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Hi. I'm 46 and have wanted smaller breasts for a...

Hi. I'm 46 and have wanted smaller breasts for a very long time, and even though my breasts are not huge, they are on the large size. In the past year, I've lost 43 pounds, and I think that having a flatter stomach and smaller breasts will really make my weight loss shine. I'm 5' 4", and 154 pounds right now. I'm a 36 - 38 D, and wish to be a 36 B. Part of how I lost the weight is that I began a training program that takes you from a sedentary life to running a 5K without stopping. I've taken that training and moved it up a notch, and now I can run a 10K in an hour. To be comfortable, I have to wear 3 bras when I run. I don't want my breasts to move at all. I'm actually scheduled for a tummy tuck and breast reduction together. The tummy tuck has been a long time coming, but now that it's clear I'm not having any more children, it's time to get that flat stomach back and get rid of that skin that looks like a deflated balloon hanging down. I question myself if I'm being selfish or scheduling this on impulse because both procedures together gets pretty expensive, and eventually I'll have two teens in college. I'm not sure I could call it impulse because I had my first consultation back in November. I am reminding myself that I've been working hard at a full time job, have not taken a sick day in 4 years, and after all, I've been doing things for others my whole life. This is a gift for me. My doctor is a very approachable, warm person, and I feel very comfortable with him, but I am scared to death.


Thanks so much for the support, ladies. Sammy, you make an excellent point. I often think of two people at an interview for the same job. All other things being equal, if one looks like she takes better care or herself, she will exude more confidence, and is more likely to get the job. In the long run, this can justify the cost of lazik surgery, teeth whitening, and PS when warranted.

Iowa, yes! The one-time combined anesthesia and and OR cost is what really brings the cost down, plus the doctor takes off $1,000 or having two procedures at once. The cost of my initial TT is now 1 and 1/2 times what my original quote was, but if I can swing it, i hope you are right. After spending so much, I better keep it off! In 5 or 10 years, I'm pretty sure that I won't mind having spent the money if I still look better than I do today!.
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Hi Iowa71! The exercise plan that I followed is called "Couch to 5K" and it can be found online. It's so gradual, there is never any soreness! After that, I followed "Bridge to 10K" (also online). For the weight loss, I joined a class called Sutter Options for Sucess through Sutter Health. It was actually this program that gave me the idea to go ahead and have a tummy tuck. They taught us that we only gain fat cells at two points in our lives: during the rapid growth of adolescence, and pregnancy. After that, your number of fat cells is set. They just deflate when you lose weight, and puff up again when you gain it back. They actually spoke highly of surgical removal of fat cells. I looked into a tummy tuck with a renewed sense of interest, knowing that I've toyed with the idea for years now. I am thrilled to know that my stomach won't ever look as unsightly as it does now. Just out of curiosity, I threw the idea of a BR at the same time out there, and when my PS said I'd be a fine candidate for both, I felt validated with my moderate dissatisfaction with my moderately large breasts. I think a breast reduction to go with the smaller core is a lovely idea, but again, the cost keeps running through my mind. But you are absolutely right, both my kids have braces, and there is no way I'd let my kid miss prom just to save $500! Thanks for putting it in that light! It's not like I'm unemployed, and we ladies need to remember we only live once! My husband pointed out that if I just do the TT, every time I get dressed and look in the mirror, I'm going to hate that I didn't take advantage of just doing both at the same time, and it's unlikely that I'll spring for the steeper expense at a later date. After working so hard to lose almost 45 pounds, I am totally on board with getting rid of all this guilt. I hope I go through with both procedures, love my new body, and never look back, never regret.
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I hope you go through with both also! Sounds like your husband is supportive and I agree that if you are going to do it it is better to do it at the same time. You only have to go under the anesthesia once, as well as only have one recovery. I agree...if you are doing one, do both!

I am making cloth drawstring covers for my drains...

I am making cloth drawstring covers for my drains and bulbs. I need to do this because my teen sons' friends sometimes drop by unannounced, and I'm a private person. If I am recuperating downstairs in the recliner, they will see me, and I just can't have 14 and 15 year old boys seeing my fluids. Does anyone know how many drains and bulbs will be hanging from my body if I am having a breast reduction as well as a tummy tuck?

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I think I finally figured out how to convert my...

I think I finally figured out how to convert my photos which were bitmap into jpeg. I'm trying to post them now.


Yes. I know him. The two offices are just down the street from each other. The dollar amount I put on top was just the doctor's fee for a BR and not including the OR or the anesthesia. Once I add in the TT, and the extra OR and extra anesthesia, it jumps to $14,000 for everything, pre-care and post-care, everything out the door (except for the EKG). I think my bloodwork and thyroid labs will be covered by insurance because I have a history of medical question marks that come up in that area and both my PC and my endocrinologist wanted those numbers as well, so the labs are already ordered through Sutter. I'll just have them forwarded to Dr. Yamahata. Oh, by the way, I also can't swing the entire dollar amount at once. I am going to finance through CARE CREDIT. Both offices use Care Credit, and as long as you pay on time, they never add interest, so you pay bit by bit over one or two years, and never a penny more than what the procedure costs.
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I've been to their website and their prices are reasonable. Our body type is very similar I weigh 10 more pounds, so that is why I scheduled my tt 6 months out. I plan to get a breasted lift because I'm not big on top. Plus financially its too much for me at this time. So I trust my PS and will see how my results and aftercare. Thanks so much for replying. My PS is Dr.k
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Hi Rcady! My PS is Dr. Wayne Yamahata. He is soft-spoken, and my anxiety went way down when I met him. He is with the Plastic Surgery Center of Sacramento, a group of about 7 doctors or so. But you pick one doctor and your consultation, pre-op, surgery, and post-op are all by the doctor you choose. Incidentally, I went for a second consultation by a top PS in the area, and he wanted to do both procedures separately for the same reason you just mentioned, which won't work with my work schedule. I liked the office staff better with Dr. Yamahata. At the other office, the secretaries were complaining about the doctor and nobody called me for a follow-up conversation after my consult, even though they said they would.
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My surgery is exactly 3 weeks away now. I am...

