35yoa Single Mom Standard Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Augment (Full C) - Sacramento, CA

My first post with 20 days to go until surgery. ...

My first post with 20 days to go until surgery. My pre-op is next week, I feel oddly ready and not nervous; not even just a little. I know 100% this is the right thing for me! I labeled this a "Mommy Makeover" only because this site doesn't offer both a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/Augment procedure type and I didn't want to make two posts every time. I am full aware that I am not getting just a little nip tuck and lift.


1978-2009 - "big boned" to put it lightly. I thought that being 199lbs was the perfect weight for me but found myself back and forth between 220-230lbs, tipping the scale at 253. I loved (and still do, but choose differently) food. Didn't usually pass it up. My food of choice? Greasy, fried, fast and big servings + a big 'ol soda with ice!
2006/Springtime: Got married. December: had a healthy 8lb baby boy.
2008/Fall: He moved out.
2009/June: Signed on the dotted line; DIVORCE FINAL.
2009/September: Had Gastric Bypass Surgery @ 256lbs. On my list of Top 5 Best Things I've Ever Done.
2009-2013: Lost a total of 101lbs. My lowest was 155lbs and I average between 165lbs and 170lbs.
2013/November: Made up my mind. I'm getting a tummy tuck and my boobies perked up a bit. Consult was scheduled a week later.
2014/January: 20 days until surgery and counting .....

$$$ How Much $$$ ???

For my procedures I planned on spending $20k. This gave me enough to cover the surgery and anything/everything else. Here is my BREAKDOWN:

$15,920: Procedures + Fees. Includes the three procedures (abdominalplasty, breast life and breast augment), scheduling fees, compression garments, medicine pump, etc. Because I chose to have the procedures together I was given a couple hundred dollars off. The initial $60 consult fee that I paid for was taken off as well. This is the amount I have paid directly to the surgery center. In order to make a surgery appointment I had to pay the scheduling fees ($1,160). The remaining had to be paid, in full, two weeks before the surgery date.

$1,700 - General Anesthesia "pre-payment". This number could potentially change depending on how the surgery goes on the day of. This payment is made directly to the Anesthesiologist who is essentially contracted out from the surgery center that I selected.

$45 - Labs. Quick blood draw; I was in and out. Paid out of pocket for this. SIDE NOTE: I was told that I could go to my primary care physician, asked her to write me an order for lab work and then my insurance would cover it. I felt that it was a lot of work, plus I was worried the lab results and paperwork would not get to the surgery center in time and I really didn't want the hassle. Now, if the lab work fees were a couple hundred dollars or more then, yeah, I would have gone the RX route.

$$$$$ - Other stuff. I've purchased new cozy sleep pants, zip up sweaters, wireless bras, vitamins, poop aids, I'm considering renting a hospital bed, Redbox, magazines, movie/music/book downloads for recovery entertainment, extra cost for the nanny ....... All I'm sayin' is consider these things, they add up quickly.

Pictures Finally

Here are my pictures. I feel like they might be a bit graphic but I really wanted to show the big muff vagina bump, deflated breasts and belly.

Hospital Bed? OR no Hospital Bed??

In researching my procedures I've seen a few posts/blogs about patients renting a hospital bed to aid in recovery. Initially, I thought it seemed a bit .. ridiculous? I figured my bed was the perfect height; I have a ton of good pillows. That my recliner will work just fine and I felt confident that I could set up my couch and ottoman to make a cozy resting/recovery spot. Then I talked to a co-worker who had the same procedure and she told about a time during her recovery that she was "stuck" in her recliner in the middle of the night yelling for help from her care giver. She said she was is in too much pain and lacked the momentum to get the recliner down so that she could use the restroom; that she almost wet herself. This was the moment I began seriously considering the hospital bed. I am NOT going to pee myself.

I called around to local medical supply stores. One (in Davis) would rent the bed to me for $250 a WEEK. Jackson Medical Supply in Woodland rented the bed to me for $270 for the MONTH. This includes delivery, set up, take down and pick up. They would not pro-rate the bed based on a shorter rental period. Although I anticipated needing the bed for only about two weeks, I figured having it for the month might just be worth it and in the event I was ready for it to be picked up early, then I could just give them a call.

