I can't believe it's been 7 weeks.

I'm 46 years old, nearly 47 come July. I have...

I'm 46 years old, nearly 47 come July. I have two beautiful grown daughters ages 26 and 23. I have always hated my stomach even when I was thin in my teens and into my early 20's. After having my 1st child, when I was 21, my body went back to normal but after my second child at 24 my body didn't recover as well as I had hoped for. Gradually over the years I have put on weight and would lose it easily but now in my 40's I just can't lose it no matter what I try. My stomach has got worse and I can't stand it any longer. My breast aren't too bad about a D cup but they have come out losing the battle with gravity, so they just hang like two sacks. I have had some hard times in my life with my last husband dieing after a two year battle with cancer. But now I'm married to a wonderful man, we got married last year and he says he loves me just the way I am but I not only want to look good for him but more importantly I need to look and feel good for ME!! So here I am about to go through with a mommy makeover, having a full TT and BL without implants. I have had my consultation with my PS and I can't be happier with him. I had to pay a $100 consultation fee which will be deducted from my surgery cost.

The girls at the front desk were lovely and very helpful. My husband and I were taken into the consultation room where we watched two videos on the TT then one on the BL. Very informative. Then Dr. Lee come in and explained everything, pro's and con's of both procedures. He asked me what I didn't like about my stomach and I told him "the whole area...all of it." He spent a great deal of time with us and answered all our questions. Even giving us other options to think about. I didn't feel pressured to make a decision there and then so I was able to sleep on it, which I did. I had to give a $500 deposit to secure my operation date of the 1st June 2012. Just before paying it I told my husband I felt like I was getting cold feet because it made it real. Am I really going through with this???? He talked to me and just repeated all the reasons I told him I wanted this makeover, which made me feel better and I got passed it. Now that it's paid I feel exited again and I'm looking forward to my new body....being able to wear clothes that I haven't been able to wear for many years. It will be so nice not to try to hide my stomach every time I sit down, pulling at my tops to get them away from my stomach so no one can see how big it really is. I know that my emotions are going to go up and down until I have the MM but I can't wait. I will post some before pic's soon.

I'm going to have a mammogram today, it will cost...

I'm going to have a mammogram today, it will cost $125 but it is required by my PS. They are also going to book me in for an EKG. Did others have to do this before there surgery?

Ok so I had my mammogram and all went well.....

Ok so I had my mammogram and all went well...should have results soon. I'm also booked in next Tues for the EKG. I'm feeling very positive today and excited to think..."No flabby tummy at the end of the month."

I just uploaded my before pics. I don't like even...

I just uploaded my before pics. I don't like even looking at them and can't believe I have got this bad. I have noticed that I'm always commenting on myself in a negative way lately.....not sure why but hubby pointed it out to me. I think I am saying, out loud, what I've been feeling on the inside. Maybe it helps me justify having this surgery. I know that I am having a negative affect on hubby so I will try not to verbalize anymore.....it's just my insecurities. Reading all of your reviews is really helping me and I'm sooooo looking forward to getting this done. Thanks for all the support.

I've been thinking about having implants! I keep...

I've been thinking about having implants! I keep going back and forth because I dont wont to go through this coming out with regrets. Please let know your thoughts.

I went in to have my pre-op today. I was very...

I went in to have my pre-op today. I was very nervous so my blood pressure was up a little but not too bad. Spent more time with Dr. Lee going over a heap of questions my husband and I had. All of the questions were answered and I feel even more confident with him. My op is going to be about 8 hours. That seems like such a long time to be under. Is that how long yours was? I asked my PS if he took a lunch break during the op.....much to my delight he said he didn't. I also had to pay the balance but it actually felt ok. They gave me an info book on everything that will take place and gave me a list of meds to get along with an extensive list of what to avoid from now on. I also got to try on my compression garment....wow!!! it goes from below my knees up to my breast, and I can't take it off at all for whole a week....I have to shower with it on and then have my husband blow dry it, which, apparently takes half an hour. I am still having moments of pure terror at the thought that I'm really doing this then I get on here and read your blogs and it really helps me to remember the end result will be worth it. My main concern is how my husband will cope for the duration of the op....I know he will worry the whole time...hope he'll be ok....I'll keep praying.

