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Decided on Dr. Luis Suarez Tijuana, Mexico

I'm going to be 59 this year and I've lost a...

I'm going to be 59 this year and I've lost a considerable amount of weight the last couple of years that has given me this horrible sagging skin producing large jowls and turkey neck. Really, my face looks like a popped baloon! I'm not trying to look younger, just want to look healthy and rested.

So I'm going for a complete face lift including neck, middle face, upper and lower eyes and brow lift. I'm scared, that's for sure. Scared of the pain, how long the recovery time, will I look like a scared clown after, will everything turn out okay?

Been watching You Tube which probably isn't a good idea. They are so rough with your skin!! Wouldn't you think that would cause excessive brusing?? Can't they be nice and gentle and produce less brusing? Seems like they are in a hurry. Well, I'm in a hurry to recover.

US doctors with facilities etc in California are charging anywhere from $15-25K and even more. Costa Rica or Mexico doctors including lodging and air fare around $10K. Staying 10 days. I've got the 10K cash so it looks like that's they way I'll go. Financing my facelift, well just seem wrong.

I've read more good than bad reviews on CR and MX doctors. Just need to choose one.

Any input is appreciated. I've been looking at Dr. Luis Suarez in Tijuana. I like that TJ is close to home so just in case, no big deal to go back. Also my daughter will be going with whomever I choose for a breast lift and implants. Mother/daughter experience. Suarez looks like he does more body type plastic surgery than he does facelifts.

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I hope it helps and that you'll keep us updated!

All great questions and concerns. I recently had my complete facelift in Mexico and had an excellent experience. When you get a moment, check out my review at (you may have to cut and paste it): http://www.realself.com/review/dr-koelliker-facelift-complete-face-lift-50-the-new-30-dr-koelliker-in-san My RealSelf name is - - goodbye 50 hello 30 Dr Koelliker is a highly talented surgeon (he also does great breasts and lipo) and your recovery with Spa|Club Casa Marino is worry-free, reassuring, relaxing and rejuvenating - - exactly what you and your daughter will need and want after your surgery. During your recovery you can take in the sights in the magical town of San Miguel de Allende. Certainly an option worth looking into :)

Almost ready to make my decision on doctor. I am...

Almost ready to make my decision on doctor. I am learning so much about this type of surgery. Anyone had a Z-Plasty incision? One doctor told me because I have so much extra skin on my neck he would do one under my chin. I'm looking at around 6 hours of surgery. YIKES! Here's some before pics.
Hello Good Bye 50. So you had no problems from this doctor? I cannot remember what I read about him at the moment. But I think the patient chose the doctor she wants and is going with him....are you trying to promote this doctor to her?
Hi 5Dogma, I have been reading your post with interest as I am going to take the plunge and have a facelift in the near future, I hope. I am 65 ,so older than you but have the same issues. Also as I live in New Zealand I 'm finding it difficult to decide where to have the procedure done. I feel the best options are the USA, Mexico or Malaysia. I think I would also need to stay longer than 2 weeks wherever I go to have the procedure done as it the flight time is quite considerable. Have you decided on a surgeon yet? I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing your 'after' photos. Also thankyou for sharing your experience with everyone as I am finding this site a great source of information and a real help with my decision making.
I'm having surgery on May 14th by Dr. Luis Suarez in Tijuana, Mexico. I feel confident in my decision having talked with or corresponded with a couple of his recent patients. He also has good reviews on this site as well as another plastic surgery site. My daughter will be going with me and she is having a breast lift and implants. Will definately post my complete experience. In the meantime if someone else has had recent experience with Dr. Suarez let me know.

I'm in Tijuana and surgery is tomorrow. Scared but...

I'm in Tijuana and surgery is tomorrow. Scared but feel confident in my decision. Will post pics as appropriate. Wish me luck!
Waiting to hear on you! Wish you a speedy recovery!
Did you have it?? I had a breast reduction and eye lid last year in Bangkok with the fabulous (older!) Dr Komwit and am now booked in for a face lift and tummy tuck on May 20th!!!! Now am feeling .... what am I doing, am I mad??

We had surgery yesterday. Me a full face lift and...

We had surgery yesterday. Me a full face lift and chin implant and my daughter a breast lift and implants. We are at the Marriott in Tijuana recovering. Dr. Luis Suarez and his staff were wonderful!!! We've had a great experience so far. The hotel staff is very helpful and kind. I have some pain especially in my chin and neck area which needed the most work. Here's some pics when then took off the bandages today.
Day 2 I took a shower and washed my hair. They put this gel stuff in it before surgery. I have 2 long cuts that go from my ears up toward the top of my head about 3" instead of at the front hair line area which is good because my hair is thin there. My neck and chin hurt the most. Can't wait to see what this looks like a month from now. Eye stitches come out in 3 more days some of the others around the front of the ear and around the back of the ear will self dissolve and the ones back further near my ears going up 3 inches will be removed in 3 weeks. The people at the Marriott in TJ are so wonderful and helpful. They get a lot of medical tourists here.
You look great already!!! Even with swelling and bruising. I did the same and watched youtube videos beforehand lol! I showed some to my daughter and she about passed out, so when I came home from surgery, she nearly fainted and vomited thinking about the vids lol. I looked at your before pictures and I was reminded of how my neck and chin(s) used to look. I'm quite pleased they are fresh and young looking now.
Wow!! I can see some amazing results!! Congrats and happt healing!

