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Hi ladies! I wanted to add to the collection of...

Hi ladies! I wanted to add to the collection of stories and pictures here on realself because without having read everyones experiences I dont know if I would have had the strength to do what my body needed and have my implants removed. I first got implants back in 2006. At that time I had lost a ton of weight so my boobs went from a full B/C down to barely filling a B. They were silicone gel, over the muscle 300 and 275. They were huge on my body as I had quite a bit of my own breast tissue. 

 From the start I never really liked them and was hoping one day feel like all my friends who loved their implants...never happend and I actually spent most of my time hiding my figure (oh and my husband hated them, he didnt like how big and unnatural they looked) Fast forward to 2010, I became extremely involved in crossfit and continued to loose more body breasts now looked like socks with rocks, they just hung there. So in May 2012 I went in and had a lift and smaller implants put in 225 and 250, this time under the muscle. I loved them they were the perfect size for my small athletic frame and I was so much more comfortable. I loved being able to wear small little bras and bikinis. Within 5 months of the surgery I noticed that my right breast had started to get hard and was pushing up toward my armpit. 
 The Dr confirmed it was CC and said the capsulectomy would be easy. I had the Capsulectomy Dec 21 2012. After the surgery my DR told me the capsule had gotten quite thick and there was a lot of scraping. That first night blood was oozing out of my incisions and the drain didnt seem to be working right, i knew something was wrong. For the next 10 days my drain started to work and I was filling about 100CC's a day. The DR said we had to pull the drain otherwise I would risk infection. When we pulled it I knew I was still producing to much fluid and within 2 days my right boob blew up to the size of a canatalope and I was rushed into emercency surgery for a hemotoma evuacation. 
 My poor boob was being opened up for the third time in 8 months. after the hemotoma removal I felt a million times better and we were confident I was on my way to healing, but within 8 weeks the same boob started to get ridiciously hard again. The dr wanted to have one more shot and had said that this time would be different because the hematoma had caused the CC this time. Mentally I knew that I couldnt handle another surgery and then wondering and waiting to see if the CC would come back would just stress me out too much. At some point I had to put my vanity aside and realize that my body simply no longer wanted these "toxic bags of shit" (thats how I had to refer to them so I would start to hate them). I was scared to death as to what I would look like. After the hematoma removal my dr had stiched me up so tight that the incision had a slight indent at the base, I had mentally prepared myself for some teathering but told myself that I'd rather have messed up natural boobs than messed up fake boobs. 
I had my explant 4 days ago and can say that I am 110% happy I did it! Since They have come out my skin looks better and I am sleeping so much better. My Dr said that he has never seen an implant get squeezed that tight that quick. He was amazing and reassured me that I did the right thing. As i predicted the side with all the problems has some teathering but it honestly doesnt upset me at all. I know that they look a little messed up, but once I put a bra on you cant tell at all and I love the fact that they are all mine. After looking at all the pictures and stories on this website I started to realize how much more beautiful I think natural boobs are. I never expected to look in the mirror and be so happy to have the body that I am supposed to have back. I have also had several people while I was out shopping stop me and ask me what I do to be in such amazing shape, at first i was sad thinking that I must look like a boy now that I have no boobs, but I realze now that even just 4 days post explant I am walking a little more confident and not wearing clothes that cover up my body. This has been one of the most emotional times of my life and I couldnt have done it without having read the other stories and emailing with some of you on here. my only hope is that my story helps give someone else a little bit of comfort as they are deciding weather or not to explant. I honestly could not be happier!
You look great and have been through quite a ride. Glad you are feeling better. Love the result. Who was your PS in Sacto? My explant is scheduled for 5/10. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Wow another crossfit person. You look fab! I've been thinking about doing crossfit it's not cheap 170.00 dollars. I'm out if shape big time and wonder how I would do. I'm 46 years old. I have looked in to club sport which is where my friend goes and they offer a ton of stuff. It's one of those fancy gyms. 99.00 dollars a month. Not sure yet what I'm going to do waiting tell after surgery and when PS says I can start working out. Again you look great! Any suggestions?
Check you out you little hottie!!! I'm telling you little tits rock!!! You look awesome!!!!!

!8 days post implant removal and I couldnt be...

!8 days post implant removal and I couldnt be happier! I love being natural, my boob with all the problems still has a funny teather at the bottom, but considering everything they have been through they could be a lot worse :) ive been taking so many progression pics that I started taping the day to my stomach so I could keep track...can you say obsessed! Went out by the pool today for the first time and my husband asked if I was wearing a new bathing suit, I told him I had treated myself to a new VIX suit as a little present to my new boobies...his response...." I think you look amazing in it and I think your boobies look perfect." Feeling very lucky and loved today.
I was told if your out of shape and in your forties cross fit can cause injuries? Any thoughts? You do look a amazing !
Yusu, you could be out of shape in your 20's or 30's and if you dont have proper instruction and a good coach there is a potiential for injury. But having said that you could hurt yourself in a regular GYM too. I checked out several crossfit gyms before I found the one that I felt was the best for me. People have a lot of opinions of crossfit but you just have to try it to see if its for you! I envy people who can tolerate hot yoga for 90 minutes, that makes me feel like im dying, lol, so you just have to find your fit. Im 35 and have never been healthier! You look amazing, if you want suggestions of good crossfit gyms in your area id be happy to help!
I have a cousin in her 30's & she loves it....I saw it profiled on Kelly & Michael Live, but due to my back I'd never be able to do that....walking & regular stuff it is for me, but it would be wonderful to be ABLE to do cross fit!!!

6 weeks post op

I cant believe it has been 6 weeks since i had my removal! It really has been a roller coaster of emotions, but one thing is was the best thing I ever did for myself! I love my real boobies. I love looking in the mirror and knowing that this is how i am suppossed to be, and I think real boobs are way sexier than those awful fake bags I had for seven years. There have been days that were hard, like the first time I went bra shopping or the first time I got in a bathing suit around all my friends, but the postive little things outweigh those small moments by a ton! For anyone who is about to explant, and is as obsessed or scared as I was about how I would look, just now this...our bodies are amazing and have an incredible ability to heal!
Hi, your natural breasts loom so good, I can't wait to have mine back, but I've only had my implants for 3 weeks!!! I hate them inside me. How did your healing carry on please? How are your scars? Thanks you xx
You look awesome!!!!!
Wow, incredible, you look very good!!!
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