Permalip Implant (5mm)

I decided to get large permalip implants on both...

I decided to get large permalip implants on both my upper and lower lip. I had used fillers before and really liked the look of a full sexy mouth. Fillers can be quite expensive over time and the implants are the cost of 2 juvaderm filler procedures, so financially it is definitely worth it to me. The swelling took about a week to completely subside and I'am quite happy with the results. There is still some numbness and tingling,but that takes a couple months to go away. I can feel the implants but they feel natural, just a little firm. Overall, so far so good. I have posted pictures below.... Let me know what you think! :)


your lips look great and they're actually not "duck like". really nice :-) where did you get it done? i think it's the cheapest that I've seen here, did you get a special of some sort?
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Love your results! I think I'm def. leaning more towards the permalip now opposed to the verafil. Did you ever contemplate other implants other than permalip? Anyhow, keep us updated! p.s. can you give the name of your surgeon? thanks!
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hey, they look really good, but i do see one lower side being bigger than the other, and that is what really scares me. Did you doctor explain you how this can happen? I mean, after all, the implant is the same as on the other side :///. I would hate to have asymmetrical lips ... Are they getting softer now? C
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Whew! So It has been 7 weeks since surgery and...

Whew! So It has been 7 weeks since surgery and I've finally gained full mobility back in both lips. They were chapping and peeling badly too so I've been using Blistex like every couple hours. Other than those two issues, I love my results and totally satisfied with my lips!!! I've been getting compliments on a daily basis. People can't tell they've been enhanced either! ...hehehe I'm sneaky. I love not having to wonder when my filler is going to dissolve and slowly watch my pucker deflate. Finally found permanent solution and over the long run the procedure is definitely worth the investment! I highly recommend my surgeon and Permalip to anyone considering implants.


These look great. I have been doing Juvederm and I really want something permanent. I was just wondering, how long did it take for you to recover? Were you able to do things the next week or no? I just want to know how long I'll have to take off work, especially before swelling goes down!
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Thanks. It took only a few days for my body to feel normal. There was still a lot of swelling for the first two weeks. For the first 3 days, I couldn't eat any solid food and had trouble drinking too. I would give yourself at least 4-5 days to recover before you go back to work! Good luck!

5 months later looking good!

I finally feel used to the size and that the implants are part of me. Sensation is back completely and my boyfriend can't feel anything when kissing. I forget I even have implants! 8 )


Hi noey I just had my perma lip implans done today their really swollen is their a way u could let me know what types of food u ate that where more comfortable ?
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Hi Noey, What size were your lips before you had the implants or any filler? I have to get fillers every 2 months as they don't last in my lips :( your implants look great & I would love some myself :) also, do you have to have any filler removed before having the implants? Thanks Charlie
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Hi Noey! thank you for the review! My procedure is coming up very soon (this tuesday!) and am doing local anesthetic, not getting put to sleep.. my boyfriend tells me this is a terrible idea and that I will be in so much pain, was wondering if you did local and if you felt anything? thank you! :)
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