Breast Augmentation After 2 Breast Fed Kids and Weight Loss - Sacramento, CA

Mother of 2 breast fed kiddos. Wife and fitness...

Mother of 2 breast fed kiddos.
Wife and fitness junky.
Lost 30 lbs.
Sacramento, CA.

It my fullest I was a 34 D. I liked the size and wish they could have stayed longer! After breast feeding and the weight lost. I am a deflated flat 32 A. I mean my skin is stretched out and I have not so visible stretch marks on my breast, but they are super flat and deflated... think of a small pancake! I love my figure now, but I wish it was more proportionate. I am a small top with a med (size 7) bottom half. I love my curves but I wish they were even.
As a fitness instructor I understand that after weight loss and being active your fat tissue will continue to shrink. I respect all these fit athletes today but there is no possible way that you can have a small body fat percentage and have nice curvy breast.
I want my boobies back, and I'm gonna get it!

7 Months later I am getting a Breast Augmentation

Hey everyone. Its been 7 months since I had a consultation. After my two consultations one in Sacramento and the other in Folsom, I applied for credit and didn't get approved for the initial amount. I came up short.
So I decided not to get them because I was but hurt, and it just wasn't meant to be. Faith had not let me get them so I just went with it.
So one day I was watching breast augmentation videos on YouTube and was again feeling hurt. Ever since November I have been wishing for some new "girls" and thought that it just wasn't my time. I got the itch to apply again to see if i can get financing but through our local bank, and I was approved!!!
So excited I remember screaming in the break room as I read through the email. Tears filled my eyes as my prayers were answered. I would always tease and make fun of my self saying, "Man, this dress would look way cute if I had a decent rack..." or "... I dont need padding... you cant fluff pancakes..." I had every excuse to joke around with my friends and family because everyone knows I have been wanted them.
Lets face it, breast feeding two children, losing fat, and gaining muscle isn't a boob growing formula. I am entering my first bikini competition in October this year (2014) and I would do it with or with out boobs. Not saying you need boobs to compete in any sport, but I would have a better self confidence on stage and again, lets be honest, a proportionate body looks better and that what judges look for.

Out of the two places I went for my consultations I fell in love with Kaufman and Clark in Folsom, CA. I chose them because of how warm, professional, and reputable they were. I have multiple friends who have been to them. I have seen many wonderful reviews, but the one thing that melted my heart was the pro-bono work they do in other countries. Both Doctors have families of their own, but still make time to donate what they can to help others in need at no cost. For example the disaster in the Philippines, they went and helped so many people who have no resourses to correcct cosmetic or health problems. Winner winner!

I will post a video about the details of the consultation and more.


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Pre Op June 26th 2014

My pre op consultation was yesterday the 26th. What is the final verdict?

Insicion: Inframmary fold (Under breast)
Placement: Under the muscle
Shape: Round Anatomic (tear drop)
Profile: High profile
Size: 350cc
Implant: textured silicone
Lift: No lift

Super excited guys! I cannot wait to fill this bad boys in. Not excited for not working out. But I am looking forward to the IV and the needles and the healing process. I know that sick but I'm a nursing assistant and I see it all the time LOL.

I am making vlogs about all this and I am currently uploading the consultation video.

Consultation Video

Here is my Vlog 1 on my Consultation

Prescriptions Costs

OMG. I went to pick up my prescription from walgreens and it was freaking $249! So I want to contact my nurse and Dr. to see if they are all mandatory. I know, I know they prescribe it for a reason. But I am wondering if i really need 12 nausea suppositories LOL.
I will never know until i ask. I will update you guys.

Pre Op Video

Here is my Pre Op video (Vlog). Sorry I look so dead, I worked a night shift then had to run around then go to my appointment at 430pm. I fell asleep like a baby after filming this video LOL.


Picked up prescription

So ended up just getting my perscription. I got a perscription card thing at walgreens and the total came put to be $214. OUCH, but that's ok. All for a good cause.
I labeled them just in case I forget what is what. And also for anyone with me to help out.
I will put alarms and reminders in my phone too.

4 days! :)

sizing update

Hey, so you know how I was debating on size? Do I told my nurse and they told me to come in. Here Is a Quick Video Of Summing It up.

The big day!

Today is the big day. I am ready, cleaned my room and the kids room. Did all the laundry and set up my little station with chapstic and warer. I am ready to go and egg this don't ! I want gold my girls lol

Hours after the operation.