My surgery is exactly 3 weeks away now. I am flipping scared out of my wits. Reading other posts of procedures that take a longer than average time, like 5 or 6 hours, they have nausea when they wake up. I know I should focus on the fact that I WILL wake up, but I am afraid of out of control nausea and the pain it will cause to my newly repaired stomach muscles.

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These are the things I am worried about. Might as...

These are the things I am worried about. Might as well make a list to give my OCD mind something to do.
1) Will I not wake up?
2) Will I be nauseated?
3) Will the pain meds make me itch? (I am a very itchy person by nature)
4) Will my asthma be in control?
5) Will I be constipated?
6) Will I remember how to make a sneeze go away without actually having to endure the sneeze? (Press under your nose)
7) What if I have a nagging cough? (Unlikely, unless the asthma is not under control).
8) What if I lose my job/get sued/need to help the kids financially with college and regret spending the $$!

This is my favorite thing to read on others' reviews: "I wish I would have done this long ago!"


Here are my responses:

1. It is very rare for someone to just "not wake up" from surgery

2. They can give you medication in your IV or a patch behind your ear to help with the nausea, though the patch can affect vision, so be careful with that!

3. If the pain meds make you itch, the docs usually say take some benadryl. Talk with the doc beforehand about how he will want you to handle this situation. If you have ever had Codeine and not had a reaction to it, maybe you could take Tylenol with Codeine #3. It is a nice pain reliever that usually doesn't cause side effects

4.Make sure the anesthesiologist knows about your asthma. Have your inhaler ready. Take your medicines as you are suppose to leading up to your surgery.

5.You can start taking Docusate Sodium before surgery to try to prevent significant constipation. One daily is usually enough and continue taking it after surgery until you are going to the bathroom normally.

6. If you have to sneeze and can't stop it, gently hold a pillow to your abdomen. That is what will hurt. The PS does not cut through muscle for the BR so a sneeze or cough will not really bother that, but you will probably notice it from the TT.

7. Refer to answers 4 & 6 :-)

8. You could lose your job, get sued, or need to help the kids with college...but hey, you will look like a rock star in the unemployment line or at court...and the kids can always get loans or grants if you are really poor :-)   Actually, you may regret spending the money at some point, but you don't know what is going to happen in the future. You know what you have now, and now is your time. The chances of getting sued are pretty slim (unless of course you are some type of nefarious character!) and there will always be the "what if's" but if we let the "what if's" stop us every time we weren't sure of how something was going to turn out we would do nothing...ever!

And just remember...ten years from now you don't want to be saying, "I wish I had done it when I had the chance!" You want to be the girl who in three months is going to be saying, "Why did I wait so long?"
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Hi Piggles, You are too funny! Thanks for adding some levity to my days as I mentally try to prepare for what's to come. It's funny, but I always saw the TT as corrective surgery. The stomach at times can stick out if you've got gas or have just eaten, but it should not hang down your front like an empty glove. Think of the circulating blood always having to take a detour to supply the hanging balloon, and then having to turn around again to return to the body. Making my body smooth and streamlined returns it to its ideal state, and that, to me, is corrective surgery. And in my humble opinion, I think that after one's last C-section, the surgeon should correct all of this instead of stitching you up and leaving your body worse for wear! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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I forgot to say good luck in your surgery, I want to keep an eye on you ;)
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Does anyone know about Arnica? Arnica Montana or...

Does anyone know about Arnica? Arnica Montana or Arnica Forte? I know it's for swelling, but it comes in tablets as well as a cream or gel to be applied topically over scars. Those who use this, do you know which method? I'm assuming the topical stuff?


Glad you are well! The sneezing thing is's almost like your body doesn't go through with it. If that makes sense. I start to sneeze, and can't complete it. Odd! It works out. Hang in there, and keep resting :)
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All is well. The breasts are a charm if the swelling would just go down a bit. I like the separarion between the two. At least I don't have a chest butt anymore! The tummy yuck is worse but just feels like I did way too many sit-ups. Yawning hurts a little but not yhat bad. i have not coughed or sneezed yet and I thank God for reminding me to keep my asthma under control foe months now.
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Hi When do we get to see pictures of the new you : )

Hi Ladies, Since I actually ended up getting a...

Hi Ladies, Since I actually ended up getting a full Mommy Makeover, I've been writing my updates under my other review. Please switch over to that one and you'll see where I am today, info and pictures-wise. Thanks for the support!


sound like u did great u have any pic up i am goin for tt/mr/lipo oct 1
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Piggles just have to say I LOVE the way your mind works and every time I feel remotely guilty I am simply going to picture my husband with a 4lb scrotum!
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