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The Beginning of My Story! - Sacramento, CA

I'm just going to start from . . . When I was...

I'm just going to start from . . .

When I was little, my nose looked completely fine. But as I started growing up, my nose started growing out!! In my junior high days all the boys would make fun of me and call me a "witch" and say mean things. For Halloween, all my friends thought I should be a witch cause I "looked the part". Then, later in high school, it was the cool thing to choose your friends' "spirit animal". Stupid, I know . . .but it's a big deal when you're younger! So everyone chose mine as: a Toucan.

I think I've done a pretty good job not letting these things destroy my life, but I have always had low self-esteem, hardly any confidence, and can be horribly shy sometimes. I hate having my picture taken because I never like what I look like! From the front I think I actually do look good. . . but I have a horrible profile and angles are not my friends at all!!!! I do have friends and family and an AMAZING husband who all love me and are always there for me, but I have decided that it's not for other people, whether they care about how I look or not, it's for ME!

So anyways, after I graduated high school I started really considering a nose job. I have been a tiny bit on the fence because I don't want to look like a completely different person. And any kind of surgery scares me a little! Recently I found this website and started looking at before and after pictures. They're amazing!!! And everyone's stories are so comforting, I have never met anyone who had the same insecurities as me and I already feel like I'm not alone!

Now I am saving up a little more, looking at different doctors in the Sacramento area, and mentally preparing myself for this step in my life.

I'm already nervous thinking about it! But also excited that I have finally decided to do this.

To be continued!!!

Enjoyed reading your story. It is definitely reassuring to read reviews and realize that your not the only one like this. Sometimes you can get stuck thinking that it's just you that's insecure and everyone else is cool with themselves but that's not the case. Most people don't announce insecurities but I think websites like this help heal us on the inside...because we know that we're not alone and that it is common.

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for starting your story! I'm glad you're not feeling alone any more. I had the same insecurities growing up, and probably the coolest thing about rhinoplasty is just not having to think about your nose anymore.

Make sure you choose an ASPS/ASAPS board certified rhinoplasty/facial specialist. Very important!

And, yes, please continue your story.

P.S. I love your hair!


I know it's been a little while! I have been...

I know it's been a little while!
I have been pretty busy at work but I finally was able to schedule a consultation about two weeks ago for this afternoon. I went to see Dr. Andrew G. Pichler, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous!! My husband and I drove about 20 minutes to my appointment in Carmichael. As soon as I walked into the office I knew I was actually moving forward!

I was greeted by two very nice women who were expecting me and had me fill out some papers. I waited for about 5 minutes and read some pamphlets about rhinoplasty. I was called into the Doctors office, my husband and I sat down and very soon afterwards we met Dr. Pichler. He is an extremely pleasant and professional older man, I right away felt very comfortable talking to him about what I was looking for. He asked me if I had any health and surgery history, if I was on medication, and if I could breath well through my nose. I explained to him that the only issue I had with my nose was appearance related. No prior surgery, no health problems, and no medications.

He has a separate room we walked to that had a chair in the middle and mirrors surrounding on all the walls. I could see myself at every angle :/
He continued to ask me what I didn't like about my nose and showed me what he could do to change it. He was very polite and confident. He explained the shape of my face and how my nose would effect or not effect my other features. He told me his plan for my surgery and how he can achieve a completely natural look and a nose that will compliment my face. My REAL nose.

I took a look at his portfolio and he has literally done thousands of rhinoplastic procedures. He then took pictures of my face... From front, slightly to each side, left and right profile, slightly looking up and down. He gave me some informative papers, payment options, and let me know not to rush my decision. He said if I decided to have him do my surgery to come back and see my edited pictures so I can have a better idea of what my nose will look like.

I left feeling very confident in Dr. Pichler, I can't wait to see what he shows me with my pictures. So next time will be updated soon!!!

I can totally relate to others' rude comments! Ugh!! I can't imagine saying anything like that to or about another person (well, okay, if they were truly beyond awful on the INSIDE). You're very pretty now, and I bet you'll only look prettier after. Thanks for sharing and keep us updated! *Hugs*
You are a very pretty girl and having your nose smaller and more proportional will look fabulous on you! It will give you a stunning look and boost your confidence. I understand, I had the same type of nose and waited well into my adulthood to have rhinoplasty. I am over the moon with my profile and wish I had done it in my teens. It would have saved me a lot of bullying and heartbreak. I am truly loving my new nose and 1 year post. I have a couple of imperfections but rhinoplasty is a complex surgery and perfection is hard to obtain. So make sure you have a top notch doc you trust and feel comfortable with. I would recommend someone who just does facial work and look at his rhinoplasty photos. Good luck, I know you will like the outcome.
Thank you for the encouragement! I had read some stories about older women that waited a long time wishing they had their surgeries a long time ago, I feel now is a better time than ever!! I totally understand that nothing is perfect, but after my consultation I am feeling a hundred times better than I did yesterday! Thank you again
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