56 Year Old Mother of Two (And Grandmother!) Having a Full TT and Lipo of Inner & Outer Thighs. So Excited!!! - Sacramento, CA

I've been wanting to take care of my "pouch" for...

I've been wanting to take care of my "pouch" for over 30 years. After the c-section of my first son, I knew I was in trouble. 6 weeks after I could see a sagging of the skin and over the years, I have been in fantastic shape, to 25 pounds overweight and that pouch never goes away. I absolutely hate it and never feel good in my clothes. I am about 15 pounds overweight right now and I just swore I'd have it off before my big day, but with 5 days left, doesn't look like that's going to happen!! I feel extremely motivated to start working out again after I heal and just as soon as can. I think the stress of all I have going on right now may have contributed to not getting it off. This is going to be a life changing event for me and I just know I'll take really good care of myself and get the rest off. I just can't believe only 5 more days!!! I have all my meds, clothing, I even bought a recliner and one of those "Go Girls" lol! I'll take a picture of my before as soon as I can figure out why my camera isn't working. I've posted 3 or 4 times and hope I get a response this time!! I need to share this with somebody and my husband is the only one that knows.


Best of luck to you....
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Good luck with the 23595county and the lipo. Keep us posted.
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Thank you! Will do. :)

I took some Pre Op Selfies.....

I've never taken a selfie and absolutely can't believe I am posting this for the world to see, but my excitement over the coming change in my life has me letting myself do it. PLUS, I see all the support and help this site offers. I have really big thighs and my clothes never fit well and the belly from the two kids. I just can't imagine how different it's going to be. I sure hope I won't be disappointed in the results! Most of you love yours so it makes me hopeful.


MsMajestic, wishing you good luck on your Sx, we both have the same dates different place, sending some good Energy, will be praying for you too. I knw God will let us go through without any problems..keep us posted..gl!!
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Okay, now I'm getting a bit scared!! 3 days to go!!!

I've been reading so many reviews and just the one or two where people aren't happy are so sad and scare the crap out of me! I've saved so long for this and it's super expensive and my hopes are so high. Most are happy and that's awesome, but I had to drive by myself 9 hours today and too much time on my hands and I'm tired. I will try to stay positive, but I'm super freaked out tonight. I just have to be flat!! One lady said they only removed 40 cc's for her lipo!! That's nothing!! Anyway, I'm definitely not going to back out. I'm paid and for the most part happy and excited, but these last minute fears are wearing on me. Maybe a good night sleep and read some good comments and I'll be good. I just totally need to remember my PS is awesome and I've got this!!!


can't wait to hear about your results. I'm 60 and having lipo August 22nd and am so scared the results won't be what I'm hoping for. I'm at least 15 lbs overweight but can't seem lose through restricting intake. Good Luck and I'm sure the results will be fabulous.
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Thank you so much. I went for my pre-op today and I was so scared and nervous and Dr. Green within 2 sentences made me feel so confident and ready to do. He was fine with my 15 extra pounds and told me it's actually perfect because he can sculpt and has something to work with!!! I almost started crying!! I can't believe it's tomorrow. I'm ready except for one HUGE embarassing problem and I could really use some help on this. You're going to laugh, and it's funny, but it's NOT! I have such bad GAS! I bought gas/x and did an enema and I just don't know what to do!! I can just imagine being knocked out and knock out my poor PS. I wont have control because I'll be under. I don't want to run my Dr out of the room before he's done with my surgery, lol! All kidding aside, I'm freaking out!! Thank you Shirleykay for the kind words.
Thank you for sharing your story! Best of luck! I'm sure you'll have no regrets when you heal up & look amazing :)
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One more hour to go!!!

Today is the big day and I'm ready! I had the most incredible Pre-op appt with Dr. Green yesterday. He was so supportive and answered every single question and took away every doubt and fear that I had. He's was really amazing with me and I needed that so much. I was a wreck before I got there. Also, I managed to get rid of problem that I had yesterday that was soooo bad! (I had gas and thought I was going to be passing gas while I was out on the table and run my nice Dr off!!!)
I think my life will be forever changed after today and I'll do my best to take care of my body and to live well in everyway, including my relationships with people. I feel blessed that there is a solution like this surgery for my problem and that I was able to save for it and do it. As all my Real Self peeps say, see you on the flat side!! I wish you that are soon the best of luck and those healing are feeling well. Bye...


Ok sisters today is day 4 post op, my Sx date was set bck to Wednesday by Dr Mallen. Every thing went well pre op. When you're going to a Dr that his English is limited, ur going to run into a hitch any ways my lipo was ok I hve a small waist , flat stomach, my flanks and arms seem ok I wanted a little more butt but that I did not get, I guess God knows everything best,lol any ways let me tell you this ain't knw joke.. The walking around is a killer, lol I had to stop so many times it wasn't funny...cold sweat was washing me to go to my room . Had my first massage today, it wasn't so bad and the lady took her time, guys no pictures yet too tired.....
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So glad to hear that after 4 days you can already see the shape of your body changed. I think I was thinking the swelling would be so significant after surgery that you wouldn't be able to see your new shape. Hope you continue to feel better each day and can't wait to see your results! I would love to hear about the brand/type of compression garment you chose as I need to select before my upcoming surgery. Looking forward to more posts on your recovery process
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Thank you texasana, I am very swollen still but it's so much better. He removed over 3 liters of fat plus the skin below my belly button and told me it was about equal to 40 cubes of butter!! There are things I hope will improve after all the swelling is gone, but I have to stay positive and enjoy the changes I have right now and so far, so good!! As for the garment, the PS provided me with 2. One to wear while I launder the other. I'll have to go look. There was a good link I saw that I got by Goole. I typed in compression garments liposuction and there were some with good reviews. Hope this helps!! Good luck!! Will post pics maybe later this evening but for sure tomorrow. :)

