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Decided on Dr. Luis Suarez Tijuana, Mexico

I'm going to be 59 this year and I've lost a...

I'm going to be 59 this year and I've lost a considerable amount of weight the last couple of years that has given me this horrible sagging skin producing large jowls and turkey neck. Really, my face looks like a popped baloon! I'm not trying to look younger, just want to look healthy and rested.

So I'm going for a complete face lift including neck, middle face, upper and lower eyes and brow lift. I'm scared, that's for sure. Scared of the pain, how long the recovery time, will I look like a scared clown after, will everything turn out okay?

Been watching You Tube which probably isn't a good idea. They are so rough with your skin!! Wouldn't you think that would cause excessive brusing?? Can't they be nice and gentle and produce less brusing? Seems like they are in a hurry. Well, I'm in a hurry to recover.

US doctors with facilities etc in California are charging anywhere from $15-25K and even more. Costa Rica or Mexico doctors including lodging and air fare around $10K. Staying 10 days. I've got the 10K cash so it looks like that's they way I'll go. Financing my facelift, well just seem wrong.

I've read more good than bad reviews on CR and MX doctors. Just need to choose one.

Any input is appreciated. I've been looking at Dr. Luis Suarez in Tijuana. I like that TJ is close to home so just in case, no big deal to go back. Also my daughter will be going with whomever I choose for a breast lift and implants. Mother/daughter experience. Suarez looks like he does more body type plastic surgery than he does facelifts.

Almost ready to make my decision on doctor. I am...

Almost ready to make my decision on doctor. I am learning so much about this type of surgery. Anyone had a Z-Plasty incision? One doctor told me because I have so much extra skin on my neck he would do one under my chin. I'm looking at around 6 hours of surgery. YIKES! Here's some before pics.

I'm in Tijuana and surgery is tomorrow. Scared but...

I'm in Tijuana and surgery is tomorrow. Scared but feel confident in my decision. Will post pics as appropriate. Wish me luck!

We had surgery yesterday. Me a full face lift and...

We had surgery yesterday. Me a full face lift and chin implant and my daughter a breast lift and implants. We are at the Marriott in Tijuana recovering. Dr. Luis Suarez and his staff were wonderful!!! We've had a great experience so far. The hotel staff is very helpful and kind. I have some pain especially in my chin and neck area which needed the most work. Here's some pics when then took off the bandages today.

Day 3

Neck hurts a lot, but that's where the most work was done. It feels itchy and burns. Eyes feel tight like stitches are kinda pulling. See the doctor tomorrow and hope to go home Saturday. This has been harder than I thought and more pain than I thought. But my neck and jowls were pretty bad plus I had a small chin implant. My neck is totally purple. I am sure things will be better soon.

Day 4

Today I saw the doctor and got the stitches out of my eyes and neck where he did the lipo and chin implant. Still have a lot of pain in my neck area. I can see the bruises are fading fast.

Day 6

Tomorrow will be 1 week since my surgery. I am happy how fast the bruising is turning yellow and leaving especially around my eyes. My neck is pretty uncomfortable and it's stiff, numb, kinda lumpy and feels really tight. The incision under my chin also hurts. They did lipo and chin implant there also. The area around my ears is also very tight. One side looks really good, the other is purple, super tight and lumpy looking. Been sleeping a lot and I'm sure that helps with the healing. This has been a lot more than I had anticipated and the pain also more than I thought. A month from now I'll let you know if I think it's all worth it or not.

Not Happy Right Now

My left side is really purple and the skin looks like it is going to peel off. The right side looks like I think it should.

Right Side Looking Much Better Than Left

Wonder why?

Couple new pics 1 week post-op.

1 week post-op.

How Long After Surgery Did You Start Wearing Make-Up?

It's been 8 days now and I'm scared to put any eye make-up on yet.

Look, I have a jaw and neck again!

Today is day 9 and the swelling and bruising are healing nicely. Still have that ugly patch on my left side that looks burnt and blistered but it's a little better. Getting more feeling back in my face but the neck is still numb and hurtful. I hope this isn't it for my eyes because I really wanted more eyelid showing.

Swelling Keeps Going Down

Numb and leather feeling on the sides of my face.

Day 14 - One Step forward, two steps back.

Well, I guess we'll blame it on not wearing the compression garment as often and as long as I should. I hate wearing it. I home office and I can't hear on the phone. Makes you feel like you're in a bubble. My neck is swollen and looks like I've taken some steps back.


