BA 350 CC June 10th with a complication. Healing now though - Sacramento, CA

My surgery is scheduled for 6/10 and I will be 26...

My surgery is scheduled for 6/10 and I will be 26 on 6/9 :) Happy Birthday to me! I am 5'7 and 125 lbs. Hips: 38, Waist: 27, and Chest: 29. I have had three babies, and breastfed two of them. My pregnancies were all back to back, so I have literally been like a rubber band. I gave up eating meat and most dairy, took up yoga and running, and went from 180-125 in about 7 months. :D I am very pleased with my progress, but I feel like I literally have no breasts. I buy 32 bras because that is what I can find easily, even though they are a bit to lose for me. I am a AA and would like to be a C. I do not have that much tissue, so I know in order to achieve that natural look, I will need to go a bit small. My doc said he would not put in above 400 CC, but suggested the low 300's. I am thinking 300-325 at the biggest. I am thinking silicone, and probably sub aerolar for the incision. My doc said I do not have much of a mam. fold, so a sub mam. scar might be visible. I am in nursing school, so I only have a three week break before clinicals. I will have to go to school the following week, but I went the day after my gallbladder removal...I can handle it :) What do you ladies suggest for incision placement? I am also having IV sedate to avoid any bladder issues. I go into moderate retention after surgery. Even narcotic pain meds do it to me, so I recovered from last two c-sections without pain pills because I would not be able to pee. Any advice ladies?

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Sounds like you're a busy mom but it's great to hear you're finding time to take care of yourself too. Congrads on the weight loss! I also started out quite small and after 3 children, I was down to nothing. I did saline unders with an areola incision and you cannot see the scars. Looking forward to your updates!

            the crease incision was the easiest pain wise for me; when  i had the underarm incision i was in pain for 1 week and a half; i was walking around the first day after surgery with the crease incision; i had no pain! 
I want the crease incision but I am concerned about it being visible. I do not have much of a mammary fold, and as you can see I do not have that much tissue. Under the arm is definitely out solely on not being able to wear deodorant and the risk of infection. I do not want any decreased sensation in my nipples, so subareolar scares me too :(

Two days till boobie land...325 cc or 350 cc?

So I am really really excited for my surgery on Monday morning. :) I honestly do not have any anxiety or second thoughts, which is so different from the last time I was going to do this. I do not know which size I should do. I am going the silicone route, and I am 130 (boo 5 lb weight gain) 5'7 and wear a 32 A bra on the tightest setting. I have a very small upper body. I go back and forth between 325 CC and 350 CC. I want to look very natural. What do you guys think? Does it even make a difference with those 25 CC? I bought a stabilizer, a bra with sternum compression and silicone gel sheets when my incision is ready for them. Any suggestions? What size should I got? I am doing the peri-areolar incision. With I have an incision going down my breast too?
So excited for you! If you are going under muscle, go for the 350cc's!!! I think you could pull it off no problem! Take a look at mine. I am a similar frame to you. I probably have broader shoulders but still similar. I got 480cc Ultra High Profiles under muscle silicone mentor and couldn't be happier! I like the proportion too. Good luck girl :)
I am also having my surgery on Monday at 7:45am! I am soo nervous but very excited at the same time! I also want a very natural look since I am tall and skinny. We have similar stats! My doctor suggested trans ax since im not going too big, only 339cc and the sub mam scar would show. I wish you the best of luck on Monday!! Yay :)

1 day post op, and lucky me got two surgeries :(

I went with 350 HProfile silicone implants and opted for IV sedation. I was nervous to use that, but I had no probles what-so-ever. I do not every remember getting home and going upstairs. :P So hubby got me home and I slept, and slept, and slept some more. I was taking my pain meds but my left breast was killing me. I tried ice, more meds and sleep but I was in agony. After further evauluation hubby and I discovered that my left breast was 3x the size of my right!! We just chucked it too the fact that that was my smaller breast. I slept more and woke up screaming. My left arm throbbed and I knew something was wrong. My hubby called the PS on call, and she told us to meet her at the surgery center. (It was 10 pm) I began shivering I was in so much pain and ended up fainting by the our front door. When we got to the surgery center a plastic surgeon an three nurses were already there. The PS was awesome! I was freaking out and was in so much pain but she made me believe everything would be okay. She told me she believed that I had blood behind the implant and would have to go in and clean it out. I was under IV sedate again, but I was not under as deep as I was the first time. I remember wincing and my doc saying we are almost done, but that wasn't to bad. She said there were 8 pockets of blood she had to clear out but she thinks she got it all. I have a drain in there too, to continue the release of build up blood. Right now, I am so sore, my armpits ache and the drain annoys me. But all in all, this discomfort is what I expected and does not even compare to last night.
Omg! I got my BA on 6/10 as well and my left arm was KILLING me, even more than the pain in my breast. The nurse said it was probably from the IV, doubled my medication and sent me home. I've been fine since yesterday. I hope we BOTH continue uphill with our recoveries! Happy healing Hun! xx
I'm so glad your feeling better honey. Happy belated birthday and happy healing. I promise it does get better each day.
I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly! So glad to hear you have a great doc taking care of you.

