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No Never Do This Procedure , I Had a Brow Lift, Face Lift, Eyes Upper N Lower and Fat Transfer - Sacramento, CA

My surgery was 7/29/13 today is 3/26/14 I'm very...

My surgery was 7/29/13 today is 3/26/14
I'm very uncomfortable. My life has been changed forever. It feels like a tight band is around my forehead. At the end of the day it feels like my brow is falling down on to my eyes. Please people don't do this to yourself. Even if it makes you look better on your face you will probably gain weight because you will be limited on your activity. So is it really worth it? It's a big gamble and can effect your and your family. I will be one happy lady when they out law brow lifts! This procedure was way too much for my Dr. to handle!
CindyF. I wish I would have read the real self review before I had the surgery. Too late now. I've ruined my life. Maybe with some day I'll be myself again. I pray. My nurse told me she drove her husband to the airport the next day after her surgery. They all made it sound like it was no big deal to have a brow lift. Joke was on me. Keep reading and studing. My neighbor is a doctor, his wife is a nurse. Both say they would never advise anyone to have a brow lift.
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Did you have the endoscopic brow lift done? Are you still limited on your activities? Are you in pain?

Brow lift still miserable almost a rear later

It's been almost a year now... My brow/forehead still feels tight. Feels like there's a tight band around it. If I was my hear or do anything it is worse. I still can't go in the sun. Everyone says I look good but looking at my pictures before the lift and after the lift I was much prettier. Be careful for what you wish for people. Life changing surgery. I'm happy for the people who decide to have this surgery that theirs was a success. It's a big gamble. I pray my doctor didn't harm the main nerve to my forehead. We will see. Plus there's a worry he could have left needles in my head. It won't be long and I will be seeking help from other doctors.

Words came out wrong after my posting

Still miserable after almost a year...If I wash my hair it is worse. Over all still crippling and has changed my life completely.
I'm so glad I found all your posts! I have been seriously considering a brow lift. Had Dysport a year ago on Aug 9 it destroyed my face! My forehead fell,y cheeks lost volume, my entire face aged 10 years. I only had a couple wrinkles on my forehead and very light 11's. I have tons of wrinkles,deep 11's, heavy eyes now. Regret that day! I'm only 40 was healthy had a great face before this! Idk what else to do! I look at pics right before til now and think I didn't need this. Was talked into it by a so called friend. After reading some of your side effects I am stuck w/ugly face now. Feel your ladies pain. Ty for sharing bc I have been researching Dr's where I live for a brow lift. Ty so much!
I had Polio as an infant, and have gone undergone 33 surgeries, not all for Polio, but a great majority. I learned early on in my life, surgery in a serious decision. I have tried all my life to have those that are necessary and avoid the unnecessary ones, but that depends on what I consider in great part to what I deem "necessary". When I was 39 years old I had my right leg shortened 2", a combination of aesthetics (had a very noticeable limp all my life and because I was getting back and hip pain that would not go away. When I decided to have 2" of my femur removed I questioned the Orthopedic surgeons, among other realistic questions, what the difference would be doing this (I was told I could opt for a 2" lift on my shoe while already wearing a short leg brace) versus what difference would this surgery be if I had a broken femur in a skiing accident. The answer was no difference at all. So I decided to go for it. I was going to spend 5 days in the hospital and 6 weeks off work. Well, things didn't go too well. Neglect led to a second (very painful) surgery, over 5 weeks in the hospital and never did go back to work. It took 14 years of unbelievable pain to get over this. So, you never know what is going to happen. I had a much needed abdominaplasty that went fairly well, except for excessive fluid loss that I blamed on removal of drains within 24 hours of surgery, but well worth the weeks of external drains needed to capture a quart of excess fluids. So when it came to a regular everyday facelift what could possibly be any more painful or out of my ordinary? PLENTY! Itching due to severed nerves in my forehead (said to happen maybe 1-5% of the time), having to buzz all my hair off to apply topical meds, and possibly a year to a lifetime of never really being able to leave the house. Other than that my face looks GREAT!! I am a widow (6 years now) and just wanted a fresher look. Well, I look fresh as a daisy, but can't go anywhere without being seen this way. I have worn wigs for several years, so what's to worry? I can only wear a wig for an hour or two they the itching is unbearable, so I have to go home. I tried doing this just so I could go to Church once a week, now that's out. Now it's Summer and wearing a wig with a buzz haircut is impossible, the swear pours down my face and I feel like I am going to go crazy. The other day in the doctor's office a nice man came up to me and without batting an eye told me how his daughter (age 35) has a brain tumor, should she do Chemo or attempt brain surgery. He assumed and rightly so, that I had had brain surgery because my scar from the hairline brow lift looks like I had the top of my scalp removed. So Necessary (I really didn't need a lift, but the doctor insisted) or just wanted. Doesn't really matter, does it? I have been battling with doing myself in (really) because I cannot fathom living out the next few years (I am 67) dealing with this horrible side effect. 10 years of this could be the rest of my life. I really do want out, either off the planet or out of pain and discomfort. I do not have a family, so no one would really be devastated, believe me, if I weren't here. Don't give me the crap that my friends would, since I no longer have any of those left either. I just fear God's judgment and wouldn't want to loose my place in the afterlife with Him, but I no longer believe suicide would prevent that. So what to do from here!??! Just choose wisely, dear ones! And yes, my doctor was a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a perfectly clean record, and very well educated. Would I do it again. Sadly, probably yes since my intentions were valid. Pam

Folic Acid

I learned a new thing today about nerve damage after surgery. Folic acid 15 mg. A day helps.
1953 have you had any improvements? Also, what kind of browlift did you have?
Do you have any before and after photos? I have never heard of Dysport, but I have heard of (and did use) Botox. It takes about 6 months for it to wear off. I have been told the places that do this stuff water it down, or add other chemicals to it for it to go farther. I don't trust anyone any more. When I decided to have Botox I made sure they opened the packaging and filled the syringes in front of me. It seemed to do something, but not enough to notice, and I don't have $600-700 every 6 months to keep it up.
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