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I had my chin implant done 8 months ago. In the...

I had my chin implant done 8 months ago. In the first few weeks post-op I was completed freaked out because the left side of my lower lip was totally paralyzed - I couldn't move that part of my lip at all, which not only made my smile look awful, it also impeded my ability to talk well.

I feared I had ruined my face and that my smile would never return. However, at 3 1/2 weeks I all of a sudden regained a little movement in my left lower lip. Hooray! The movement returned failed quickly after that and most swelling gone after 2 months, with everything looking pretty good.

If you would have asked me on those first few weeks I'd have told you don't ever do it. But over time the results ended up being exactly what I'd hoped for. I still have a little residual numbness on the lower right side of my chin but nothing problematic and I'm hopeful that will still return after more time.

Some advice: find an excellent facial plastic surgeon who clearly goes over everything with you, including all possible side effects and a realist recovery timeline. My surgeon was a plastic surgeon but did not specialize in the face and that was a mistake. He wasn't thorough in his pre-op education and I realized too late that he wasn't as experienced with this specific procedure, which was why I panicked when things went awry in the beginning.

All in all my results were positive and I'm very glad I did it. Even though I like the results, if I had to do it over again I'd choose a different surgeon, but I'd still definitely do it again. And I hope that sharing this will be helpful to some. :)

so glad I found this post.. I had a chin implant placed 11 days ago.. it looks okay, but I am worried that my smile is forever changed. Since i got the implant.. My bottom lip doesn't move much or at all when i smile and/or laugh.. it feels and looks very strange. I am now finding myself covering my face when I laugh so no one notices.. did you experience this name and what is the status now?? I'm worried that i made a big mistake.
Hi Laceygirl! I am now 2 years pot-op and my chin looks great. Initially I, too, worried I made a huge mistake, but over time the movement went completely back to normal and I'm very glad I had the procedure. Don't worry, you are very soon after your surgery and swelling (which causes nerve compression) is very normal. I covered my face for a while, too, but then as it went back to normal I didn't need to do that anymore. :) I think it was about 2 months before the swelling was almost all completely gone. Even that numbness to my right lower side is almost completely gone (that took over a year, but very slowly improved). Take care and good luck!
thank you for the prompt response.. that makes me feel a lot better!!
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