Day 3

Neck hurts a lot, but that's where the most work was done. It feels itchy and burns. Eyes feel tight like stitches are kinda pulling. See the doctor tomorrow and hope to go home Saturday. This has been harder than I thought and more pain than I thought. But my neck and jowls were pretty bad plus I had a small chin implant. My neck is totally purple. I am sure things will be better soon.
Surgery took 4 1/2 hours. Yes he did lipo on my neck. I saw the doctor today and they took the stitches out of my eyes and neck. I'm going home tomorrow.
You'll look fantastic. Sounds like you had much the same procedures as I did. How long did your surgery last? My PS had my incisions go around my ears but when it came down the front of the ear, he went inside my ear, over the tragus. You can't see or feel any incision, that part inside the ear, healed perfectly. I'm glad he did it that way. Did you have any lipo with your neck and chin? I was fortunate, I didn't bruise that badly really, I had some on the sides and the back of my neck, but it left quickly. Good luck!

Day 4

Today I saw the doctor and got the stitches out of my eyes and neck where he did the lipo and chin implant. Still have a lot of pain in my neck area. I can see the bruises are fading fast.

Day 6

Tomorrow will be 1 week since my surgery. I am happy how fast the bruising is turning yellow and leaving especially around my eyes. My neck is pretty uncomfortable and it's stiff, numb, kinda lumpy and feels really tight. The incision under my chin also hurts. They did lipo and chin implant there also. The area around my ears is also very tight. One side looks really good, the other is purple, super tight and lumpy looking. Been sleeping a lot and I'm sure that helps with the healing. This has been a lot more than I had anticipated and the pain also more than I thought. A month from now I'll let you know if I think it's all worth it or not.

Not Happy Right Now

My left side is really purple and the skin looks like it is going to peel off. The right side looks like I think it should.

Right Side Looking Much Better Than Left

Wonder why?
Yes, I'm curious if you've been in touch with your PS re: the left side. Sometimes I think photos make things worse than they are, but if the color is accurate then, I would call just to make sure you're on the right track. I have a black and blue where the compression bandage was on each side near my ears too, but doesn't look as dark. But it may be normal. Ease your mind and call. Let us know how you're doing!
I sent pics over last night and they said they would show him and that he will call me today. I think it's okay, but I don't understand why one side looks so good and the other so bad. Really didn't think this whole thing was going to be as bad as it is. Having some regrets, but maybe in a couple weeks I'll feel differently about it all. The stitches in my head don't come out for 2 more weeks so I can't really style my hair and I haven't put on any make up yet either. I don't see the improvement in my eyes I wanted yet either. My neck and chin still really hurt and I have a constant headache. Napping during the day and sleeping almost all night, but sleeping on stacked pillows isn't real comfortable. Oh well, I'll get through it.
Dear 5DogMa....You will not regret this. I can tell from your after pictures already. You are looking good already. You will be happy, but it is a struggle to get through the recovery. It can be an emotional rollercoaster too. I know it's difficult, but time does pass and it will be a memory. I am going on 11 weeks myself from a facelift/necklift and still have some issues, but nothing I can't live with. It can be annoying, but your pain will subside. It's just a longer recovery than we realize, much longer than 2-3 weeks as we may believe before we actually have it done. Take your pain meds and get as much rest as you can. Nap often and try to be patient. Have you got a recliner you could sleep in for awhile? That does help for the first couple of weeks.

Couple new pics 1 week post-op.

1 week post-op.
No, we didn' talk about that, but I think it will work out fine. I can always go down to him if I need to. I might go down in 2 weeks to get the rest of the stitches out instead of having my GP do it if I don't think my healing is on track or if something else shows up. That's one of the reasons I also wanted to do this in TJ. I can get a round trip on South West ticket pretty cheap and they will pick you up and take you back to the airport.
That's good. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts as you continue healing! Keep us posted on your progress.
I think that's normal. My left side of the face looked awful with a huge lump sticking out like a bolt. Under my chin looked like someone flattened it with an iron lol. My chin implant incision was way up on the front of my face due to the swelling. Thinking back on it now oh my! I'm going on 5 months now I think (I lose track now) It took a long time for me to see good results with my eyes to be honest and even now, I think it could look a lot better than it does, but I understand he wouldn't want to have taken too much skin off as that would be bad, so I can have revisions, but sigh...after all this time the thought of revisions is exhausting, but I probably will because under my jaw on either side of my chin and lipo incision, it just looks weird. Like two ropes ...I can't really describe it, but I don't like it. Some refer to them as 'pouches' and a trench, but that doesn't seem accurate either. I lost ten more pounds in the last couple weeks, and I have to say it has made me look even more younger and that's a big woohoo for me! I'm 55 and a coworker came up to me yesterday and said "what's going on with you, my gosh, I had to do a double take, you looked about 30..." I just said Thank you!! She's 5 years younger than me too. Anyway, today I don't think I look as good as yesterday, but wow, made my day.