I'm having the bed delivered on Monday (my surgery is Wednesday) that way I have some time to get it all set up; wash the sheets and get my blankets out. One blog I read suggested getting a memory foam mattress topper. I don't really love the memory foam toppers but I have a egg foam mattress topper that I'll use. I'll set up a bed side table with a light and all the stuff I'll need. I'm going to have it set up in the living room; there's lost of light and the good BIG TV is in there.

After arranging delivery of the bed, I feel even more at ease with the recovery process. We'll see. We'll see. It will definitely be weird walking into my house and seeing a hospital bed in my living room but I'm pretty sure I won't be hosting any dinner parties anytime soon.

Problem with the Pooooooh

When I had gastric bypass I recovered very well. I really didn't experience ANY problems except constipation. I'm confident this was due to the change in diet but mostly because I was not drinking enough water. I took ONE dose of the prescription medication so I know it wasn't because of the drugs (like some say). It was simply because I was not drinking enough water.

I was so constipated. It was horrible. Thanks to that experience" I have these lovely hemorrhoids that make an appearance every now at then (yeah, that's hot .. not) and a weird fear of becoming constipated again.

So, of course, I plan on drinking as much water as humanly possible but not really knowing what the pain will be like, will I get enough water into my system? I have Miralax (liquid), a stool softener and the One-a-Day Tru-Biotics (umm this was expensive, almost $25 for a small bottle) to aid in my cozy pooh experience.

My question to you? Any tips/suggestions to insure a cozy poo besides the methods I've listed here?


Pre-Op Appointment - 13 Days to Go!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. Here’s the blow-by-blow:

The Medical Assistant (MA) reviewed some paperwork with me and I signed a few forms. She took my blood pressure and listened to my lungs. The doctor came in and we went over my questions (see the list below). He did a breast and abdominal exam and gave me three prescriptions (norco, muscle relaxer and an antibiotic). We talked again about my breast size (no bigger than a “full C” I will reiterate this again in the day of surgery) and the appointment was pretty much over. If this sounded short and sweet, it really was. I think maybe I was in there for 15mins? I left the exam room, got my “doctor’s note” for work, asked a few more questions and was on my way.

Here were my questions and answers.

Q: Nipple sensation.
A: Typically not a problem; we talked about it a little and I felt satisfied with the response.

Q: Would like a second compression garment.
A: No need to buy another one. I already get two. Great!

Q: Shaving (pubic). Do I need to go completely bare or do my regular “style”?
A: Regular style is just fine.

Q: Ok to continue to take my birth control?
A: Yes.

Q: Ok to continue to take my regular daily vitamins (Women’s One-a-Day multi, ProBiotics One-a-Day and Biotin)?
A: Yes.

Q: I purchased Arnica and Bromelain. Could/should I take them both?
A: Suggested I take the Arnica not Bromelain; he didn’t know much about the Bromelain. Didn’t think it was a problem if I took them both (I’m going to research this a little more).

Q: Any suggestions regarding the constipation issue?
A: Suggested a stool softener and product similar to MiraLAX. Also GasX.

Q: Will they call my person picking me up when surgery is over? (There is a $150 fee if the person picking me up is not on time)
A: Once surgery is over, a staff member will call and advise what time to be at the facility to pick me up.
(My mom is my “person” she is going to take me and wait in the waiting area while I’m in surgery. She isn’t planning on leaving the site other than for a bite to eat or something. This made me feel really good … I really didn’t think she’d wait there all day. The surgery is like 7hrs long. I think I’m going to make her a little “waiting kit” as a thank you gift for being there for me.)

Last Week of Work + Nesting

Today starts my last week of work before my surgery. I'll have six weeks off to insure a good recovery. Part of me hopes I don't need the full six weeks but the idea of having six weeks OFF is very appealing.

