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Mainly, I urge you NOT to go through w/ this...

Mainly, I urge you NOT to go through w/ this surgery. Only now do I see that MOST of the online articles say that the MOST COMMON problem is asymmetry! Gee, too bad this was not emphasized to me in advance.

Now I feel disfigured, embarassed, ashamed. I am sick every time I look in the mirror. Yes, I had a board certified p.s. Big deal. I'm still disfigured, depressed, sick.

On the subject of gag orders, I thought you all might like to know there's a new website called that was created to educate consumers on these types of "contracts". Here's our blog post about it.

Yes, I agree. Unfortunately these surgeons know this...and so continue to be able to maim people and get away with it. They know how we are feeling. They can just chalk us up to experience and move on...that is why even if we cannot get any money back, letters of complaint need to be written and doctors named on boards like these. These doctors just keep on denying that they have done anything wrong. In any other medical field they would not get away with it!!!
I'm glad I didn't wait and went to an ocular specialist to have my levator muscle released so my eye closed properly. Six weeks of "bug eye" was long enough. Tonight my husband surprised me saying my eyes looked nice! As far as the lower lid, I watched my good friend go from a gaping lower lid to one that adhered to the eyeball by week 6; but, her eyes are still painfully dry. And, gag orders may have been replaced by a senate ruling this year per my p.s.(what was it?) I don't have the energy or resources to fight some millionaire surgeon through the courts for money or my pride. I think I want what we all want: to look good, get what we paid for, have our faith and trust restored and feel healthy.

Did it because risks were never discussed. Had I...

Did it because risks were never discussed. Had I known the risks, I would have walked away, as my eyes weren't so bad to begin with.
I have read this whole thread and my heart goes out to all of you...esp. "Worst..."
OK here's my story.....I had an upper eyelid job from a general PS..who also did facial fat implants and a chin aug. and a complete facelift. Two weeks post surgery my right eye has that "surprised" look and left eyelid droops much lower toward the creaseline than does the right. When lowering both my eyelids and checking for the stitch line in the mirror I saw that the cut had been made MUCH closer to the lashline on the left eye than on the right. That's what's causing the problem, which I noticed hours after the surgery as much as I notice it today. All I can think now is that I might need a revision on the left eyelid...with a cut line a tiny bit behind the original cut...OR I will have to wear tricky eyeshadow/liner and and/or shades the rest of my try and minimize the asymmetry. The PS said I wouldn't have to pay for a revision (already spoke about this) but can I trust him again??? I am really poor so going to an American specialist seems outlandish...the original PS is in Mexico and I got a "bargain" rate. Also I feel as though he built up above the right cheekbone more than on the left and the left jawline more than the right. I now have a dimple on the left when I smile but nothing on the right. And my left cheek looks flat under the eye compared to the right augmented cheekbone on the right. When I feel for the fat implants they do not feel symmetrical at all. But the doctor has insisted all looked symmetrical at the end of the surgery. And that all problems will resolve themselves with time. I don't think "time" will correct the mismatched cuts on the eyelids though, although I will reserve my judgment re: the rest of it. I might have to learn how to do some tricky hair styling. But I am 65 and still numb on most of my face and scalp and neck after over 2 weeks and now scared stiff after reading this thread. I looked terrible so I can't say I'm sorry I did it, and maybe if I just keep wearing dark shades and playing with hairdos I can avoid further surgery. But I must say I am going through something I didn't expect. Swelling and numbness I did expect. Does anyone know what can be done with asymmetrical fat transplants? Can they be "kneaded" into different places under the skin? I also might have to learn how to smile differently to counteract the asymmetry with that too.....
Like everyone else said, get VERY well informed before doing any of this, and if in doubt...DON'T!

I got very little briefing on possible complications. I did not sign any gag order. The only hint that there might well be problems was when the ASSISTANT said that "facelifts are the hardest part". But I wish somebody had said much more.
It's perfectly normal to feel your loss of normalcy
after an imperfect eye surgery. You need to move
forward and stop talking about it; have an
occuloplastic surgeon tell you what, if anything, would be accomplished by a revision. Make sure you
talk about potential risks ahead of time. Risks
accompany ANY surgery.
Its, exactly the way I feel. alot of people doesnt understand why I feel this way n they tell me well at least you didnt lost your sight, like that its a big help, n will make me feel better n solve my problem.
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Doctor did not provide thorough info on post op expectations. He minimized the risks, acting as if the procedure was so easily done, and results would be positive. No honest discussion about the risk of asymmetry, sagging lower lid, weeks of eye sensitivity, In hindsight, wild horses could not drag me into that surgery room, if only I had known the truth.

Updated on 25 Apr 2011:
Dr. Stevenson provides NO pre-op info, leading you into surgery with no concept of the risks involved. Post op, he only says "wait a while."

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