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Like most people on here, I have devoured hundreds...

Like most people on here, I have devoured hundreds of reviews over the past few months, anxiously awaiting my own surgery. Now that I (finally!) scheduled my consultation, I figured I would share my information, as I found others to be so helpful. Plus, it seems like not many people get smaller implants, which is what I am leaning towards.

My stats:
102 lbs
23 years old
Never had kids

I have wanted implants ever since high school, but never thought I would actually go through with it. Then I lost about 15-20 lbs from stress and illness and couldn't even find a bikini top that fit! Not to mention the difficulty finding a bra--I always wear VS push-up bras, and we all know they do a bit of vanity sizing...

After mustering up the courage to consult my mom, she surprised me by supporting me 100%! She also had implants when she was my age and recommended her doctor. Turns out he recently retired, but I ended up scheduling a consultation with another surgeon at the same place. The only other person I have told is my boyfriend, who was awesome :) He said he like me the way I am, but if it made me happy to get implants he would be happy for me.

So that's my typical little story, and I'll upload some photos later if I am not too shy...

Wish pics

All from

2 weeks...

2 weeks until my first consultation! I wanted to post a few pictures of where I'm starting. Sorry for the bad quality--selfies aren't my forte :)

My first consultation...

My first consultation was on Wednesday with Dr. Yamahata. Dr. Yamahata was great! He made me feel very comfortable and has an impressive surgical history with a low rate of complications. He didn't volunteer much information, but answered all of my questions thoroughly. It lasted about 25 minutes and was mostly conducted in his office, which was nice. He did measure me, but did not offer any information about what size or profile would work best for my frame. The price was fairly good, about $6,200 for silicone implants with an $1,100 deposit.

I still have a consultation scheduled for February 3rd with Dr. Mabourakh in Folsom before I can decide which doctor to go to. Wish me luck!
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You STUPID STUPID girl.. you looks SEXY!!!! After.... you'll see...
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Congrats on your decision and you will love Dr.lee in roseville. Dr yamahata had one review on here that was good but once you see Dr.lee I'm sure you wont want to go with anyone else..!!
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May I ask who your consult is with? I will be seeing Drs Green and Yamahata in January and Dr. Clark in Folsom. I need to update my profile, but want to say "hi" since we are at similar stages and in close proximity.
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I am seeing Dr. Yamahata--Dr. Green was actually me second choice. I've also heard good things about Dr. Clark and might schedule a consultation with her if Dr. Yamahata doesn't work out. We should stay in touch! I am also looking to schedule my surgery around April :)
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I think you'd really like Dr. Clark. My consult yesterday was great. And she does lean towards the smaller cc which you are looking for.
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I think with the size in your pictures.. and saying youre a A or AA.. i think about a 200 cc will be what you want..but obviously you have to talk to your surgeon and try on sizes! :) good luck :D
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Its a very personal decision and if you are doing it for no one other than yourself you should move forward!
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Love your wish pics!  Very moderate.  Remember that going from A/AA to more than a C, you may end up with stretch marks.  Depends on your skin :)  So nothing at all wrong with moderate!  Heck, sometimes you can get stretch marks from less than A-C.  Plus, you can always go bigger later when you have to replace the implants anyway.  You will sag more slowly with smaller implants.  Lots of pros and cons either way.
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My stats are very similar to yours I am just about 5'3, 100lbs and my breasts were quite small before my BA. I have 290cc silicone hp implants placed under the muscle. I just had my surgery a few days ago and I believe the size is quite nice so far with my proportions. Have a look at my profile if you'd like :) Good luck choosing a size :)
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Hi Michelley! I've seen your review before and LOVED your results! I'm thinking around that size, just waiting for my consultation to figure it out :)
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Thanks :) good luck at your consultation! I look forward to seeing what you chose and following your journey!
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Hello, I got fairly small implants 10 days ago, plus a small lift. 304cc silicone. I told my PS I wanted to be moderate, just firmer and "filled out". I had a 280 something cc set aside because I am small but the under muscle route takes some of the volume. I am modest at work and was very concerned with going big. My 304's are great. Nothing wrong with wanting a moderate change :)
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Congratulations for deciding to do this for you!  When is your first consultation scheduled for?
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January 15th :)
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But that's weeks away!  Just kidding :).  I just remember when I set up my consultations, I was so impatient for getting to them.  I had to wait over a month for my first consult and I was freaking out.  Happy waiting ;)
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if you have read a lot of comments and I have seen this so many times -- "I though they would be bigger" is the most often comment. My xGF got 450cc and then went back to get 650cc at 5'2 which seems like mountains but they looked really great. My only comment is that girls who are flat chested can go without a bra most anytime, then they go get implants and then hide their chest. Whatever you do, show them off which is why we men like them.
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