I still feel ready; keeping myself busy with things that make me feel good. I've been doing some nesting around the house. I want all those piddley things done so as I am laying there, not able to move, the piddley thing isn't on my mind. I've made a list of movies I want to see/rent, I'll buy some magazines next week and maybe hit the craft store for an easy craft I can do in my lap. Maybe I'll take up knitting? I saw some cool easy "beginner's" knitting things at Michael's. I've got to go to Wal Mart for the toilet seat riser and shower seat. Lowe's for the removable showerhead and to the grocery store for some easy snacks and freezer meals. Prescriptions need to be filled.

My Mom is going to be with me for the day of and days to follow so I am going to grab some of her favorite things for the fridge. I'm also going to make her a "Waiting Kit" (she insists on staying in the waiting room during my 6+hr surgery which made me feel kinda' taken care of) with magazines, snacks, water and an iTunes card to keep her busy. I think I'm going to get a "beginner's" knitting thing for her too? My close girlfriend will be with me for the weekend so next week I'll grab a few things for her too. I'm looking forward to getting caught up with her.

My son is going to be with his Dad for a week after the surgery. I'm pretty sure I'll be ready for him to be home after a week. Plus I have a nanny (who is awesome) and sisters and friends that can help out. He is seven so he can do a lot on his own. I've talked to him about getting my "tummy fixed" after he commented on it being "all flabby" so he knows I'm going to have a surgery. He also knows the hospital bed is coming so I think he has been prepped as much as he needs to be. would prefer all the drains be removed before he comes home so it's not all bloody and gross looking. Bottom line, I can play it by ear, his Dad and I are on good terms so give or take a few days would be fine.

Has anyone had to pay the anesthesiologist more after the surgery?
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