I had my lab work done today so that's all the...

I had my lab work done today so that's all the test done with. I have 16 more days before my MM and I'm really looking forward to seeing my new flat tummy. I just need to gather my supplies for coming coming home. If there are any helpful suggestions as to what I might need it will be greatly appreciated.

Just a day under two weeks till my MM. I woke up...

Just a day under two weeks till my MM. I woke up at 2:30am with doubts.....am I too big? Will I actually have a flat tummy? Will I be happy with my result? What if PS doesn't remove as much as I want? Etc etc etc. My mind wouldn't stop. I just wish I didn't have to wait soooo long. I'm at the point where I just want it over and done with. I'm planing a trip overseas in August and just want to look and feel good. Oh!!! This is such a roller coaster of emotions. I just want to keep thinking positively.

P.S. my PS Isn't the one that has come up. My PS is Dr Lee from Lee Institute, in Roseville, Sacramento....don't know how to change the name.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Only one more week. I can't...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Only one more week. I can't believe it's that close. I have ordered a lift chair today that will arrive on Tuesday next week. I still need to get the toilet seat riser and I think I'll be done. The nerves are definitely setting in and I feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat....I can't wait for this week to come to an end. Each day is worse than the last. It is becoming more a reality to my husband and I know he worries about the op. I will be in there for 8 hours...not sure how long of that I'm under....Has any one else been under for a long time with this their MM?

Only 2 more sleeps. I'm going through all the...

Only 2 more sleeps. I'm going through all the emotions now.....I wake up and I'm thinking about the mm. I try to stay busy but I keep thinking about Friday. I really hope everything goes well and I can just get on with the recovery side (the flat side lol). It has been such a great comfort to have this site, to be able to read about others and their experiences. When ever I feel scared or over whelmed I just get on here and read....it is so wonderful to have this site and I praise all of you how have been through this and let us read about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Wow!!!!! It's tomorrow. I just talked to my...

Wow!!!!! It's tomorrow. I just talked to my anesthesiologist and was told that I wouldn't need a breathing tube, that I'll be breathing on my own. I go in at 9am and should be in recovery at 4:30pm. I have got my lift chair in place, my walker ready by the door and the toilet riser in place. Garbage bag in the car for when I get picked up, along with crackers, pillows and small bucket. I just had girlfriend drop off some movies and magazines so I think I'm ready. Surprisingly I'm not at all nervous....I thought I'd be going crazy about now but I feel really calm. I'm going to go to the movies tonight and I also have to prepare my body for surgery.....Have to shower, using Dial soap, wash my hair and shave. In the morning I have to shower again and put the nausea patch behind my ear. I'll post as soon as possible after surgery and try to add photos...although I have to wear my CG for the first 5 days with out removing it...even to shower. PS said I could shower with it on and have hubby blow dry it with my hair dryer, which will take about 1/2 hour. I think it's because my PS glues the incision closed. Anyway good luck to all the girls having their mm's tomorrow and I look forward to the flat side :)

I am happy to answer any questions that you have.

I did it!!! I had a good night sleeping in the...

I did it!!! I had a good night sleeping in the lift chair. Hubby has been great looking after me and giving my meds on time. Will post photos soon. I need to sleep now. Thanks for all the support.

Post op day 1 I have been sleeping a lot and I'm...

Post op day 1
I have been sleeping a lot and I'm sooo happy with the lift chair. I had pain only when I had to go to the bathroom. I think the pain pump is great, I'm glad I have it. I have two drains coming ou of each hip and the pain pump is in the pubic area. Empted the drain 3 time. They were half full.

Post op day 2 I seem to not be in as much pain...

Post op day 2
I seem to not be in as much pain today but still very tired. My girls look amazing I'm very happy with the results. I still haven't seen my tummy but hopefully tomorrow when I go in for check up I'll be able to see it. I'll take some photos and post them then. Happy healing to all.

Post op day 3 I'm doing really well. Went in to...

