Rhinoplasty with Dr. Clutter Oct. 23rd - Sacramento, CA

Just scheduled my rhinoplasty procedure. Feeling...

Just scheduled my rhinoplasty procedure. Feeling good about Dr. clutter just wishing I could find more reviews and Before and after pics online.

I broke my nose at as an adolescent and am looking forward to fixing both function and appearance of it.

Also I am a singer and have my first event booked Three weeks and four days after surgery . What do you guys think ? Is that long enough?


Doing lots of research these days . Just trying to make sure I am weighing all the risks regarding this procedure. I am worried about the possibility of breathing loss after a rhino and how that would affect my career as a professional singer and well my whole life really.

I really have no plans to get a revision at any point , but through some research I have discovered that 10-15% do after there initial rhino. Planning to talk to my ENT / plastic surgeon more about that at my pre -op. He seems very confident in not only the esthetic part of the operation but the functional part too( Also I dont have any significant breathing issues with my nose now ). I also dont think he does any kind of digital imaging which is a bummer. I have been looking through pictures every chance I get and trying to find noses that are similar ish that would suit my face. Because as much and I love a cute little Kim Kardashian or Natalie Portman nose I am not a 100% sure it would suit my face...

Anyway I love reading everyones reviews and am thankful for all I have learned through this site so far.

getting so nervous...

second guessing the surgery... getting close to the date and wondering if I should postpone to a time where life is a little less stressful. Ahh also really nervous about the breathing tube situation and the possibility of it hurting my vocal chords or throat permanately !! Pre- Op is tomorrow and I have to pay for everything then If I want to go through with this!

tomorrow is the day!

Well finally nervous.. only 10 more hours ...omg im freaking out.

all done!

The hardest parts over I think and I am excited about my new nose! Dr clutter and all the staff were amazing and I am happy I ended up going with him. I got general anesthisia and intubated using LMA method. No vomiting or nausea after and feeling ok. Just staying on top of my pain meds.

Also I do not plan on posting before and after pictures on my review . I am thankful for the privacy I have through this site. This review wont include personal pictures. Hope you all understand.

cast off!

Cast is off ! lots of swelling and having to wear tape for the next couple days. So far I like it ! Its very straight and slim and i think after it sets and heals will suit my face. Cast and splint removal wasnt that bad , just weird. This whole recovery process has actually been not too painful at all. If any of you are getting this procedure and scared about the pain dont be!
So thankful for this site and all the knowledge Ive gained through it! I have felt very well prepared !

so happy I did this!

So far I am loving my results! So far this surgery was def. worth the pain/money ! Glad I didnt wait longer to have it!
Folsom Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Today is your day! Thinking of you. When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're feeling.

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This picture is Blake.I like her new nose. I think 3 weeks enough but you have to spare yourself, effortlessly.
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I don't think 3.5 wks is long enough to heal before your big gig....personally. But I'm old...so maybe you're young and heal fast!lol. I'll be 5 wks Tuesday and my nose is still numb and somewhat sensitive. In flat light I can still see black eyes...lovely.. I had a closed rhino with just taking down a hump...so no tip work or septum work either. I had twilight sedation no i wasnt put out totally. Hey wheres your before pics?
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Rayah's nose is beautiful after using Clutter. Was wondering if you could post before and afters after you have your surgery? I don't want a cutesy fake looking nose either. Good luck
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Lol...my PS doesn't do imaging, he said...I don't need to show you my photoshop skills. He told me what he was going to do and I have to trust him that I'll love it...because I don't plan on ever going thru this again! Haha
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Ooooo I kinda like that reply by your Dr lol! I'm pretty good at photoshop but I'd be a lousy surgeon! He's got a good point! My doc doesn't do imaging either--he takes a big picture of your mug and draws all over it, old school style. He thinks imaging distorts the nose too much, especially from the front.
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Woo hoo! Another review of my doctor! You couldn't be in better hands. He's amazing. I was worried about the fact that he didn't do imaging too but it's fine. I actually showed him my own imaging on my phone to make sure we were thinking the same thing because I'm very visual. He was fine with that. I had 4 consults and all of them did imaging except him and yet I chose him anyway. I just felt much more confident in him and I'm SO glad I chose him. Nobody has noticed my nose and yet it's exactly what I wanted and totally different from my old nose. He's amazing at making you look like you but better. My advise is always to just not expect perfection. Like I just kept saying to myself if I have a small bump I won't care. If my nostrils aren't perfectly even I'm not going to freak out about it! It's key to not expect perfection because that's not possible. Also to be patient with swelling. and just research research research! So you have no surprises. FYI when the cast came off I was totally in shock of how narrow it looked! It's just kinda crazy the first time you look at it. But after that it's fine. Good luck! And good choice! It'll be perfectly fine! Also show us your pictures!!!! haha
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Hi there! All the best to you. I was very stuffed for a good while afterwards making singing tricky, however I went singing after 2 weeks and it caused me to bleed heavily, a trip to hospital, 4 days of bed rest to stop the bleeding and a further 6 weeks of no singing by doctors orders. It may depend on where the work is done, but I would discuss this with your surgeon. All the best.
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I never discussed singing with my surgeon before this happened, so telling me not to do it was not included in the "no exercise etc" advice.
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Wow. Thats awful ! I am so sorry. Thanks for sharing your story . I am hoping a little over three weeks will be long enough as I have been booked for this show for over a year. We will see what Dr. clutter says.
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Hey singer88 and newnose4me... I am a singer as well and I sung a few days after and I got my cast off and everyday since... (I am a voice teacher/ elementary music teacher) and I did not experience any bleeding or anything like that. The only thing was that it was slightly uncomfortable to open my mouth wide or move my facial muscles around, but that went away. So basically I think it's an individual basis kind of thing. I think u will be fine :)
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Three weeks should be enough time for you to be feeling back to yourself for the most part. I did have a nasally voice for quite a few months after my primary rhino, but I don't think I had a good doctor, as I had NOTHING like that happen after my revision with a talented surgeon.

I hope you'll keep us updated throughout your journey!

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