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I developed hyperpigmentation after my 2nd baby. I...

I developed hyperpigmentation after my 2nd baby. I got it after the 1st baby but Tri Luma fixed it. Then they discontinued it. I started Obagi Nu-derm & it worked but the retin A really started to irritate my skin making it look worse: scaly, un-even skin tone, large pores-HORRIBLE. By far not the beautiful skin I once had. I've ALWAYS taken care of my skin, sunscreen, hats, the best creams & facials & it really showed. So this has been very traumatic for me & depressing.
Anywho, I made an appointment with a dermatologist who specializes in Laser treatments & that was the best thing I could have done. In 1 visit, she said reassured me the retin A irritation will get better, I DON'T need (or advised not to) any lasers due to my skin type (Olive toned, latin), & she gave me a prescription for TRI LUMA!!!! Yay!! IPL, Fraxel, etc. really scared me so I am VERY pleased I didn't have to take that route.
So for now, I will be using only Tri Luma & LOT'S of sunscreen & I will update my progress.
I'll take "naked" pictures of my skin tonight before I apply Tri Luma & will post new ones every few weeks. I'm excited to see how my skin responds to this.
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Dr. M. She was awesome! Highly recommended. Very informative. Should have gone a long time ago.

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Hi Did your hyperpigmentation get better? i am Latina and have melasma,hyperpigmentation,sun damage on both of my cheeks,it is Horrible and is 100x worse than your beautiful skin. I am in the Bay Are but i will try derma sweep because fraxel is costly and doesn't work& no peels for me,i am allergic to Retin-A and will NOT do abagi,expensive and cause your brown spots to turn black,my gf who is columbian did it and this is what happened to her. so i am going to do a patch test in the fall. Your thoughts? Thanks
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did you try cosmelan cream for melasma ? it has amazing results and no risks of cancer as from hydroquinone in triluma
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Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing your continued progress.
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