Post op day 3
I'm doing really well. Went in to see PS today and he checked everything as is really happy. He is going to leave the pain pump in til Wed 6th and I'll be having it removed and one of my drainage tubes. He said I should be able to stand up straighter by Fri 8th.
I'm adding photos now of my day 2 and today at the PS office. I am so very happy with his work and would recommend him to any one. Love to all and feel free to ask me anything :)

Post-op day 5 I have been very tired and feel...

Post-op day 5
I have been very tired and feel swollen. Went to PS for another check up. My tummy was huge sooooo swollen. They removed the pain pump but I still have the two drainage pumps in, I go back Friday so maybe they will come out then. They have slowed down heaps. The girls massaged my tummy and rubbed cream in, which really helped with the swelling. When they undid my cg I got really light headed. The girls explained that once the cg is losen your blood pressure drops. I still can't take it off till Friday to have a shower....can't wait....but again I have to be careful with my blood pressure. I still can't walk straight and it really hurts my back but I am using the walker, which help relieve the pain. I'm off all my pain meds and just using a heat pack for my back. Good news! Finally had a bm for the first time since op. Hope everyone is healing well :)

Post-op day 8 I went back Friday and had one...

Post-op day 8
I went back Friday and had one drain removed from my left side. I was surprised that I didn't even feel it come out. I also had the stitches removed from my belly button. They did ultra sound on my tummy to help with the swelling, which felt good and really made a difference. My tummy is still very numb, which feels strange but good because I couldn't feel anything. I also got to have my first shower with out the cg on. (I have posted pics) I am so very happy with my results and I know it will even be better once the swelling is down. I'm still not able to walk straight but it is getting better ever day. I'm due to go back next Tue 12th to have my stitches removed from my breast...I'm a bit scared about that...don't know why I just am lol.

It's been two weeks today....I can't believe it's...

It's been two weeks today....I can't believe it's that already. Time has flown. On Wed I had the stitches removed from my breast and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm so glad to say that the incisions are very thin, it's amazing. I was hoping to get my last drain out but I'm still getting between 50cc and 60cc a day. I need to have it at 25cc a day for at least 3 days. I don't have to have any stitches out for the TT because it's glued so I'm glad about that, but I'll be more happier when I get this drain out....it pinches every now and again, which is really annoying. I still can't stand straight up cause it pulls above my BB. I'm hoping today to do a bit of shopping and see if I can buy a bikini....I know it's a bit early but I really am excited to see what it might look like. I'll try and post some new pics this afternoon. Hope everyone is healing well :)

Posted 2 weeks post op pics....even I can't...

Posted 2 weeks post op pics....even I can't believe the difference....and I'm still really swollen. I just can't be happier :)

It's just over three weeks now and I still have a...

It's just over three weeks now and I still have a drain in. He has become my friend and I finally named him Fred. He he still putting out between 50cc and 65cc....just don't know when he's coming out....what a bother!!!! On a brighter note I've just purchased my first ever bikini. (posting pics today) I feel really good and I'm finally walking upright.
Hope you are all healing well.

It is 4 weeks ago that I had my MM. I cant...

It is 4 weeks ago that I had my MM. I cant believe how fast it has gone. I finally had to say a happy farewell to Fred today. (happy dance) I'm finally on my own without him hanging around and irritating me. In a couple of days time I should be able to go for a swim. This week has been the most uncomfortable with my breast. They feel like they are sunburnt. My PS said it's the blood settling at the bottom and will disappear soon. Has anyone else had this? One of his nurses suggested Hydocortisone, So I've used it twice and it has helped to a degree. Hopefully it won't last too much longer. Other than that I feel great, I'm so glad that I was able to get this surgery done. I went shopping today and got some Jeans, size 10 woohoo, spanks and a new bra. I'm happy to report that I'm still a DD. I'll post more pics soon and hope everyone is recovering well.

Well, here I am at 7 weeks post-op. The last 3...

