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First a little about me. I am a 45 year mom of two...

First a little about me. I am a 45 year mom of two ages 2 and 4. Yes, I started late. :) Prior to having children I was very active and in great shape. Not so much after. Between not having time to work out and not having energy from the sleepless nights, let's just say my weight and shape wasn't what is used to be. In addition, I recently moved to this area from the bay area and I have a demanding job and being new, I wanted to do well. OK, so that's all my excuses for my lack of excercise. I decided I wanted to have a minimal downtime procedure (smartlipo) done on my abs to jump start me for the summer and went to see a general surgeon who recently started offering the triplex. I wasn't entirely comfortable with him doing it so decided to get a second opinion from a PS who also offers this procedure. After assessing me, he said that I wasn't really a candidate; I mostly had loose skin and the diastisis recti so many of us have after pregnancy. He said he would do it if I insisted ,but the results I was looking for I could only get from a tummy tuck with MR. When I learned the downtime was much less than I originally suspected, I decided to schedule my surgery right away! I had my surgery on 4/16, had three drains which were removed 48 hours later (they barely had any output all along), was sent home with a binder with foam on the lipoed flank areas. My doctor has pts come back the next two days to assess how they are doing, and then at one week, two weeks, and beyond that I don't know since I'm only one week out. Yesterday at my one week appt, he removed the stitches around my BB, and removed the steristrips in order to take a few stitches out of my TT area, and I swear, my scar was almost invisible already! My husband was just as stunned as I. He replaced the steristrips, so I cant take pics right now, but I will pick some up and post pics later. I will post my before pics as well after I recieve them from the office.

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Dr. was GREAT. He spent a lot of time with me at my initial consult explaining my options and would I could expect to achieve. He saw me at my scheduled time and was on time for each follow up. The only person I wasn't so impressed with was his nurse. Sorry Dr. K if you are reading this :).

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I had my TT on July 1, 2013. And I am so pleased. Dr. K did a wonderful job. Here it is July 28th and I still have some soreness in my stomach muscle but not very much. Only thing I don't like is wearing the tummy band because even though I have place every imaginable padding around my scare it is rubbing a irritated. Other then that things are going GREAT
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I'm still doing great! I am very happy I had this done as I can wear clothes I haven't been able to wear since having my kids. No more muffin top.
Dr. K is very good about his follow ups and treats me very respectfully. Some docs barely look at you, but I find him personable and thorough. He hasn't emailed me the pics we took last time I was there, but I haven't asked for them either.
I will ask my husband to take some when he gets home so I can upload them. I'm 4.5 months out.
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Hi, just checking up on you slto see how your progress is going. I have 5 months left. I hope you could post new pictures and how is Dr.k treating you.
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Thanks for responding, I cant wait to see your pictures. I'm not having cold feet just a little anxious. Are you able to workout yet?
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I'm doing great and please with the scar placement and the results. I'm sorry I haven't posted photos. I thought we were going to take some at my last visit, but I had a very active weekend and was swollen and so thought it would be better to wait. Of course since then, I've had very little swelling, but just haven't gotten around to taking photos.

I'm very happy with his follow up care as well. He wanted to see me the day after surgery, and then the next day as well. After that it was about weekly for the first month, now monthly.

I had really bizarre dreams as well prior to the surgery. Like my insides were coming out through the incisions! Not even a possibility of course. It's just pre-surgery jitters. Let me know how things work out for you.
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Just checking to see how you are doing. I'm kinda getting nervous and having weird dreams about my pending TT. How is your follow up care with Dr. K.? My only concern is Dr. K couldn't promised how low the incision would be. Are you happy with yours? Take care. :)
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Wow I hope I am as lucky as you are with the scar. :)
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My scar did become more red and ropey once it entered the inflammatory stage, but it still looks good and very clean. Good luck and let us know how you do.
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How are you doing? I put down my deposit with Dr. K and have 6 months to lose 20 lbs. I really like that your bb looks natural. Hope you're healing well.
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I'm doing great! I'm so happy I had this done; just feel better in my clothes. I should have some pics taken at my appt tomorrow and will ask him to email them to me so I can post some updates. I did get swollen this long weekend with a lot of activities, so I'm hoping that will be down by tomorrow. Please keep me posted when you get your surgery.
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I'm recovering more quickly than I thought I would. My swelling is not even that bad. Three weeks yesterday...I'll post more pics in the next few days.
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I went to see dr. K again and decided he's the one for me. Hope you're doing well. :)
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congrats! you look great!
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rcady, if that is you in the picture, you don't need any work done!
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No. I'm a big Betty Page fan. LOL
I have another consult next month with a PS in Reno. But Dr. K is at the top because he 's very experienced. Thanks for the pics :)
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Thank you for your review. I needed this! LOL I went to Dr. K and he was very honest about the procedures and asked me to lose more weight before getting a tummlmy tuck. Its get to hear about your experience so far.
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