Severe Red Acne Scars - Sacramento, CA

I've been suffering from acne since I was a teen....

I've been suffering from acne since I was a teen. It left me with tons of red scars mostly on my cheeks. When ever i get a pimple anywhere on my faces they tend to leave red marks. Only on both of the cheeks where the red marks seem to stayed permanent, others like the forehead and under my chin seem to disappeared within a month or so. I've been through so many dermatologists in all the Sacramento areas and undergo all types of laser and chemical peels. Going through these procedures and nothing seems to be working, I'm hitting a break point where i just want to give up. Every day that goes by and every time i look and the mirror, I tried to stay positive and be optimistic as much as i could and hope that there is a procedure out there that will heal these red scars. I had the Smartxide dot laser about a week ago and saw no improvement. Before the Smartxide laser I went to Calkin and boudreaux dermatology where i had 3 Vbeam laser and have no improvement also. With all these procedures done and seen nothing I'm running out of hope and i don't know what to do. If there's any help or suggestion out there for me please let me know. Thanks.

I went and saw a dermatologists in Stockton today,...

I went and saw a dermatologists in Stockton today, and he recommend cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen to spray on it. Should i go with the procedures and will it work for these scars?
Hi guys, when you have acne, you tend to sign in for lasers, chemical peels and all those treatments doctors would prescribe to us. It is not necessary. Aside from they are expensive, they also hurt your skin because those are strong chemicals. I suffered from acne and sebborhic dermatitis for years. Finally, i found a friend who told me about Lacto Pafi, it is a herbal product. I splashed it on my face, wait for a few seconds and rinse it off. This product has helped me so much and it is very cheap. Bottle lasted 3 months for me Since its a herbal product, it is very safe too. Now, my acne and scars are completely gone. I do not look like i just went through this acne thing. I know the frustrations and depressions skin diseases could have on people. It eats up your life. All you just have to do is find the right one for you. By the way, I also use Olay renegerist cream cleanser 100g (the black tube). Healed my acne too.

I always love hearing when someone has found a solution that clears up their acne. Thank you so much for letting us know what worked for you!! :)

Where can i buy Lacto Pafi? I used to under go Derma roller about 7 sessions. There is a good and bad news on it. The light scars on may face most specially on my cheeks had gone while the deep scars on my face on cheeks not yet gone. But i found improvements on it. The saddest part is there are still acne glowing on my face and it leaves a red marks or scars(peklat) and it is too long to bring it back to my natural skin tone. Is Lacto Pafi can help me a lot?
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