Well, here I am at 7 weeks post-op. The last 3 weeks I have had some issues. As you can see in the photos I had strips on my TT and around my nipples....well I developed an allergic reaction to them. I was sooooo itchy from the strips that it was hard to bear, especially since I couldn't scratch them. I ended up having to remove all the strips off me before they were due to be removed and to take Allegra. I have had to be careful not to stretch out too much. PS said I really had to be careful on my hip area and to make sure I wear good support bras so they don't split open. I'm happy to say that nothing has happened to them. I still get quite swollen, especially in the heat and after working a bit too hard or standing too long. I have still got some healing to do under my breast as you can probably see in the pics. My belly button has been good but every day I clean it I get a crusty bit that will come out...I hope this is all normal.
I go back to see PS at the end of the month so hopefully everything will be ok by then. Oh! the other strange thing I've noticed since my MM is that I get a dry mouth at least once a day.....very weird. I would love to hear from any of you who have these same issues and how long it took you to heal or get passed it. I'm posting more pics today...I'm swollen because of the heat but I'm still very happy with the results :-)
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still looking good hope your healing is much beter. i also still ahve swelling i hope , and that its not enough fat he took out, so iam praying its still swollen, my stomoch is not flat, still have the roundness,happy healing
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Wow PamelaM....What a huge difference! You look great! It sure feels great to walk upright again doesn't it? After you get rid of Fred (love that you named it) your going to look smokin' in that bikini! :)
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Hello you look fabulous! Last year I had a breast lift that I'm not happy with so i have been looking for great Dr to have a mm can you pls send your Dr. Contact info
  • Reply
Thank you, I have sent you an email with all the details you'll need :)
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Congrats on the bikini purchase. Just curious, what day post op did you start to feel a turn around? Can you go to the store or drive yet?
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Thanks. To answer your question I think it would have been the 2 week mark because that's when I was able to sleep in my bed for the whole night. Before that, to begin with, I could only sleep in the recliner. Then I tried sleeping in my bed but I would only last a few hours and have to go back to the recliner, but at 2 weeks I was able to stay in bed all night. It really made a difference to be able to sleep all night. I've been out to the store on several occasions but I still have to wear my full cg and with the hot weather I find it hard. Yes I can drive :)
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You look great! Sorry about the drain?? :-/ but awesome you bought a bikini!!!
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Thank you. I never thought that I'd ever be able to wear a bikini but thanks to this wonderful mm I can woohoo!!!
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Loving the blue bikini!! I will say a prayer for Fred to leave you!! I would not be as calm sounding as you. After a week I was going insane for the 2nd drain to come out. Healthy and happy healing.
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Thanks for the prayer, I need it lol
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You look amazing! Healthy and happy healing!!!!!
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You look great!!
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still looking good evene with the drain in....atleast you dont have to go back and take out the stichtes by your tt...happy healing
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You are looking good! Hope you get your drains out soon!
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Thank you :) I can't wait either, for my drain to come out, but I don't think it's going to be any time soon :(
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Oh sorry they aren't coming out soon:-(
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ok great.... thanks :) i have 2 days and counting
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I'm sure everything will be great for you. I was sooooo nervous before my surgery and now it over and been two weeks. I'll be thinking of you :)
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pamela hope your feeling beter, whats the size of your breast now since you have the lift done?
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I'm feeling better and better every day. I don't really know what size I am now....my PS said I'd bee a D or a large C.....so I need to go try on some new bras to find out....a good excuse to go shopping lol.
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Wow, Pamela, your looking good!!! I am 8 days PO today as well and feeling great. I had my drains and my sutures taken out of my boobies yesterday. Don't worry about the sutures...it's not bad at all. The drains are more of an "ouch" then the sutures are. Glad to see/hear that you are doing so good. I hope you continue to heal well! :)
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That's great Pamela...so glad to here that you are doing well. My tummy is very swollen today as well so it may just be that 5 days PO thing? When me husband removed my CG for the first time to help give me a sponge bath I totally passed out. Thank god I have my walker with a seat on it that I was sitting on...but still really scary. If I ould have hit the floor that would have been painful! I'm very careful to open my CG very slowly now! Have a great night and heal well :)
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Ahhh ok are u get massage? On the lipo area? If yes does it hurt?
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