Mommy Make over on Dec 5, 2013 -Sacramento, CA

For of all, thanks for all the great reviews and...

For of all, thanks for all the great reviews and progress you guys post on this page. I find them so informative and helpful.
I'm 36, have 3 kids, 11, 2 and 1. I'm going to get the MM in 5 days. My main concern is my recovery. It looks like I need to drive after 10 days post surgery because my oldest take dance lessons. I'm seeing my doctor again in two days but I forgot what he'd told me the last time I saw him.. Too much info to digest :)

Just a few more days! Please keep us posted throughout this exciting journey! Here's a list of supplies you might want for recovery.

Thanks for sharing! Keep us posted on your story :)
Good for you! How exciting! We are about the same age with the same ages of kiddos! You will be OK to drive but no way will you be able to pick up the youngest in and out of the car seat so hopefully your oldest can help. My oldest (almost 13) has been doing all of the heavy toddler lifting for me when my husband isn't around :)

Pre-op appointment

So my husband and I came in today for my pre-op appointment. We both are scared and can't believe I am doing this. We paid the full amount for operation and doctor cost, but I have to call the anesthesiologist office to pay his fee separately. After I paid, I asked if they had given me a $200 discount for paying cash, they ran in, checked, and handed me $200 back because they "forgot". So we got in the room and saw dr Green. He recommended 100-350cc for my frame at the consultation appointment and I decided on 350 after trying on the sizer. I don't want to regret if it turns out too small and after spending this much money.
The doctor took my before pictures and answered our questions. He seemed so calm and here we were, so scared. He said I can shower the next day if I want, and the drain is usually in from 3-5 days, only if I don't drain more than 30cc in a 24 hours period.
I dropped off my husband and went to the lab. Paid $29 for the Blood test and headed back to work and
I can't concentrate :) my mind is running wild with this surgery.
I've been texting with the friend that had a breast implant by dr green two weeks ago. She is completely back to normal and no scalping either. Her husband is so impressed. That is very encouraging news.
Got my step mother in law to come by this Thursday for a week then my sister will come by next Friday when she's gone. Breath. Breath.. :)
BTW, thanks for all your comments and encouragement! It means a lot to me!
You are going to do great!! Get some rest and keep us posted!
I had my mommy makeover on 11/20/13 and it was much easier and much mess pain than I was fearing. I was sore more than anything but pain level was tolerable. just used ibuprofen after day 4. I went back to work (work at home on a computer) on day 5. All the stress I had reading all the nightmare stories, I wanted to share a positive one. Im so excited with my results at just 11 days and Would do it again. FYI, this was my first surgery ever of any kind. Chin up, I think a positive attitude goes a long way. It's really not that bad!
Another note, I'm 40 so a little older than you. I am lucky in that my only child just started college so I have no kids to care for. I was driving 5 days later short distances as I was off my pain meds during the day and Could use my automatic transmission no problem to drive. I thought I was a pretty big wuss before this when it came to pain so don't know if I was just really lucky or the exception to the rule but I'm telling you, pain was no big deal. I stayed 2 nights at surgery center just for my own security but by the day I checked out I Could get myself up and down and go to bathroom ok on my own. one word of advice, start taking a stool softener three times a day a few days in advance of surgery and continue it until a week or so after. that's the hardest part, that first bowel movement after surgery so this will help u out with giving you diahrrea like dulcolax. And don't freak out if it takes a few days to happen, that's normal with all the pain meds and anesthesia. Good luck and be positive, this is a piece of cake I promise. ignore the negative feedback, u will be fine!

This is it!! Husband is taking me there

Check in is at noon and my sister will swing by after work to pick me up. I'll keep u guys posted!!!

They are late!

Urge I have to wait for another hour :(
Good Luck!
Thank you! Your recovery is VERY encouraging!
That was also the only thing I had ever had done as well and truthfully the dry socket I would up with after was worse pain than this:). even on my tough days I'm mostly just sure cause I've been on my feet too long and my back is feeling strained. I almost can't believe I'm not hurting more than I am. I'm 2 weeks post op now and I'm honestly back to working full days (I do work out of my home and mostly just on a lot of calls and computer work) and I find myself resisting the urge in evening to clean and do laundry and just let my husband help me. I feel ready to be doing more but trying to obey my surgeons instructions. Much much luck to you, I hope your experience is as positive as mine has been!

Well I made it out alive!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I made it out alive and at home. I think it was around 2pm, close to 3pm and didn't know anything after that. Woke up and felt some pain and shivering.they have me some more pain mess and I drift away for about 30 minutes and woke up a lot more alert. Sister came by to take me to her house for a few days. I don't want my kids to see me and climb all over me at this point.
More pictures later, prob tomorrow when I have some privacy!
Happy to hear you survived! How annoying to have to wait an extra hour!!
Yea they were overbooked today!!! My tummy was starting to scream for food that's why :)
Glad you made it!