Not feeling to much better today, but I did try on a pretty bra last night :)

I feel pretty much the same today. Sleeping sucks with this stupid drain in. Hopefully it comes out tomorrow. Here is pic I took last night.
had mine same day as well! yours look very natural already!, Mine are really low and swollen still but the recovery is going pretty good! I am glad your doing better than the first night! I had drains put in overnight as well they weren't too bad just annoying! I wish you a quick recovery!
They look beautiful. Super natural, and it s only day 2 post op???
Thank you :) I am still very swollen but I think they look natural already too.

4 days post op, met with PS surgeon yesterday....I have some questions for you ladies?

I met with my PS yesterday and his nurse took my drain out. YAYY! I am starting to feel more like my old self (except the addition of my new boobies). I asked my plastic surgeon when I could pick up my kiddos ( 2 and 1) and they said I could right away, as long as I used my legs. :D That made my day right there. I hated not being able to pick them up. I do not have too much feeling in my nipples, and of course I am not used to the implants yet so that is still odd.
I went to VS yesterday too and tried on some pretty bras..,just to try. My friend who went with was very impressed with my results and actually was jealous that her boobies did not look like mine. That was such a compliment, because I seriously think this girl is a 12 on a 10 scale, and she has D natural cup that look good in my opinion.
I am getting over the constipation issue, which sucked! Omgosh, I felt like such a tubby because I was using laxatives, enemas, stool softeners and fiber supplements and nothing was moving anything. Finally though something worked. Phew!
Did any of you ladies have a weight gain right after surgery? I was 131 when I went into surgery and the morning after my 2nd surgery I was 140! I flipped out. I eat right and exercise and cannot understand what happened :( As of today I am 135, so I am slowly going back down...but still. What the hell.
Next, when did you ladies start to feel your nipples again? When did your implants drop? My doc is having me wear the strap to help push them down for two weeks. (I hate it, but I am wearing it)
Lastly...this one is odd....but today I saw a pic of a girl with small boobies and felt kind of sad that I don't have those anymore. I love my results and have always wanted maybe this feelings are normal, I am not sure.
Oh ya, one more :) When do silicone implants start to bounce more and feel more like normal boobies? Granted I was an AA before, so I did not have too much tissue, but they are firm right now. I am sure that plays into it.
Ok just kidding on more. :) I sized at a 32 D yesterday, is this likely due to swelling? I got 350 cc's and my doc said a small C big B. I did not want to be a D. I suppose I will get used to it if I remain this big but still.

Thank you ladies for your support and help :)
I am supposed to have this surgery in July I just had a face lift a month ago and had lipo last year so decided to go for it w same ps, what would say is the worst thing about recovery? I am having saline not sure yet of the size . I am 117 5 5 and am an a cup. Having done the facelift I cannot imagine this would be as bad. Any comments ?
I think you will be fine. I am 4 days post op and feel pretty good, just sore. And I did have to have an emergency second surgery the evening of my first surgery. The worst thing about recovery now is sleeping. I prefer to sleep on my side and I am stuck on my back. My mom had a BA done 6 years ago, and before that she had her face resurfaced. She said that healing from having her face resurfaced was definitely worse. Hopefully that helped you a little. Good luck with your surgery in July. :)
Thanks! I read about your emergency surgery it sounds really tough. I had drains w the face lift and my ps may make me stay overnight in a hotel across the hospital way as I did with face lift with round the clock nurses . Do all the bras ( i am told you have to wear a special bra round the clock for 3 weeks) look like what you are wearing in your picture? You look absolutely fabulous!

Sexy bra huh :P

It really depends on the doctor which bra they put you in, if they tell you to massage etc. The tan bra I wore the second day (pictured) was one I bought on my own. I bought that one because I read something about how your implants can heal together and basically create a uni-boob. I figured better safe than sorry, so I bought a bra with that sternum compression panel. I wear that at night with the stability band (helps push the implants down and drop). During the day when I am not in my scrubs I plan on wearing the black one above with the band. When I am in my scrubs I will wear the tan one, because my scrubs are high enough to hide the straps. My PS told me to wear the black bra with the band for 2 week, and then I can do any non-underwire bra till the three month mark when I can start wearing underwires and push ups. He said my tan bra was good too. It is just important that the bra does not provide any lift to your boobies because they need to settle into their pockets. Hope I helped, and thank you for the compliment. :)
I would imagine it would be scary to go back to sleeping on your side. I am afraid I will pop my implants! Even though I know I will not.

One week update

Today my sternum has been so sore! I get random shots of pain that last for a few minutes. :( Anyone else have this? My left side up where my shoulder is hurts like the muscle is tight. This is the side I had the complication on and I have been babying it, so I assume that it the reason. I tried to make it without my pain pills today at school, but I could not. :( My right breast has definitely started to drop a little bit and I can tell my left is still swollen a little. Does anyone know if this muscle type pain that prevents me from raising my left arm more than half way is normal?

