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I've always had trouble breathing through my nose,...

I've always had trouble breathing through my nose, it's crocked, I've got small bumps on the bridge of my nasal bones and the tip is large. I finally decided it was time for me to get a septorhinoplasty. Its something I've been wanting since I was 12 years old. So I finally did it. I'm currently post op day 2 and feeling pretty miserable. The swelling just really became bad yesterday evening.
I know the first few days are rough! Thank you for starting your story here and please keep us posted as you continue to heal.
Hi!! I am 30 and am 1 day post op... I also had a septorhinoplasty to correct my deviated septum, the tip and bone spurs up the canal... (How ironic) I hope your healing is going well. I'd be happy to keep in touch and go over the healing methods. This is crazy pain!
Definitely! The swelling got so much worse post op day 2/3. I feel so puffy right now but I feel like the pain is better. It's more the dry mouth that's driving me nuts. I wake up bone dry and reaching for water 5-10x's a night. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Post op day 3 & 4

Swollen and puffy. I feel like a crusty stay puff marshmallow man with greasy hair. My skin looks like shit too, which only adds to my loveliness. My poor husband... So I've been getting more sleep each and every night. My dry mouth is getting better, but it's still annoying. Pain is better and controlled with norcos, Motrin and ice. My nose and upper lip are still kinda numb, and I can kind of smile now - it's not pretty - but I can do it. My sutures itch a little so I almost prefer having the gauze under my nose even though I don't need it. Monday can't come fast enough to get these tubes out of my nose and this cast off. I know I'm clearly swollen and I need to be patient but my only concern is how high my tip is right now. But it's just not realistic at this point for me to be worried about it - because I'm in the healing process. This is a tough surgery/recovery and I really empathize with people who've had this procedure.
Isn't it soo hard to be patient? I'm on day 8 now and still having a hard time with it. It is such a relief to get that cast off though. Hang in there :)
Thank you much! So hard to wait to see your results with the swelling remaining for "months".
Thank you much!

One more day

I'm so ready for the cast to come off tomorrow and I'm even more ready for these nasal splints inside to be removed. One of the splints feels like it's actually cutting into the inside of my nose. I'm ready to give "nasal birth" to these little fuckers. So other then that, the pain is better. I still take Norcos 1-2xs per day and alternate with Motrin for the "pressure" headache pain I feel. The swelling and bruising has gotten better but it's still there. I'm looking forward to washing my hair tonight in my attempt to look "as good as I can" for my appointment tomorrow... Why? Because I've never felt so freakin crusty in all my life. I want to wear makeup, curl my hair, and get my fake tan one! Seriously I just want to feel more normal again and go outside. I'm getting a little stir crazy in my house and I'm over my mouth breathing and nasaly voice. Ok I think I'm done bitching now. Tomorrow I get the first glimpse of my nose and I'm super nervous. Bllllllleh!

Cast is off

Finally cast is off and those splints are out. I can breath!!!! Super excited and happy with my results so far!
Hello there! Hope all is well, will you post an updated photo of your beautiful nose please!
Congrats on giving "nasal birth"! You're hilarious! And you look absolutely beautiful, curled hair and everything:) hang in there with the recovery, it definitely gets better, day by day.
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