Just got up from a nap

Oh I forgot to mention that they sent a leg compression machine home for me to use to prevent blood clogs. I'm feeling A-oK so far. Laying on their couches recliner (automatic) and I'm not doing too bad. I've mentally prepared for the worst but so far I'm doing awesome! Good night everyone!!
So glad you're doing well! Take it easy and rest rest rest. Lucky you're able to keep the kids from seeing you right now. It was a little scary for my son when he saw me come home. Take care! Looking forward to pics :)
How are you? Also had mine done yesterday.
Welcome to the flat side! I'm doing pretty good. I was able to go to the bathroom by myself earlier. The pain is very minimal with the norco. How are you doing?


The boobs :)

Oops picture got cropped

Happy Healing !!! so far so good !!!
Thank you! :)

Thanks God for little sister

I've been staying with her for the past 2 night and she just helped me took a shower and snapped a few pictures.
My hubby and kid are sick at home. His stepmom are here to help so thanks to have step mom in law too!

I'm recovering pretty good. I still have the oozing at the top abdomens. I've been trying to walk and squeeze the blood from the tube down to the bubble to help my body drains better.

My next follow up is Monday. My left is still draining quite a bit. Hope I can take both out on Monday. Will see!

Thank you all for your encouragement! I wouldn't go through this if I haven't read your reviews and support! God bless!
Looking great!
I'm feeling better each day. Last night I felt a little spike in temperature and thought I might had a heck of a night but I woke up a few hours later to go pee and no fever. But- my period started. I can get up fairly easy and been going to pee every 2-3 hours. I'm still leak at the drain site. The right drain is looking good, prob under 25cc in 24 hours but the left is pouring.. I'm guessing it will be 40cc by 2pm today.. :( I have only one more day until my next check up. I might move the check up to Tuesday or Wednesday so I don't have to make 2 trips to get both drains out. Will see..
You look great!

My body is so bruised!!

Many left love handle is so bruised up, it looks horrible. I just took a shower and get to see the insidious for the first time. It doesn't look pretty :( I'm going to see him in Agee hours. Any suggestions on these bruises?

I weighed myself again this morning, same weigh as the morning I went into surgery, 111.6lbs. I've been backed up also. It doesn't bother me as much. We'll get some softener on the way home today.

I like the overall look, but I don't like the color of my skin ;( Hope time will heal better!
Thank you!!

Saw the doc, only one drain got taken out

One drained only about 10cc but the other is draining quite a bit, about 25cc so hopefully I can get it out in two days.
My boobs are carrying high so they gave me this band to wear on top to push them down.
So far I feel great and loving what I see. I felt so much better after one of the drains were taken out.
The pain on the first day was manageable, and I didn't really need help to go to the bathroom.
Each day the pain is less and less. I'm on day 4 and been taking only 1/2 of a 10mg norco every 5 hours. I'm going to switch to Tylenol so I won't feel sleepy.
Ladies, if you are thinking about doing this, it is totally do-able! Just make sure you have some help with rides and your kids, you will be fine.

One week today!!!

Yay! I made it to the one week mark! Got the second drain out yesterday. I feel good and no more pain. I still can't walk straight but was able to drive 5 days after surgery.
My problems right now are the purple bruises and swelling! The doc told me that my incision line will be flatter after 6 weeks. Hope that is the case. Right no wit doesn't look good.
My boobs seem to drop down a bit. Looking at them naked, I think they look too big but when I wear clothes over, I can't really tell that I had fake boobs. I guess it's a good thing since I plan to go back to work next week.
Does anyone has suggestions on my bruise and swollen situation? Thanks in advance!

2 weeks post op

Well, my main issues right now are swelling and boobs are still high. My muscle is still tense and really hard. Also my top middle stomach is bulging out more at the end of the day. It shoes some bruising and the doc didn't think I have water underneath, just tore muscle and bleeding and swelling. He said it had more fat than the belly button area and it won't be as flat. I hope it won't be a huge bulge :(
I can almost walk straight. However when I get up from sitting for a while, the skin pulls tighter when I tried to walk straight.
I'm still in the healing process so I don't really notice any big difference from the last update. Patients I must have I guess :)
You look great!!!
Thank you!
Cant wait to look as good as you.

Three weeks!

Wow time sure flies! It's been three weeks already.
The boobs still feel hard. It seems to make a little progress at dropping down. I try to wear the strap with a sock on the left boob to help it drop down.
The tummy seems bigger. It's probably all the eating and swelling (I hope) ehhe
I can almost walk straight now. The abdomen skin still pull when I tried to arch my back.
Just today I felt a little pain on my boobs, is it normal?
I also feel some pops inside, from reading others posts, they said they are just air bubbles? Hope that's the case.
Anyways, I tried taking some pictures of myself here. Others seem to master at taking selfties.. I suck at it big time :)

Few more pics with clothes on

Despite how hard the boobs are, I still love my new look! I finally has something to show under the dress :)

Forgot to upload the front incision

Looking better each week!!
You look great!!
I go in for a TT on Jan 24th with Dr. Green. Are you happy with his work so far? Is there anything you would do differently? Thank you for your review.
My husband thought it would be more helpful if he has digital image that simulates the before and after photo. I think it's more helpful in a BA case. But as for TT, I am happy with my new curve. I hope my incision will fade out over time. I guess worse I can go in for a laser resurfacing if I'm not happy with the scar. Other than that I would do it again :) As for Dr. green, he's nice but quiet. I guess you have to ask him questions then he answers your questions so come in prepared. At my pre-op appointment, both my husband and I were so nervous but dr green made it sounds like it's not a big deal, ie I can pick up my one year old to put in the car seat in 2 weeks, get up and walk as soon as I get home from surgery.. Stairs are even better :) I had mixed feelings but my recovery was much easier than I thought. His incision is pretty thin and nicely shaped.