10 days post op

My left boob (the one that had the second surgery and bleeding) was sore today. It actually has been the sorer side and feels significantly more painful and swollen the the right side. I can raise my left arm a little more today without the muscle pulling pain so that is good I guess. I know that having bleeding raises my risk for cap contracture so that is heavy on my mind. Is this pain normal for this late post op? I am of the vicodin and only take tylenol in the AM for my morning boob. I see my doc on the 26th, so I guess I can ask him. I am now also thinking that maybe I went to big. When I went to VS a few days post op I was a 32 D. A 34 D was too big in the cup and band so I guess I really am a C cup. I am very small up top but have size 4/6 hips. I did not want to look fake, and I feel like I look fake. :(
Your only 10 days out, you still have a good amount of swelling that needs to resolve. I bet once they are done healing you'll be close to your ideal if not spot on. My left is also more tender and swollen than my right. Especially now since starting massage. I think the massage is the worst. For me it's the most painful thing about this process. It's so bad today that I'm applying ice to my left. It's still firmer than righty too. Hopefully your healing will improve sooner rather than later!
I have to say, You look beautiful! And very natural! I m having my BA July 2nd, i m 5 5 118 pounds 32 A right now. Still cant decide between 325/350. I also want a natural look, what do you think?
You look great! I had mine done on june 12th. Ive experienced many things you are experiencing too. I think that your boobs wil still settle down more than where they are right now and also vs tends to run smaller compared to many other brands in the same cup size. I pretty much only buy vs anyway but i felt like you did when i went to vs to try on some new bras for size. I was aiming for a d and i was measured at 34dd lol. I know they will go down more in the next month or so tho. I also wrote a whole review about diet and weight gain stuff on my reviews if you wanna check it out. Its normal and ive been documenting it and being careful too hehe. And yes, i also have my left breast more swollen than my right side for now. Im not going to get stressed about it though. I just need to give it time to heal, keep icing, and keep massaging the around my boobs. I heard thats good to help prevent.capsular contracture. im also verg sore in my shoulders, back, sides of ribs, between my shoulder blades etc.. I think thats normal. But the side that is more swollen gives me random little sharp spasms. I dont know the right term for it but its like all of a sudden it quick and sharp. Just take it easy and i think you look great!

2 weeks post op

Getting better everyday and I have begun massage. I am still sore deep on my left breast, but I am only 14 days post op.
You look really good, congrats. I still have the shooting pin from time to time, I don't know what size I wear yet, have gotten measured yet.
You look utterly fantastic!
Thank you :)

BB's have definitely dropped more

Do you ladies think they will drop more? So far I am loving them!

One month review :)

First off I love my new boobies :) I think I am starting to get sensation back in my nipples. This feeling is equal on both sides, and it doesnt feel like it used to but I feel a dull pain type feeling. I know it takes time for nerves to grow back so I am hopeful. I have had such good results I am thinking of getting my nose fixed. I originally going to have both procedures done at the same time, but I chickened out. We will see what happens with that, but for now here are some pics :)
I had my surgery with the same doctor a few weeks before yours and I am still having some problems with one side. No emergency surgery was necessary, and I was told to wait for the swelling to go down. The swelling is down now and one breast is quite a bit larger and positioned almost an inch lower than the other. It is shaped differently than the other and almost squared off at the bottom (this is where my breast has been sore and painful since the surgery). The doctor told me that I have no signs of contracture and that my chest wall is different on both sides, but I think that's something that the surgeon should be able to see and correct for during surgery. In your pic is it an illusion or is your left breast also lower like mine? Don't get me wrong...I think you look fantastic.
Hmmmm what a curious question. I uploaded a current pic and my left breast is a little higher. But my left breast was naturally smaller so it would make sense that with an identical sized implant placed on both sides that there would still be a slight size difference. Also, my left one was the side where I had the second surgery. I am still noticing my boobies dropping and fluffing more and my left one is still behind.
Congrats on a huge weight loss, you look great. You have a very dainty figure now and any bigger implants could have made you look a bit matronly, only my opinion of course but it would have been a shame to get that perfect figure and then look heavy up top. I'm sorry you had complications but you got brilliant results.

Two months :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I am noticing they are still dropping and fluffing more.

9 month review

I still love my girls! I should mention I was told I would be a C cup with 350 cc implants. I am a 32DD at VS and nordstroms, not that I am complaining :)
Hi I remember you! I had revision surgery 1/2/14 and love my new ones also . You look great! My orig was 7/10/13.
were almost boobie twins ;) I went opposite of you and got my nose done first and Im getting my boob job the 26th. My surgeon told me that because of the very little tissue that I have he is thinking big B small C Mentor silicone moderate plus. Not really telling me cc size because they say cc's look different on different people, he will try different sizers during surgery and see what loos best, im just afraid that im going to look "all boob" since I have such a small frame. Anyway, your new additions look great!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

He truly is an excellent surgeon. I love my results so far and cannot believe that even with my second emergency surgery, my breasts look natural and finally I feel like a woman :)

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