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Stats: 23yo 5'4 128lbs No Kids After a lot of...

Stats: 23yo 5'4 128lbs No Kids
After a lot of lurking on real self and a few comments, I've decided to go ahead and make the decision to get my breast done. Because of my fear of anesthesia and how I want my breast to look, I decided to go with a doctor who uses the keller funnel method. I heard that keller funnel made the ba process a little faster and that it is a more sterile process. Living california, damn near everything is expensive and I wanted to find a doctor that would be in my budget. Welp, I didnt lol but I was able to put down 3500 in cash towards my procedure and the rest on carecredit. Orginally I had 2 choices in doctors that I possibly wanted to do my surgery, dr pousti in san deigo was my first choice because he had pricing that was in my grad student budget.He frequently had specials and He even had military discounts for dependents(which I am)! I made a couple of phone calls with pousti office, although very kind and caring on the phone, the check up visits I would have to make to san diego seemed to be a little inconvenient. So decided to make an appointment for a consult with Dr. K in sacramento. Being from northern california, Dr. K's location was convenient for me and I had been looking to getting surgery there for years. I'll write more after my surgery, I'm excited!!!
PS: thank you CatLady for your feedback!


Welcome! Best Wishes to you!
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Thank you so much!
You're welcome

Less Than A Day To Go!

Hey ladies, I just wanted to do a last quick note before I go under the knife tomorrow. Unlike many other ladies on this site, I wasn’t able to lose any weight before my surgery, you see, I have this affinity for food that just defeats me every time I go into this war called diet! I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go through the surgery on the 5th but my husband and I felt comfortable enough to lay down the big bucks and put my life in Dr. K’s hands. With that being said, I AM NERVOUS, like brink of tears nervous! Every time I ate anything greasy, keep thinking, this isn’t good, I have high blood pressure..I have heart palpitations.. I’m fat.. This is my first surgery so I am being extra cautious with my vitamins though, so cautious that I stopped taking them completely. I’ve read soo many stories here on realself but you never truly know what to do until you’ve done it yourself. The thing I am finding extremely hard to do is not eat 12hrs before…how does anyone do that?! I’m always hungry!! Anywho, wish me luck ladies!!


Good luck! :)
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Will Pray for you
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Good Luck!!!
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Great News Ladies

Im still alive!
I'm experiencing a lot pain exclusively on my left breast, I even Ending up calling Dr. K at 1130pm. I felt sorry for waking him but when I tried to lay back on my bed, the tears started to fall. Other than that, everything was fine. The anesthesia worked really fast, the last thing I remember was looking at the heart monitor. When I woke, I was being greeted by nurse rainey? I was just happy to wake up. I ended up getting 410cc, I hope they'll be big enough. I thinkmy bandages are coming off today. I'll post pictures soon. Thanks for all your well wishes everyone..


Congrats I sent you a private Msg to ask about your recommendation of this dr
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Congrats to you!! The first few days are the worst but it definitely gets better!! Hang in there and take it easy!! My surgery was almost a week ago, and its amazing the difference a few days makes. Happy healing to you!
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Congratulations! Lol I felt the same way, happy to wake up!! Welcome to boobie land, happy healing my dear! I hope they're big enough for u too because boob greed sucks I'm living it right now but I do love my boobs so as long as u luv/like them the size wont bother u too much. The bright side is they're bigger than what we started with right? Lol take care hun.
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Bright Smiles on this rainy day

Picture day!

Everything is getting better day by day


look good girl :)
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thanks girly
I'll be having lipo on Monday morning with Dr. K.
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Waking up in the middle of the night

This seems to happen every night and its so painful. I can only manage to sleep on my back and tonight I could only sleep for 3 hours. I'm starting to have feelings of regret. Although I feel sexier And my husband likes them, I'm not sure if I like them. I hate feeling immobilized, I couldn't even sit in class tonight without squirming or rubbing my breast to ease the pain. I need to be running, going to the gym, doing things I used to do. But instead, its 2am and I'm awake, in pain and feel useless. Today is officially the 1 week mark.. Whoopee.... I'm just hating this recovery period


I'm feeling all the same things. Not sleeping, maybe regret?, I know that the recovery time is not pleasant but really? Everyone else seems to be doing OK, why not me? Now I just am scared to be by myself and my husband works out of town and odd hours so friends have been staying but that will stop tonight BC people have to work. Hope this ends soon and hope you feel better soon :)
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Dr. k gave me a prescription for Ambian to help me sleep. I slept 8 hors last night, but woke up feeling beat up and sore. I'm sure you'll be very happy when you finally heal.
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That's great. The first 4 days were prefect but he told me to try and get off the drugs he gave me. I will see him again tomorrow, hopefully the massaging and follow up will help me. How are you feeling today?

I found a mark/bruise/hematoma whatever on my left breast

this is the worst.
I see dr. k tomorrow, Idk what it is but its ugly

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GIRL! You look aaaaaaaaamazing. Your before breasts are smokin'! I am so glad you had a good experience, you look marvelous. I had my nips pierced a while ago, but took them out. You inspire me to want to put them back in! :D
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What final size were you hoping for? I came across your review & was very interested in the fact that you dont have children either. Most people on here seem to have gotten a BA to correct something after pregnancy, but you (like myself) have no children. Was placement thry the nipple your only option?
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Hey lovelyy, I didn't have a particular size in mind, I just wanted to be bigger than I was lol at the Dr's office, he showed me a book of boobs and pick a pair I found most desirable for myself and they all pretty much looked the same(big). I chose a PS who does the keller funnel method which requires nipple incision. I went to Victoria secret yesterday and I currently measure at a 32DDD but once the swelling goes down, I'm hoping for somewhere between full C/small D

I'm a klutz... Thanks Dr K :-)

So I had a emergency visit with Dr K today because while I was doing my breast massage I felt something leaking from my breast. At first I didn't think much of it but since I had my stitches removed the day before I got concerned. I grabbed my laptop, turned on my webcam and saw what appeared to be brown stuff leaking from my nip. I emailed dr k office a picture of it and they got right on it and called me in for a visit. He and his staff are so attentive and patient, I am so glad I chose advanced concepts!! But here is the back story, when I got to Dr K's office, he saw there was a tear and asked me had I been climbing or reaching for things, and my quick response was No. But in reality, I did lol. This morning I told my husband that I would clean the house but I wanted him to put our brand new vacuum cleaner together before he left for work. So while he was piecing it Together, I decided to get inside the box the vacuum cleaner came in and stand watch him. I barely could balance myself because my legs were crossed Inside the box but for some reason, I was determined to stand there until he was finished. He put it together, I went to reach for to check his work and the box I was standing in split from the back and I fell on the floor and my face landed in a bag of trash I was getting to take out lol He laughed, I laughed and I didn't realize I landed on my side were the stitch opened. I went on with my day, the house is sparkly btw, then did my massages and discovered what I had done. But... Dr K and nurse rainey fixed me up. Thank you!! I won't hop around in cardboard boxes anytime soon lol


Omg is everything okay now?
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Yea its all stitched back together. :-) thanks hun
ahaha... that story is awesome- that would've been kinda embarrasing to tell though as I would feel like a big klutz- but TOTALLY sounds like something I'd do too ;)-
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swelling going down

And I kind of miss them being super huge. Of course they looked super fake sitting high up by my collar bone but it was kind of cool.guess I'll just have to wait until I can wear push up bras :-P


Good!.. good to hear he is such a nice attentive Dr!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I like Dr Andrew Kaczynski!!!

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