Well today I decided to put on a little make-up and pop on a wig I have. I still can't do my hair yet as I still have about 6"-8" of stitches in my scalp that will come out in a few days. I am still swollen and with green/yellow bruises. But I have to share a few pics. I know it will only get better, but for 16 days out I'm pretty happy so far with the results!

Almost 4 Weeks Post-Op

On Tuesday June 11th will be exactly 4 weeks. I still have some swelling and bruising and tenderness on my neck. I wear the wrap often when I'm home and all night sleeping to keep the swelling down in my neck. Still numb in areas around my cheek and front of my years. Some other minor irritations but really doing well. My daughter took a before pic (no makeup or hair done) as we were waiting in the lobby of the Marriott to be taken to the clinic for surgery so I've added that and then a few taking today. To don't like having to style my hair forward around my face to cover the ear scars, but hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Not Turning Out So Well 3 Months Post Op

I must say, things are starting to fall down. The swelling in my last pics looks good. Now that it's almost all gone, I'm well...very disappointed. I've got these dimple looking things at my mouth, my eyes are uneven even more than before and my neck is sagging and still numb and sore to touch. Still have some numbness around the front of my ears. Not turning out a well as I hoped for. Do I look better than before? Maybe, just a little.

Time for a revision? Maybe.

Well it's almost 7 months now. I don't want to take anything away from Dr. Suarez. I think he did a great job and my experience with him and his staff was wonderful. I would choose him again. Maybe I have too high expectations. Yes, probably I do.

What I don't like. My chin is sagging some and when I'm not smiling like in the pic, I have small jowls and dimples at the corners of my mouth.. I gained 7 lbs since surgery, but I still have a little waddle at my neck. I had an injury that kept me from being very active for the last several months, but I'm better now so I'll get back to some walking and light weights. My one eye brow is much higher than the other. It was already before surgery, but now it's even worse.

People tell me it looks natural and not too tight or weird which I was trying for. I'm still numb in my neck area and in front of my ears and it's very slowly going away.

This picture was just taken last week on Thanksgiving.

My daughter is over the moon about her breast lift and implants and really happy she had it done.

