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I am 39 years young. I have always held onto fat...

I am 39 years young. I have always held onto fat in my tummy, hip & flank area. I exercise regularly but over the last year have been through alot. A couple deaths in the family, change in work, addition of a third child and taking a new medication added up in pounds. I was 5'4" and 150 pounds prior to procedure. I decided it was time for a change!

On July 12, 2012 I had Smart Lipo done to my upper/lower abs, hips, waist and inner thighs. I did not take any pain meds during the procedure... I wanted to be fully awake. It was tolerable. At times, when the doctor was working close to my belly button, I felt pain...but it was short lived.

After the procedure, I had moderate drainage from a couple sites... and not any from others. The support garment given to me had a zipper running up the front. My biggest area of discomfort was sitting down, because the zipper folded inward and really hurt. I took only ibuprophen for pain relief. I have 3 small children and needed to be up and moving the next day. No down time for this Momma!

I had pretty significant bruising and swelling...and I was taking Arnica Montana, as recommended by my doctor.

I began walking daily on the treadmill on day 3 post. I went back to regular workouts at the gym on week 4.

I am 8 weeks post procedure now and I still have some swelling and mild tenderness when pushing on my abdomen. I recommend taking pictures as you heal. I feel discouraged some days, but then I look back at my before pictures and can see the changes. I am working hard with diet and exercise to be the best me I can be. I am down 7 pounds, but it is really the shape change that excites me the most!


How are u feeling hun? Happy girl or what? U look so good...I feel soooo bloated....doc's on Monday for post surgery check up....
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LOL....on the 6 pack....yah...what u are describing is what I am feeling...its like a hardness in certain spots..more around my belly button...thanks again hun....
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Shiam...around 5 days post op...could u feel lumps under ur skin...
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It has been 12 weeks so far and overall, I am very...

It has been 12 weeks so far and overall, I am very happy with my results! I do wish my lower abs were a little flatter.... but I am working out hard and determined to get rid of all the belly fat! I see my doctor this Tues for a follow up. I am posting pics from today, and they are side by side with pre procedure pics. This helps me to see the improvement when I am having a tough moment.


Dr.Zingaro did mine too!!! I'm 2 weeks today & feel great!! Swollen in the upper & lower abs, but, my hips are GONE & not swollen at all~ He was amazing, so far I'm HAPPY! I had my surgery on Oct 2nd & had to miss my one week check up. What was the deal with the 1 week check up anyway??? I didn't think it was worth the 4 hr drive there... Tamie
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Glad you are doing well! He was great! The one week and even 3 month appointment were kind of a waste of my time. You don't see the doctor.... Just a nurse who weighs you and takes pictures and looks over incision sites. Takes 10 min. She told me at the 6 month mark I'll see the doctor and go over all the photos..... I only have to drive 45 min.... But 4 hours for that kind of visit.... No way! :)
Thank YOU!!! I'll go to my 3 because I'll b in town, I figured it would be a waste of a day, so thanks for verifying that for me!!! I woke up today pretty lumpy, he said to massage the area, how did u go about that??? Did u get massages, or do it yourself?? How long to the LUMPS last cas they kinda hurt,..Thank God for YOGA PANTS!!! I've read thousands of blogs, but, related to yours most, you look FAB, I hope I turn out like YOU!!! Cheers to no fat...:)

15 weeks... still not happy with my tummy... side...

15 weeks... still not happy with my tummy... side view... but I know I can make the necessary changes through diet & exercise from here! Excited.... and very happy that I went ahead with this!


You must be so happy - you look great!!
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Shiam congratulations! You look amazing! It gives me hope that maybe I will look like that come 15 weeks. I am five weeks pos op and still swollen. It amazes me that you only wore your cg for two weeks!? I have to wear cg and binder for three months! How did you manage the swelling after two weeks? If I don't wear mine, I'm miserable at the end of the day. All I can say is you rock! I love your last pic!
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Thank you so much!!!! You look wonderful! The swelling slowly but surely goes away... So hang in there! As for the cg... I just followed my docs advice. Funny how the different docs say different things. I was SOOOOO glad to get out of mine. I did wear it to bed some nights when I was particularly more swollen. Also I wore a Spanx for extra support while working out. :)

I am at almost 9 months post. I had thought about...

I am at almost 9 months post. I had thought about having a touch up to my lower abs but have decided to stick with working out (strength training and cardio 5-6 days a week) and clean eating to get to my final desired goals. I have noticed that really bumping up my strength training is really helping me the most right now! I am very happy that I had this procedure done last summer and look forward to wearing a swimsuit confidently this summer....for probably the first time in my life. :)


You look great!
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Thank you!! How are you feeling?
You look FANTASTIC!!!!! good for you!!
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Two years post lipo abs/flank/inner thighs

Still happy with results. 22 pounds lost as of today with a mostly Paleo diet and exercise.


You look great and have kept the weight off - you go girl!!!
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You look great!
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Happy Anniversary! You look Great!
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