work another two or more years. Now, I am having to look at retiring early as the present position is too stressful to continue another year. That being said, I was looking into purchasing a home that my retirement would allow me to be comfortable. Needless to say I took a look at all the money I just saved for this surgery and thought to myself 'I just saved up enough money to purchase a home!!" The battle was on. Aggh! I know one has to think about what is priority right now. I am so leaning towards the surgery. Pray for me.
Hey! just checking to see if you had your procedure and how your healing!
Are you still having your surgery on the 27th?

The weeks thru the holidays has been a roller...

The weeks thru the holidays has been a roller coaster. I changed my surgery date to June 2013. I ended up using the surgery money to purchase a home to live in when I retire this year. I great deal came open for us and we just could not pass it up. Now I am saving the money all over again. I don't regret my decision. I love our new home.

I still need the surgery and now will schedule it at the end of my retirement. That way I will not have to worry about rushing back to work. I am looking forward to it.

So, now, here I go again...
Congrads on your weight loss!!! I was sleeved 2011 went from 247 to 145 at my lowest i'm back up a few, and working very hard to maintain my current weight. You have done great despite all of your challenges. I can't wait to see your end results ... So don''t forget to update us :-)
i'm glad things are going well for you. Enjoy your new home and soon your new tummy!
Wow, what a ride you have been on to get your surgery! Keep your chin up and work to be in the best possible health for your surgery, you can do it, I am cheering for you.

Hi everyone, just checking in. Lots going on but...

Hi everyone, just checking in. Lots going on but still hopeful about having my surgery.

Thanks for all of your updates. It gives me hope.
Thank you for sharing your story! I understand about having to lift up that apron to see what's underneath and to relieve the back pain! I had my TT with MR and BA on 1/21, I'm almost 4 weeks out. I have had a pretty easy recovery. I've had ups and downs of course, but no major set backs. I think getting your house was a very good idea and pushing your surgery back to where you don't have to rush back to work is even better! Then you can give yourself the time you will need to heal. I wasn't as heavy as you and had NO boobs before the surgery, but I was like you and my legs and arms were good. I think it is a good idea to do the extended. I had very little lipo, but from what I've read, it takes a bit longer to heal from that, with the swelling and pain from it, but from everything I've read, it's also been worth every minute! I am extremely happy with my TT. And I will be able to work out so much easier once I'm healed and actually be able to work my abs and have it make a difference! Good luck and stay positive! You will be so happy you did it!

A second chance - Sacramento, Ca - April 2014

Here it is I get a second chance. I had saved my money for the surgery and just then a offer came up to buy a new home so I took it but God is giving me a second chance. I am $5K away from the what I need for surgery unless I can find a doctor near by for less.

So, here we go...
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Was pleased with several reviews I read on his TT performance of female body types same as my own.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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