A 32DD? Holy cow!!

I went to VS to get sized and it is a lot bigger than I thought. I'm size 32DD! I think I got more than I bargained for. I was hoping for just a C cup. It was certainly hard to tell your cup size with the sizer. I should have told dr. Green my desire cup size before surgery. But, in a way I don't mind the DD cup since no one can tell that I had my boobs done with a non padded bra on.
Today is 4 weeks post op. I feel great. The sensation on my upper ab is slowly coming back. The scar is looking better, boobs dropped a bit more. I can't wait for my 6 weeks post op and get the green light from dr. Green to get back to exercise. I signed up for a 1/2 marathon on March 16, and I am not confidence that I can run that much. Worst I'll just do the 5k and do the 1/2 marathon next year :)
You are doing great. Don't worry about bra size; especially VS since they always size up for some reason. It's just a number anyways. I asked for Cs and that's what he gave me. Although, immediately after surgery they were more like Ds. Just when I got use to the idea the swelling went down. Kind think I should have gone bigger but... Not doing this again ;-). I love the surgery and the results but the recovery isn't easy
You look so great in those dresses and your boobs are so perfect in them! I'm jealous because I am scared I am still going to need a push up to get that look :(
Thank you! I hope they will bluff out over time as they still feel very hard.. Probably why they look high in those dresses :) don't worry I'm sure you'll turn out just fine. Thanks goodness for push-up bras right? :)

Five weeks post op

So far I'm very pleased with my surgery and progress. My boobs are slowly dropping and feeling softer. My scar look so much better and i can almost arch my back without feeling my tummy skin is pulling. I would definitely recommend it, especially Dr. green. I can't wait to see him next week and get his blessing on doing more physical. I miss the gym and I miss carrying my kids.

The only one thing I'm concerned right now is my left boob, it seems to look bigger than my right. I will have a chat with Dr. green at my 6 weeks post op appointment.

I'm uploading some quick snaps as I didn't have time this morning. Will upload more pictures later!
You look amazing. Scars healing well. I don't know anything about breast aug, but it seems like they have changed al ot and look better every time you post. They look great!
Thank you!! I'm so glad I had a MM.. Haven't regret a bit! :) Just checked out your review. You look fantastic!!! Love your new bod! You did great!
Oh and VS and a few high end shops vanity size. So, don't sweat it. I can fit into a medium sports bra at Target, but I am a VS D-cup? Probably in reality a very full C.

Happy dance! I can do what ever I want in a few days

That is what my surgeon said about me going back to he gym in a few days!!! Woo hoo!!!
My six weeks is this Thursday but I went ahead to see him today as mondays are the only day he works at the office near my house. Next Monday is a holiday and I'll be out of town.
Anyways, he was very pleased at how flat and symmetrical the incision line is. He said I don't need any scar treatment or silicone tape. Just leave it alone. As for the boobs, he wanted me to wear the strap part time for a month then come back and see him. The only problem is I couldn't find it. The last time I wore it was Friday and now I can't find the darn thing :(
As far as the compression garment goes, I don't have to wear it in a few days. Just wear it when I work out to provide support. This is great news as I get uncomfortable at night if I lay on my side. The zipper on the side is pretty thick and it hurts if I lay on it. Sometimes my skin gets itchy as it rubs too much and the skin gets irritated towards the end of the day. The swelling has gone down about 80-90%. My tummy looks slightly bigger at the end of the day compared to the morning so i am very happy about that. I read some doctors comments that it can lasts up to 6 months so at a bit over a month, I think I'm doing pretty good!
Anyways, I am extremely happy with my surgery and I am so glad I found Dr. Green! I can finally say that it's worth every penny! This photo was taken at night with a Victoria secret 32DD bra on taken a few days ago.
Thanks for sharing your review. You look amazing! Any updated pictures?
wow !! your scar is healing beautifully.Those boobies are to die for.Work that new body girl.
Good to see you are feeling better. I still wear my spanx even at almost 2 months post. Got rid of the compression garment at around one month. Your breasts look supple! That's a plus that your swelling is down for the day. Pretty normal I think. I still forget it can take about 6-12 months to get that to go away. Good luck.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I am so glad that I found Dr. Green and the result is beyond my expectation! If I ever want another surgery, I want him again. Two thumbs up from me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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