One week post op...

I am a 47 mother of 2 grown boys, both are in...

I am a 47 mother of 2 grown boys, both are in college and I have been working on getting myself back! I have really be into fitness for about 6 years and really enjoy working out and being active. I am 5'8" and range in weight from 160 to 165. I have a lot of muscle from years of swimming when I was younger. But there are somethings on my body that exercise alone can't change. Originally I was looking to have a mommy makeover. But after a lot of thought I decided to start with just the Benelli breast lift with no augmentation.
I want to start looking and feeling like me again. I have been considering this for about a year now. When I finally decided to have a consult, that was the EASY part. The difficult part for me was actually taking the plunge and making the surgery appointment!

I went back and this right, am I too vain, will it look good, will it hurt (blah blah blah....I guess everyone does this!). Finally I made the appointment and my surgery is on the 15th of January...2 days before my birthday!
I am nervous still...some nights I don't sleep, all the what ifs wake me up at night. ( Plus I am a stomach sleeper and that alone is enough to scare me! How will I ever sleep after this!)
So, I feel really funny about posting photos of myself...but I know that this helped me, so I guess I have to take the plunge and just post! (covering eyes in embarrassment)
This board and all of the posts have helped so much. I found a list of supplies I may need, helpful tips and lots of great insight. That has helped me feel so much more confident!
So, I have to get through the holidays...and my pre-op is scheduled for the 5th of January!

12/10/2012 I decided to have a mammogram before...

I decided to have a mammogram before my surgery...because it would be my luck they would call me right after my surgery (it has been 3 years since my last one!)
I kept thinking during the whole procedure...These will not look like pancakes next time! All seemed to go well and I left the office.
THEN...the tech called me right back and said they needed another photo! Yikes! I scampered back, got on another robe and went to take another picture. The tech showed me the photo and there was this little bundle of white, so I needed to get another shot of the side near the armpit. Ok, deep big deal.
So, there I sat waiting for the know with a million thoughts running through your head. I would be just so devastated if I had to cancel my surgery!
Finally got to see the doctor...make a LONG story short..the white "mass" was was too much extra skin on my breasts HA! (I could have told them that!) I left the office with an even better confidence that this is the right declension for me!

Glad I had the mammo, but could have done with out the mini "Scare"!

Well, I am set to go..done with pre-op and ready...

Well, I am set to go..done with pre-op and ready for Tuesday! I was excited nervous today, but Dr K answered all of my questions and explained again what he is going to do.
I am getting a Benelli breast lift, or a concentric mastopexy- they make a single scar around the areola and then remove the skin from that area. He said I should remain my same size (I have a B cup) It is just going to be super nice to have the gals in a better place.
See you on the other side!

HI! I one day post-op and resting quite...

HI! I one day post-op and resting quite comfortably!
I went in yesterday at 7:30. They got me prepped and marked and I was in the OR by 8..under in a couple if minutes and woke up around 10:30. Wow, that was fast! I really do believe I was in mid sentence when I went under (so nervous I couldn't keep from talking!) Dr. K has his own operating room on site, so I believe that is why everything went right on schedule!

Only spent an hour in recovery. I can't out pretty fast and felt great! Hubby picked me up an d took me back the hotel we are staying at. No nausea at all. They gave me one of those motion sickness patches for behind my ear the night before. I am supposed to keep it on through today.

I had a Valium when I got back to the room. I propped myself up and watched TV for the rest of the day. I wasn't in that much pain, so I only had the Valium. No nap all day...just didn't need it. Overall it feels like I have done 200 pushups. I am pretty athletic and I guess I can handle a lot of pain!

I was thirsty as all get out and drank so much water yesterday. The thing that hurts the most is my throat from the breathing tube. It is so super sore and I am talking all raspy
Hubby was so super helpful, but I didn't honestly need that much help after the first hour. It is uncomfortable to stretch my arms in front of me, but side movement is no big deal

I so want to peek! Did anyone else feel like that?? I go today for a quick "how are you doing" appointment. Then I have another appointment on Thursday...hope I get to see something then.
Will post photos as soon as I can

I am 2 days post op and home and resting in my own...

I am 2 days post op and home and resting in my own bed. We stayed in Sacramento since my surgery so I could do my appointment after surgery. Got to see the new girls yesterday already! WOW, that is all I can say...I was speechless.
Not much in the pain department. I have taken my Lortab overnight, but during the day I just need the Valium the doctor gave me. I have been resting and letting hubby do most of the work. Sometimes I feel a pin prick or twinge, but it is gone in a second. Mostly I am tired today...going to get some more rest.

I am so very happy...hope my recovery keeps going this well!