Dr. Luis Suarez Tijuana, Mexico

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All I want and need is Lipo, Thanks for sharing your story I think he did a great job. My mother had a face lift from an Orange County Surgeon 6 years ago and she still doesn't look like the same person sadly. You really do look very nice. if you would I love to hear how you're doing now and see a updated picture.
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Wow! He did a great job! You look so much younger but in a natural way. He is good.
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I think your Dr did a great job. Hope you are still happy. Thanks for sharing.
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There is a mis post floating around. I was looking for your pictures ")
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are you still undecided? you look wonderful!! the surgery brings out your beautiful eyes. i'm so inspired. thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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You know really I got what I asked for, but now I want more. I had a LOT of sagging skin on my face and neck. Until I look at the before pics I forget what I looked like. I saw someone recently I hadn't seen in a long time. She didn't know I had a face lift. She kept saying something was different and I looked incredible and she kept saying that. It wasn't the time or place to tell her I got a face lift. So I told her I had lost a few pounds and to stop the fuss. So, really I am happy with the results. On my recommendation my cousin went to Dr. Suarez a couple months ago and had her arms lifted. She had huge bat wings from weight loss. She was very happy with the outcome, Dr. Suarez and his staff.
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I think you look great, hope things are getting better, or please at least talk with your PS as I know mine will do revisions then you are not happy with something. I had 3 procedures done all at once, stayed the first week at a recovery center then I too stayed at the Marriot...so boring I just wanted to go home but stayed to make sure everything was good and all stiches were out.
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I am a certified Lymph Therapist who has specialized in post-cosmetic surgery in LA. Can't work right now due to an injury, however... I see these issues in my private practice on a regular basis, especially when clients have been out of the country to do the work. That is not necessarily a reflection on the physician, but the follow-up treatments are limited. This feeling of tightness in neck (I call it he "boa constrictor effect") comes from scar tissue. That can be alleviated; though it is best to start the lymph treatment fairly soon after the face lift; 2-3 weeks or so. It is very difficult to find someone who is specialized in cosmetic surgery; do NOT let just anybody "rub" the scar tissue. Please ask you physician if they can recommend someone over here in the US to treat you. It will take a few treatments; 7 to 10, and then more for you to do your own work, especially given that you start so late , and the scar tissue has had time to form. Scar tissue is part of what "holds" the face lift, but you don't want to have too much hardening. In the meantime, you might want to get a second opinion; many docs charge a very low fee for a visit. Maybe the unevenness can be (temporarily) tweaked with injections.
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OMG! I just looked at my before pics. Funny how you forget what you looked like. Okay, so I'm thinking now it's a lot improved and I'm being way to picky. Would still like to weak a couple of things like a brow lift to even out my eyebrows and a slight neck lift for the little waddle left.
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You look lovely, but I understand the feelings. I know I need revisions and it has been stressing me out so much. I am at 11 months today. I saw him early last month and expressed my concerns. I don't know if anyone even knows about 'cobra neck' but it was an issue that concerned me from the day my wrap was taken off and it never went away. I only recently came across that online (the term for it. It's very disheartening. I was just looking at pictures of my face when swollen and honestly it looks far better then with swelling than it does now. I'm heart broken. I have sagging/loose skin, and that 'cobra neck' my eyes need to be redone. The only thing that still looks good is my neck. He said he'd do my eyes and do a little lipo on the pouches under my neck but I don'[t have faith that will help it. From what I read, my face needs to be 'redraped' sigh. Are you going to approach your surgeon? I left my last appointment and cried all the way home. Nothing was resolved or set, so I had to call today and have been extremely depressed all day. I shouldn't have to feel guilty or like a fool for having to ask for corrections promised if needed.
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I looked up "cobra neck". I see what you mean. I'm wondering what's going to happen when I lose those 7 lbs I gained after surgery or even lose more. No, I'm not going to approach my surgeon. After looking at the before pics again, I had forgotten how bad I looked I think maybe I'm being too picky. Might consider getting something done to even out my eyebrows and the little waddle left. I have a bad habit of raising one eyebrow and so the muscle is tight which is causing that side to be higher than the other. I'm going to wait a year and consider maybe doing something in 2014. I hope you get satisfaction, it's your face and you need and deserve to be happy.
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My surgeon told me early on when I mentioned my 'cobra neck" (well, I called them pouches then) that maybe if I lost a few pounds...ha, that didn't work. I was looking at my pictures from almost 4 weeks out and wow, I looked better then. My face was swollen, but so much more youthful. Now I look (to me) almost as bad as my befores, but for my neck. No complaints about my neck. I'm so discouraged.
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Have you thought about a fat transfer/graft to the face? It is "cutting edge", there is no adverse reaction, as the fat comes from your own body through lipo. One thing though.....Please see other physicians for a second opinion. It always helps to be informed and get to know about the other options. Don't make an ad hoc decision; It is your body, your beauty - and you want it to improve and stay improved.
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Wow. You look amazing!!!! Good for you!!!
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Omg! What a change! Loved your pic's.
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You look STUNNING. Also, about 15 years younger. Fantastic!
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I think you look great, I had a face lift 18 years ago and after the swelling went down, everything stayed in place, there was no sagging anywhere. However, plastic surgery is not an exact science, nothing will be the same as it was years ago, I think sometimes, our expectations can be quite high. I'm not trying to play down your concerns, please forgive me if I sound that way, I just want you to know there was a tremendous improvement to your face, you are absolutely beautiful!
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Just wait. I haven't posted the most recent pics yet. You'll see what I mean. You're looking at old pics.
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I am about to under go this procedure with Dr. Suarez, now that you are over 6 months out would you have chosen a different doctor?
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Thanks, I took another look at my before pics. You are correct, there is a big improvement. I had forgotten what I looked like before. I've already gotten use to this new face.
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5Dogma, I'm not sure the numbness is unusual... I know it takes a long time to resolve.  But have you talked to your PS re: the dimpling and the sagging.  Or... perhaps post the pre/post/ current examples on the Q & A out here for the Doctors to take a look at for some general medical opinions.  If the underlying work wasn't done as tight as it could have been would you consider revision?  I know it's a lot you've been through...try posting the question and see what they say.  Overall, I think your results looked quite good but I'm not sure if you posted the problematic areas as I'm not seeing any. :)  I know how frustrating and disappointing this must be but there may be a solution. 
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I need to take and post newer pics. These last pics are at just 4 weeks. I'm now 3 months along.
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I'm 8 months and still have numbness and tingling, especially my right ear, and along the right side of my face and under my chin. That feels like rubber skin. Ugh. I'm having revisions sometime the end of the year. I look FAR better than before, but there are issues that need to be addressed.
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Hi there Can you post some newer pictures? I had a lot done 6 weeks ago and I am wondering if things will "fall" later. I hope not.
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Huge difference, you look great!
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