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Soo here I am... I am one month away from my...

Soo here I am... I am one month away from my surgery date I am excited and nervous. I started this process 2 years ago and backed out the first time because I thought I wasn't doing it for the right reasons. Now here I am two years later, my mind is set and I'm ready to do this for me. I'm looking forward to a healthier mentally and physically me. Is there any thing I can do to prepare before the surgery.? I exercise daily, drink plenty of water and have been taking the vitamins for months now.
Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your surgery, I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery! I think the best way to prepare for this type if surgery, is to do everything you're doing now. Eat healthily, drink lots of water and exercise. This will all help shrink your liver, which is what needs to happen and which is what the pre-op diet is for. When do you start your pre-op?

Also, if you smoke, try stopping now. Try and reduce your caffeine intake and stop any soda you're drinking, even if it's diet soda.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!
Thanks for the support. I'm not a smoker and I haven't had caffeine in months. You made reference to a prop diet?.. I've not been told of this. I was told a nurse would call a couple days before my surgery and give me diet instructions. Is there something I should be asking them sooner?. I have my prep classes and physical next week.
Every doctor is different in how they administer the pre-op diet. It also depends on your weight at the point of surgery. My pre-op diet was 3 weeks long and I could only have clear liquids, no solid food. Some other people only have to do it for 1 week and are allowed one meal per day. If you're not sure, you can always call your doctor and ask what your particular pre-op diet will be like.

Count down

Just had my pre surgery visit with my surgeon, and am very pleased that the pre surgery diet will only be for two days!
I have three weeks before my surgery and I am feeling a little more relaxed.
Can't wait for the new healthy me!

3 days before my surgery

Getting excited... The day I've been waiting for is becoming more realistic. It feels like my journey to a healthier me has taken its sweet time to get here.
A tip for others.. make sure you ask your Dr. If you need to stop taking your birth control before surgery. They didn't talk about that in the pre - op class. I found out by having things delayed for 30 days.
I also started my pre - op diet a week before my surgery even though my Dr. Just requires 2 days prior. I figured this would prepare me mentally for what the menu would be like after the surgery.
My op was done on 27 January 2014 (on my 30th birthday!) I had a very strict healthy eating plan from a dietician which I had to follow 3 months prior to my surgery. This was one of the conditions of my surgery. The program my surgeon compiled is extremely strict but is also rated as one of the best in the world. I lost 27kg (or 52 pounds) during these 3 months. I am now one week post op and can honestly say I have not yet had one ounce of regret. Congratulations on doing this. You deserve it. Take a deep breath. It will be okay. No it won't be okay - It will be great!


It's the day after my surgery and all went well. My Dr. did discover a hernia so that was repaired at the same time.
The pain right after surgery was boarder line unbearable but, once I was fully away and moved into my room it was getting better. It's hard to tell if I'm hungry or in pain. After speaking to my Dr he said it was most likely pain.
I'm not hungry what so ever but, I am very thirsty.
I'm excited for this new journey and although I have alot of pain I would do it again. No regrets!!
More pictures to come and a week to track my progress.
Thanks for the comments.. Question after surgery how long did you experience abdominal pain if you had any?
Hi, I am not having any pain at all at the moment. I am 2 weeks post op now. I have discomfort at times especially if I do things I am not supposed to such as twist to get the thrombosis socks on. I must say I have been very pleasantly surprised with little to no pain thus far. The only pain I experienced was on the day of my op and even the it was my shoulder from the gas more than anything else! How about you? Are you experiencing much pain?
I am having pain mostly at the camera incision. I also had a hernia that they repaired during my surgery.. I am only 3 days out from surgery. The pain is getting better but it's definitely there. Thanks for your repky.

A hard week

Thank goodness this week is almost over!!
The pain is minimal but the nausea comes and goes. I'm starting to recognize it sooner and that way I can record what I was eating/drinking that brought it on. Today it was broth..One too many sips.
I'm excited to get past this stage and start working out again. My first follow up appointment with the surgeon is Thursday.. I haven't seen any weight loss is this typical for this early on?

