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I had cool sculpting on my abdomen at Dr. Kaniff's...

I had cool sculpting on my abdomen at Dr. Kaniff's last September. I was told that I would get about a 20% reduction of fat. The procedure itself was uncomfortable for the first minute or two but was not too bad. There was absolutely NO down time!! I got incredible results. More like a 90% reduction in fat. I would highly suggest this procedure as well as Dr. Kaniff and his office staff.


What was the price
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Glad to hear! When did you start to see results?
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Great! Do you have before and after pictures you can share?
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pre and post pictures


not buying this review.. no way. its more like an advert.
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Hi there, great results! I was wondering if you only did CS on your abs? Looks like your bum is firmer and your lower back seems trimmer. Tks,
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Exactly my observation. It's either two different women or she also went on a crash diet and lost a lot of weight the hard way. My guess is this is a plant by someone selling this technique.
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