1 week post op

I am having lot of bruising and swelling. I go back and forth about how I feel about my results so far. I trust my PS and so I'll just wait for judgement on all of it. My tummy is flat and that awful nasty skin is gone!!! I have been walking on the treadmill 4 times a day for 15 minutes each so I won't get a blood clot. We live in such a beautiful area but it's been so hot. Well over 100 everyday so I'm really happy I have the treadmill. Well, I've decided to post the pictures. I'll do it again when I look better. The bruises are horrible!! I feel pretty good though. Hope everybody is doing well with their prep for surgery or their healing!! :)


You look great! Thanks for all the updates, can't wait to hear more. I'm wanting to get this done in the fall. Why is your incision so high? Did your Doctor explain this to you, usually I see them lower.
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You look great! Can't wait to see more pictures.
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U r already looking great. Bruises will b gone in no time.
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Time for my pitty party I guess

Today is day 10 post of and I'm scared to death that my stomach isn't going to be flat after all of this. I like having the flap of skin gone but I was really hoping for a flat belly. Guess it just isn't my body shape. I'm still very swollen, bruised and crippled up and hope it's just one of those days. I would appreciate any advice my RS friends have for getting this chin of mine up, and some of these bruises and the swelling down. I'm kind of thinking today, what have I done to myself. So many of you look fantastic but I look like I may have wasted a ton of money and beat myself up for something that is not obtainable. :( Okay, enough of my sob story. Hope you all are doing better than I am. :(


I did not have the TT, just lipo of upper & lower abs and flanks. I would see all these instant beautiful results and got very down about my results. I am now almost seven weeks out and things are resolving nicely. Keep the faith and be patient. There is already a lot of improvement and u r looking good.
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Don't worry it will be flat. There is still lots of swelling. I had one about 9 years ago.
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I'm doing better today!

I shouldn't have posted when I was tired and scared. Today I feel better and after getting out of the shower, took another post op. I do see improvement and feel more optimistic that my swelling will go away eventually and will be very pleased with my results. I still have my drains in. I have them clipped to the back of my underwear in this picture. I'm really scared that when I drive 6 hours to my PS on Monday, he won't be able to take out one of the drains. One is solid yellow and barely producing anything and the other is dark red and producing about 100 cc's a day. I hope I didn't tear anything. This has been going on for too long. 2 more days to clear up the drain. Has anybody else had this??
Well, I hope you all are well. I just don't know what I would have done without this RealSelf site. It's such an inspiration and a great tool to keep my head on straight when I get scared or discouraged. Here's my 12 day Post OP picture.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Here are pre op, 5 days and 12 days to compare

I'm plugging away at it. What is the name of that cream that some use to massage into the skin for swelling after lipo? I think it would be a good thing to try. Thanks in advance for any info that may be helpful. :) I think by seeing my own post today, that there is improvement from day 5! WooHoo!!!!


Hi you look amazing !! I'm one month po From TT and had my drains in over 3 weeks had an appt with ps on tues and he had to aspirate fluid from tummy going back tomorrow to check if more needs to come out ! I was down to yellowish fluid about 8cc one side and 10 cc other side before he would take them out and still had to have it aspirated so some of us just get more fluid than others , hang in there ok !!
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Did it hurt when he aspirated the fluid? I'm thinking I may need to have that too. I'm going to your page to check out your story. Thank you so much for commenting and for the compliment! You hang in there too! I sure hope you're 100% happy with your results when all healed up!
Hi, they numbed me first , so it was more uncomfortable than anything , nothing compared to what I've already been through ! If you looked on my Page I'm sure you saw that I had a lift and aug one week after tummy tuck dr took off 61/2 lbs of skin on tummy ! So my stomach is such a huge difference I think cuz I'm still healing and dealing with a few things from lift , can't say if I'm happy yet I think I am if that makes sense I've just been through so much and just kinda over the whole thing at this point you know ! Getting ready to go to doc now so hopefully no aspirating today and I will be able to start doing more , have a good day !!

Week 4 after my TT and Lipo

I've had an infection that is causing lots of swelling and i'm sort of in a depression. I'm not feeling well and my stomach is just a swollen and puffy as it was before my surgery. I saw my PS yesterday and he says the swelling will go down but will take months. I hope my results will come. He added another antibiotic but today, I'm frustrated and just not happy. :(


hey majestic , how's the swelling going? I hope everything is getting better for you hun! I'm so scared I still haven't choose my doctor yet! its between dr. green and dr. Perry ugh and hearing about your infection isn't making it any better, do you think dr. green could have done anything different to prevent that from happening or is it just how your body reacted? keeping you in my prayers
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Hi there Morgan10! I'm actually doing great! Very little swelling and my tummy looks terrific if I may say so myself!! It wasn't Dr. Green's fault on the infection. I have some issues that make me prone to infection. He did a great job and I love the shape. I need to get a picture for you. I would go with Dr. Green again in a heartbeat! He was amazing with me during my issues and gave me his personal cell number and wanted me to text him my progress everyday and he responded quickly, even though he was on vacation with his family. Can't wait to show you my new tummy!! I hate selfies, but will get one by the end of the day for you. Thanks for checking in and I hope you have great luck and success with your surgery!!
Hi Ms. Majestic- I was wondering how you are coming along with your healing. Is your infection all better? Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way.
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