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My motivation was the fact that I had implants...

My motivation was the fact that I had implants that needed to be replaced because the first ones were not put in correctly. Five years ago I had implants put in under the skin. After about 2 years I got cc so decided to have them redone under the muscle but 14 post op my but is still flat . Why?? He said that the capsule from the old implant needed to heal which would take three to six months and then I would see the results of the newly replaced ones. He said that eventually I would love them but right now I'm embarrassed with the sagging and skin hanging. Please help!

Buttock implant

So I am now 30 days post op of implant revisement ( meaning my previous implant per under the skin two years ago was replace and put under the muscle) but my but is so flat. The implants are the same size so I don't know why. My dr says it takes 3 to 6 months to see a difference but with the first surgey I seen immediate results . I uploaded pics so please tell me what u think. I'm beginning to think me $8000.00 has gone to waste. He says ill love it later but right now I'm embarrassed . please help.

Buttock implant failed

So I am now 6 weeks post op and as I mentioned before I had a capsulectomy and implant replacement because my first implants were placed under the skin. I got the same size implant placed under the fascia and not only is my butt still flat but it has a droop to it even with the new implants. WHAT HAPPENED???My dr keeps telling me that in six months it will be right but at this point I don't believe him. Is this going to change?? What should I do. So embarrassing!
Dr. Patino

My dr said that because I had the other in previously that it would take 3 to 6 months for the flatness and sagging to go away and that I would then see the fullness if the new implants and look beautiful. I hope he's right.. Any advice

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I have done months of research about butt implants and even talked to my ps that did my breast implants and I have heard women that are getting a butt implant revision because they had implants put over the muscle are suppose to take the implant out and wait 3-6 months before they even go back in and put new butt implants inbetween the muscles because where the skin was stretched needs to heal and tighten back up so if you don't wait and you just take the old implants out and put new ones inbetween the muscle you will still have the sagging skin. Some women even have to have a lift done on the butt because of the skin bent stretched out and then still wait a few months to add in the new butt implants.
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I hate to hear another woman going thru this. I have my own butt implant story very similar to urs & I just hope I'm going about my journey the right way. I'm so embarrassed about mine too. Do you have any current information to share? Anything would be soo helpful to me, I'm trying to get mine fixed as well.
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... sorry you had to go thru that. Do you think the complications arose solely bc the implants were sub facial the first time? Im looking to get this done and need all the advise I can get. .... If you havent had lipo, maybe you can get a bbl to fix it... just a thought. Prayers sent up for you...
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Yes I really do think that the previous implant had a lot to do with it because of the skin being stretched. But my Dr assured me that after six months I would be ok but I truly doubt it! I think I totally waisted 7500 dollars the first time because they were under the skin only to pay another 7500 to have the sagging from this procedure. I now have to pay another 7500 to correct this problem with a bbl.. Smh. It looks terrible! Thank you do much for ur prayers.
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its not that bad honey :) my suggestion is waiting and if that doesnt help then either get bigger implants or a BBL since I do believe you have just enough to fill in that skin. Go to mendieta I have seen him do WONDERS no MIRACLES on some ladies. Ill be getting implants this summer hopefully I do not know where its either salama in MIAMI cortes in TX or stanton in Cali. Salama is the cheapest for anyone out there considering miami. Cortes is like around 9k or 10 k but it comes with some lipo for contouring. he does a shelf butt for anyone wanting that sexy look.
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Really?? It's about as bad as it can get to me. I'm embarrassed to take of my clothes. I don't think anything is going to change much either. It's really disappointing because my dr is board certified and does these by the week. So I don't understand what happend. I'm gonna get a bbl done by Dr. Hughes in LA in oct because u had to wait at least 3 months from the date of the surgery .. I can't wait. He wants 7500 as well. So I will be 22,000.00 out of pocket.. Not including plane and hotel to la , by the time u clean this mess up! Thanks for the advice
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Dr Cortes in Texas !!! It's been day six for me I had BBL with butt implants. Please don't stress yourself out about it give them a call and sent them pictures and see what his opinion is . Told him what I was interested in having done he gave me his honest opinion and I told him to do his thing & that i had researched and trusted him.
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Nichelle123: Let me tell you about my experience. I also had my implants put in under the skin originally. The results were not great. It looks like implants under your skin. Problem was after I talked with a very experienced doctor about implants, he explained to me that butt implants are always suppose to be put in under the muscle. I developed an infection, with fluid build up. I was on a very strong antibiotic for a year with a drain for just as long and once a week I had to drive over an hour to the cosmetic surgeon's office (not plastic surgeon) to drain my cheek. After a year they were removed. Talk about less than a butt, the implant stretched out my skin and left me with nothing but saggy tissue, my butt literally looked like 2 pancakes and they bounced off the back of my thighs. After a year of the doctor telling me the tissue has to heal itself and would take 3 months, I flew to Venezuela to have my butt reconstructed without implants. You had your implants for 2 years but they immediately but the implants under the muscle and your 4 months post op. Do you see any improvement from when they first did the replacement? If you don't, chances are very likely you won't but the doctor will tell you he sees improvement and just wait a little longer. You might find it increasingly difficult to get an appt. with him. You need to see how experienced your doctor is and if he has ever done an immediate implant replacement & if he says he has ask to see the pics and don't be scared to ask if you can call that person yourself and talk to them. He should have nothing to hide, if he's experienced. From what I was told by the best booty doctor in the US, he explained that the butt pockets need at least 6 months to heal and then you can do a replacement implant. If you have any more questions, I'll be happy to answer. Good luck .
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Wow I'm sorry for ur experience but I'm glad ur ok. Well according to my dr he has done hundreds of these surgeries. He didnt allow me to talk to any of the patients due to patient confidentiality. I am I only three weeks post op in mi implant replacement ( not four months) but I only see very little change so far. Most doctors are telling me 4 to six months are needed to tell the final result but I am still a little worried. I've had the seroma pocket for about fifteen days but my dr((family dr)) suggest I leave it alone for risk of infection. I'm really hoping it subsides soon although it is not painful.. I just hate the horror stories about seroma ( yikes) I'm still kind of sore from the surgery itself as it was just done July 3. Do u think it is still to early to tell. Many people say it needs time to settle. My Surgeon is also board certified and is highly recommended in the Bay Area ...thanks for ur reply I look forward to hearing from u
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