I had my 1 week post op. I am cleared to sleep on...

I had my 1 week post op. I am cleared to sleep on my side...they are looking very beautiful!
I had 2 really bad days...depression and sadness on day 8 and 9...passed by day 10. I am now out walking around the neighborhood and doing light exercise.
I think I am still really swollen...I weigh 10 pounds more than pre-op. Oh well...I will keep up with the clean diet and see what happens.
I didn't need many pain was mostly just passing pain that came and went. I will post most photos as soon as I can!

It has been over a month and I am completely...

It has been over a month and I am completely healed and back to all of my regular activities! I am so happy with my new gals...they are really beautiful. It is so nice not having to wear a bra in a formal dress!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. K after finding his website through the American Board of Plastic surgery website. I looked at all of the doctors in the area and found one that is board certified. Then I did the research and looked at his photos. I like his aesthetic, he had people in his photos that actually looked like me...I knew this would be a good choice!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! I go tomorrow morning, I'm so ready!
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Im glad you are still doing well!
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I am glad you are healing well and that your sadness and depression has passed!!! Your post op pictures look fantastic. I am curious though.....what would account for the extra 10 did not have implants.
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My Dr. said it was water retention...probably should not have gotten on the scale! I am going to wait awhile until I try that again!
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Looking good Julie! Take care and congrats on your new girls.
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My gals are just beautifull....can't believe they are mine!
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You look great!! You must be so happy! I can't wait for mine! P.s. you having amazingly toned arms! :-)
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I am really happy, each day gets easier and easier! Can't wait to start working out again!
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I got the ok to do cardio, no bouncing so... walking, elliptical and I saddled up the girls in a heavy duty support sports bra. In addition, I was allowed to lift light weights BELOW the shoulders. Hang tight and don't rush things. It takes a good 5 to 6 weeks for those incisions to be fully healed.
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I too am from the Sacramento/Laguna area and don't want to add just simply lift these puppies up. I have nursed 5 children so needless to say they could use some help. Can't wait to see pics and really get the true inside scoop on how it went from start to finish.
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Thinking of you! I am from the Sacramento area too and just had a Tummy Tuck done 4 days ago. Now I'm ready to start saving for a breast lift/augmentation haha. Good luck to you! Can't wait to see your results.
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So excited for you!! Can't wait to hear how it went! Mine is 6 weeks from today..I'm nervous and excited! Best of luck!
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yes! that is it exactly...nervous and excited!
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Hi there, I am having a lift on February 21st and I cringed putting up my before pictures as well..and also struggled with being vain but came to the conclusion it's ok to do this for myself. I look forward to seeing your result pictures. Had you considered implants at all or always just wanted the lift?
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I have never considered implants at all.. I have a large upper body (from swimming and weight lifting) I would look so very top heavy if I had a large chest (I think right now I am a 36 B) We also have lived in Italy and women there do not have implants. I just want mine to look like they used to (oh so many years ago) and I am not sure they need to be larger! That being said, my doctor said I had enough fullness not to have implants. Are you nervous? Or are you ready to look like you again?
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I am definitely ready to have the girls sitting back up where they once were( at least I think they were, it's been so long...) I had originally wanted implants because I thought that's what I needed to be full but my PS said I need a lift first and then I can do implants at a later date if I still want them. I'm hoping I will just be pleased with the lift and not want implants. I am also 5'8 and I'm about 150 lbs. my hips could def balance out a bigger top.. But I will do this lift and go from there. I am super excited but also a little nervous about it all. Glad to have this forum to help get through!
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Thank you immensely for sharing with us! I hope your experience is smooth sailing and that you love your results. Please keep us posted!

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Welcome Julie G. You are almost my twin! I too am only a stomach sleeper, I never sleep in my back ever & my birthday is near the time of my sx. So this is my bday gift as well. I'm getting my lift Dec 27th. Feel free to follow my blog & I will be following your story as well. Good luck!
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I am so glad you posted pictures....your breast are similar to mine so I am anxious to see your results. This board has helped sooo many in sooo many ways, myself included. I am hoping for late winter/early spring. You will do just fine with the lift!!!! I am sure anxiety will get the best of us but remember to read this blog/posts and see all the positve stories/outcomes. All the VERY best to you - you are going to be just fine. Keep us posted!
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Oh, it was so hard to post the photos! But I am glad I did...I have to walk through this the entire way! Are you scheduling soon?
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Sadly, I do not have a set date. Wish it were tomorrow, even with all the anxieties. I have had 2 consult and the doc that I would go with is AMAZING! Hopefully, I will have the balance of the money to get this done!
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