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Hello how did it go? I'm looking into having a MM from him and I was just wondering if you recommend him? Can you post after pictures? Thanks
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Your surgery looks profesional. You are going to look so good
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Tomorrow is our big day! Cant wait!!!! Hope to see an update from you soon...best, best of luck! And prayers for the doctor and his staff...
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Wooohoo, tomorrow's the big day! Good luck and post an update as soon as you can! Happy healing hun.
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Hey there! I went to the same office but had surgery with dr Green. I'm sure your surgery will go just fine. 6 weeks off is plenty!!! As far as the compression garments, two was good. Get an extra set of bras so you can wash the ones you wear after surgery. I paid the anesthesiologist 907 and didnt have to pay more. My surgery was just a few hours (Mommy make over). If your mom was late, just pretend you were still sick and not ready to go home yet hehhe. Good luck and congrats!!! Keep us posted.
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Thank you for your comments. Super helpful. I was worried the A would bill me a big $ later. Good tips LOL. Thanks. So at 6 weeks you were ready to go back to the gym? I can't wait to wear cute work out clothes! Hey, so what do you think of the staff at SPSC? I feel like I am bugging them the two times I was in the office AND each visit they were 30min late in getting me from the waiting room.
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I felt the same! I love dr green to death but the staffs were rough. The payment process was horrible. I paid 9k in cashier's check and the rest in cash. They made me pay BEFORE seeing dr green at pre-op and there were 3 people counting the cash. I felt very uncomfortable by that whole incident. Then they forgot to give me the 200 discount for paying cash so I came out to ask and they gave me 200 back. The nurses were nice. I have most of my follow up in Roseville and I like the staffs there better.
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Good to know. I didn't think I was being too sensitive. Oh well. I'm a tough chick but will be sure to express my "feelings" in the after review. I felt like I put them out when I asked just a few questions at the counter. I thought, I just paid almost 20k, umm I deserve a moment of your time. The 30min past my scheduled appointment really boiled my blood the most.
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Hehe I'm used to wait for my OBG sometimes up to 45 minutes (I had 3 kids) so I guess I had more patience :) As for the constipation, seems like everyone here got it. I used cream of magnesia, just one dose on the 5th day and finally pooped. I stopped taking it as I was somewhat back to regular schedule. Good for you on the hospital bed. Does it have an auto recline button? There is no way you can get out of the recliner alone for the first few days :) having someone to help you for the first 3 days is a must. I couldn't even reach up to open the microwave door :) The good news is by the 5th day I was off of pain mess and was able to drive. Of course listen to your body and get plenty of rests. Unfortunately I was able to hide from my kids for 3 days but I had to go home as they missed me dearly :) BTW, what time is your surgery? Hope it's first thing in the morning. They told me the day before that mine was at 11, then when I got there they said 12, then 1 then 2pm they finally called me in. I laid in bed getting the ivy and saw the anethegiologist briefly and dr green came to mark me but I don't get wheeled in until almost 4pm. I was starving marving so be prepared :(
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Good to know, I got the MOM and will take it when if I feel like the other stuff I got isn't working. Yes the bed is electric and reclines. I'm not sure about the button. It's delivered on Monday so I will know about all it's bells and whistles then. Oh no, my microwave is high up too. I didn't event think of it. I have help scheduled for the remainder of the week and through the weekend, I think I'll be good. Fifth day huh? That would be great. I'd like to be able to drive ASAP. They said for me to be there at 0830. I sure hope I'm not waiting like you. That sucks. Did they give an explanation as to why it was so delayed? I BET you were hungry.
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Hey Lady you are way more prepared than I was...I had my MM on Jan 10 and am healing but bed was a great idea bc my lower back hurts worst sleeping in a recliner...Ive been in since Jan 10 and am hoping at Post -Op today I can transition to the bed...I have a Awesome Gel Bed and really am ready to sleep in it again...but I take stoole softners everyday and lots of water and I have no problems...i went by day 3 and it was not hard...be careful taking everything to close together because you do not want stomach cramps after the TT...happy and speedy recovery you are do prepared it will be a walk in the park...:)
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Oh get frozen peas in a bag for icing thr tatas...you will want to do this religiously for the first couple days for sure
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Well it sounds like you are ready...good for you!!! Can't wait to see after pics...will be keeping you in my thoughts. I am usually very regular but did have a problem after surgery going to the bathroom even with stool softeners & MOM...we finally called my PS, he suggested Magnesium Citrate and it worked great!!!
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I am in awe of how much care you've taken to ensure that those who are taking care of you are comfortable. You are a considerate, giving spirit :)
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Aww thank you 218. I do my best that's for sure.
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I'd say you are ready! Your question about any suggestions to avoid constipation… I too have a terrible fear of becoming constipated as I once suffered a bowel impaction after a bout with constipation. I ate very lightly 48 hours prior to surgery (smoothies and soups). I also ate easily digestible foods until I had a bowel movement post op. (Also drank water like it was going out of style, took stool softeners with every meal, drank smooth move tea on day 2 and 3 post op, and ended up taking a little less than a full dose of MOM in the afternoon on day 3). To my delight I had zero issues with constipation after my surgery.
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I love it CaliMom! Thank you for the suggestions. I will totally take your advice. I was planning on having protein shakes on Mon & Tue then surgery is on Wednesday so I should be pretty cleaned out. Where is "smooth move" tea? Natural food store?
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You def sound like your all most ready. I too have a few little things to get, but mostly ready. I'm 13 days away. Am doing some cooking ahead for the hubby. Don't want him going hungry while I'm a lump, lol. You are so cool to make little thank you gifts/kits for your mom and friend. We gotta take care of our "caretakers" right. Don't know what we'd do without them. Will keep you in my thoughts as you approach your day. Excited for you and can't wait to see your results. ;-D
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Hi Happy Suzy! Oh yes we do! What kinds of meals are you going to make for him?
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My usuals: Relleno style chili, Spaghetti meat sauce, Organic chicken & veggie soup, Springtime skillet stew, Pork ribs, French lamb chops. Lamb chops are done...still have to make the rest. Basically I make double dinners, and put the other half in freezer in individual containers. He'll probably get take out a few time also. Hope to have about 2 weeks worth of meals in freezer.
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your surgery is the day after mine. Best wishes for a smooth recovery :)
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Right back at'cha. Looks like you're ready too!
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Awesome update and prep questions. I asked most all of those TODAY when I saw my doc (I have pre-op on Monday, but won't see him). You ARE ready! Excited for you...and me too, I'm in 18 days. ((HUGS))
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Good luck on your mommy makeover !! We will be having the same procedures on the same day.
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Yes! Good luck to both of you!! I also am having mm on the same day. =) so excited! ! Can't wait. Worried about the early recovery part. It's tuff to be dependent on someone so much. =/
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