How Long After Surgery Did You Start Wearing Make-Up?

It's been 8 days now and I'm scared to put any eye make-up on yet.

Look, I have a jaw and neck again!

Today is day 9 and the swelling and bruising are healing nicely. Still have that ugly patch on my left side that looks burnt and blistered but it's a little better. Getting more feeling back in my face but the neck is still numb and hurtful. I hope this isn't it for my eyes because I really wanted more eyelid showing.

Swelling Keeps Going Down

Numb and leather feeling on the sides of my face.
I see progress 5dogma. I think it's going to look great when its all done. Remember, you had a lot of work done, it's going to take time. I feel your pain though, it's quite the process!

Day 14 - One Step forward, two steps back.

Well, I guess we'll blame it on not wearing the compression garment as often and as long as I should. I hate wearing it. I home office and I can't hear on the phone. Makes you feel like you're in a bubble. My neck is swollen and looks like I've taken some steps back.
I've never heard of wearing it for that long. I had to wear what they wrapped my head and face in for about 5 days (I can't remember now)...and I thought it was too long since others seemed to get theirs off the next day.
Gosh 5dogma... sorry for the setback. Just take it easy, you'll take 4 steps forward again. And Leval59 is right, there is still very noticeable progress. Hang in there.
Well, today I was told to wear the compression garment for 6 weeks 24/7. I heard 1 week 24/7 after surgery when I was there. Now they say for 6 weeks. Well I can't wear it because I need to go out in the field next week, but I'll wear it as long as I am home and all night long. I ordered a new one off the internet that I think will be more comfortable and the ears are exposed so I can hear better and won't feel like I'm in a bubble. Did anyone wear a facial compression garment, what did it look like, and for how long?


Well today I decided to put on a little make-up and pop on a wig I have. I still can't do my hair yet as I still have about 6"-8" of stitches in my scalp that will come out in a few days. I am still swollen and with green/yellow bruises. But I have to share a few pics. I know it will only get better, but for 16 days out I'm pretty happy so far with the results!
you look great ! I had a lower face lift 11 days ago, my lower face is still tight and does not look natural. You look very natural.
I'm glad to hear the purple bruising is getting better. Everything else you describe sounds perfectly normal, if there is such a thing! Those last photos look so good, I'm sure you're feeling that it was all worth it.
You.....look.....fantastic!!!! Seriously, you should be so very happy

Almost 4 Weeks Post-Op

On Tuesday June 11th will be exactly 4 weeks. I still have some swelling and bruising and tenderness on my neck. I wear the wrap often when I'm home and all night sleeping to keep the swelling down in my neck. Still numb in areas around my cheek and front of my years. Some other minor irritations but really doing well. My daughter took a before pic (no makeup or hair done) as we were waiting in the lobby of the Marriott to be taken to the clinic for surgery so I've added that and then a few taking today. To don't like having to style my hair forward around my face to cover the ear scars, but hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
You look wonderful...good for you
You look fabulous!!
Dear 5dogma, I think you look fabulous! Are you happy with it all? Could you share to me what I should be addressing pre surgical with a prospective PS, so that I might choose the best one? Thanks.

Not Turning Out So Well 3 Months Post Op

I must say, things are starting to fall down. The swelling in my last pics looks good. Now that it's almost all gone, I'm well...very disappointed. I've got these dimple looking things at my mouth, my eyes are uneven even more than before and my neck is sagging and still numb and sore to touch. Still have some numbness around the front of my ears. Not turning out a well as I hoped for. Do I look better than before? Maybe, just a little.
Wow. You look amazing!!!! Good for you!!!
Omg! What a change! Loved your pic's.
You look STUNNING. Also, about 15 years younger. Fantastic!

Time for a revision? Maybe.

Well it's almost 7 months now. I don't want to take anything away from Dr. Suarez. I think he did a great job and my experience with him and his staff was wonderful. I would choose him again. Maybe I have too high expectations. Yes, probably I do.

What I don't like. My chin is sagging some and when I'm not smiling like in the pic, I have small jowls and dimples at the corners of my mouth.. I gained 7 lbs since surgery, but I still have a little waddle at my neck. I had an injury that kept me from being very active for the last several months, but I'm better now so I'll get back to some walking and light weights. My one eye brow is much higher than the other. It was already before surgery, but now it's even worse.

People tell me it looks natural and not too tight or weird which I was trying for. I'm still numb in my neck area and in front of my ears and it's very slowly going away.

This picture was just taken last week on Thanksgiving.

My daughter is over the moon about her breast lift and implants and really happy she had it done.
All I want and need is Lipo, Thanks for sharing your story I think he did a great job. My mother had a face lift from an Orange County Surgeon 6 years ago and she still doesn't look like the same person sadly. You really do look very nice. if you would I love to hear how you're doing now and see a updated picture.
Wow! He did a great job! You look so much younger but in a natural way. He is good.
I think your Dr did a great job. Hope you are still happy. Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Luis Suarez Tijuana, Mexico

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