One week after surgert

5 weeks post op

What a wonderful tool I have been given!
I'm 39 lbs healthier and loving life. I've got a lot more energy now and it's making working out more enjoyable.
That is amazing! Well done! I feel exactly the same. I am now in total 47kg down from the beginning of the pre op program. I am now 6 weeks post op. I feel like a new person. We deserve this! Once again, well done!

Another milestone

Thursday I will be 6 weeks post op and I have hit my 3rd milestone since surgery. The first two were lowering my blood pressure and blood sugars!!!. The 3rd is I am now in ONDERLAND!!!!.. Although the first two were my number one priority. . The 3rd one is very exciting.. it's been 10 years since I've been under the 200 lbs weight...

Two months post op

Question.... I've hit my first stall.. I haven't lost any weight in a week.. is this normal?.. I work out daily and measure and weight everything.. Is there anythingI can do to get things moving again.
Hello iam new..I am thinking of doing it but my insurance sucks. How much is the cost? Does anyone have any idea. My weight is 210 I don't know if they would do it for me or no...any suggestions? Thanks
My insurance was billed $25,000.. I had a $200.00 deductible and $500.00 for the hospital stay no matter how many days I stayed. My surgeon based my qualifications on my bmi and other health conditions. Good luck
My pre-op diet was two wks before my surgery

Three month check up time

May 6th will be my three month check up visit. Since surgery I have lost a total of 62 lbs. Yeay!!!.. Last month I hit a stall that lasted for almost three weeks which was discouraging. Thank goodness it started moving again, thanks for everyone that posted similar experiences that helped me realize I wasn't the only one.
Here's to the next 60 lbs to go!!
That's an amazing amount but how much better is the news about your health, blood sugars and BP! You've done a huge thing for yourself and stayed strong through the stalls. I'm dreading that happening to me (surgery is 6/15) but reading reviews like yours make me see that's it's surmountable if it happens. Big thank you!
Congratulations! Beautifully remarkable the weight loss in three months. Curious, if I may, I'm considering the Sleeve, but, reading on line and this group about options. What made you go bypass vs sleeve? Thanks for sharing your Journey. Michael
Hi Michael Thank you very much! My decision was based from the bypass being utilized longer and having a larger study vs the sleeve. I'm sure both surgeries are very similar and the results are not much of a difference. Speaking with my surgeon he felt the bypass was the better choice for me. Keep us posted on your progress. My tip for your journey.. measure yourself before your surgery and take lots of before and during photos. Best wishes Deanna

Four Months out

Feeling great.. The 6th of June i will be four months out. Starting weight 243 today's weight 169.
i am schelued to have gastric bypass on oct 15, i was told to lose 15 pounds i have lost 9 pounds what else can i do to lose this weight
Hi, great to read your blog. I had my band surgery last Tuesday (17th June) and so far no weight has come off! I had little pain and some discomfort so I was lucky. I have been so good since the op I feel despondent that I am still as chubby..... I have drank really healthy stuff and walk everywhere..... You have given me hope as I was concerned I was the only one. You look fab too!
Omg u look beautiful!!!! Congrats doll more pics!!!!!!

6 months

6 months out
Your transformation boggles my mind - congratulations on your weight loss. You look fabulous.
Wow you look great !! I am almost 10 months out . A little stalled at moment.It will pass :).You are doing soooooooooo good !!
I started the liquid diet earlier than the dr suggested.

seven months post op

Seven months out and i am feeling great!.. My weight loss has slowed down significantly but, I'm still losing and that's all that matters. My Dr. Wants me to get to 120-125 lbs.. hope my body wants to get with that plan.
So I was donating my larger clothing today and discovered I still had a pair of my old pants hidden in the closet.. I thought I would have a visual reminder and put them on to show my youngest daughter just how big i once was. Gotta love her.. she told me that in her eyes i was never that big. I also explained to her that those were not the biggest pants i wore.
So tonight for inspiration to myself and others I've decided to post a picture of the difference.
That is amazing well done. I had a lap band 11 years ago and I have put all my weight back on. Looking at getting it replaced or having the bypass. I think I'm leaning towards the bypass.
Wow that is great!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought to put gigest on lol I donated alot of clothes to AMVETS and continue I had Mini Gastric not losing that fast I am in size 10 or 12 fron 20/22 .You look great!

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