When I woke up, I was scattered brained, also I confused. I thought that I missed the appointment. But the nurse said I was all finished! Then I looked down and realized the pain lol. I have some pictures but I will have to post and edit the the video once i get back at the hotel.

post op day 2

July 11th, 2014 is post op day 2. Woke up flat on my back for some reason. I thought I was propped up but I guess I slidbdown. Anyways it was so painful to get up I had to yell for my hubby to get me up an help me set up straight. I took my med accordingly, but my doc yesterday said to lay off a lil because I was a lil doped up. So when I tryes to reduce it, I was nauseated and in pain. So I kept with the pain and spaced out the muscle relaxers. I will keep practicing with the meds.
Also last night I was so freaking bloated. I didn't have any tea at any of the hotels we walked through yesterday so I ended up buying dolculax thank goodness, I haven't gone since the day be fore suegery for about (3 days) but it worked in the morning. Everything looks well. Sharp pains here and there but nothing bad. I know dr. Said to stay home and relax bit I had to come support my husband's first fitness show. So here I am walking around drugged and sleepy haha
But it hasn't been bad. I just wall slow and keep my distant lol

post op day 3

So these passed couple of days I have been out of town for my husband's physique show. So I have been up on my feet and walking around quite a bit. My right boob is having sharp pain but I'm assuming it's the nerves rec I reconcting.

I had my first shower today and it was amazing lol. Hard to reach the top of my head but it was okay and I did it gently. Tried to wash the marker off but it did the best I could.

Post op Say 6 update

Hello! Feeling well. Been off the percocet for a few days now and no value either. Last night and today I took some ibu when needed but no pain. Just sharp shooting pins ones in a while but not bother some.
Though my incision sites are inching under the sterile strip tape things like hell sometimes.
I feel blessed that I have been as active as I have. I see some ladies on here who aren't doing as well and I wish them the best.
I know PS says to take it easy and I have.... In my own way. Hubby is doing the laundry, all the meals were prepped because I did it before I went in. And he won't let me carry to many things. But I still like to carry light things just to build strength. I have been walking every day expect post op day one. Friday Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday I have been on my feet and sat down when I felt that I needed to too. I have to walk. I can't stand the fact of just sitting there like a bum.
Went to the state fair today for hubbbys birthday and felt fine. We were there for like 6 hours.

Post op Day 3 Video

Day 3 update video. Didn't feel like typing it all out. Enjoy. (SOrry my post are out of order)

Post Op Day 2 Video

Day 2 i look so sloppy and medicated and groggy LOL.
If i forget to cover something dont be scared to ask!


Post little more than 1 week

My skin feels raw and tingly on chest and tummy.
My right boob sometimes throbs on the side.
Back to work and 1st day was ruff 2 was way better. But overall I'm glad to be back.
Worked out twice already. 45 min recumbent bike. Second day I did quads hamstrings and squats.
Constipated again so drank 2 diet teas. I'm going to be shitting the whole day tmrw lol
Right nipple is still numb. But tender when rubbed like seat belt or sweater.
But, I feel about 90% mentally and 75% physically

post op week 1 video

Hey everyone. Here is my update for my week one post op check up.
I got good news! My prayers have been answered. Find out what I am cleared to do!

Tried on Bras. Still too early. Got Measured!

I tried on bras today and was measured at VS today and damn. I am surprised. I asked 2 girls to measure me and I am a 32 DD. Cheese its! Lol. So I tried them on and I didn't think the cup fit but the 2 gals insisted that the cup was too small. I was under the impression that the cup was supposed to cup your book snuggly. Not be an inch away from your cup and poke up and not lay flat. Then again I know I'm still swollen though. So I kinda get it. So they tell me I am a 32DDD. Lol I don't think so. She said I'm just so full (why thank you hehe)
Here's a couple pics. Can't wait to go back again and again lol. I'm going to get measured every time I go in haha.

3D Imaging of Post Op expectation

Okay so i finnaly found the pics of the 3d imager thingy that we used at the docs office.
So i stood there and they lined me up with the camera and then took a pic.
Then we went with sizes and shapes and textures. it even lets you put on a bikini bra or shirt on!
But of course i chose the naked one haha!
Who ever made this Vector Imager is dope! It looks so real. you can see my stretch marks and everything!
Folsom Plastic Surgeon

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Breast width. Mine were like 10.5 and 11.0 cm. I'm going to find a picture and specs of my implant and post on my page for those who are curious about different gummy bears.
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Can you tell me your stats? I watched your video and you said you had changed your cc's to 425 instead of 350. I'm having my ba done next Tuesday and doing 325 cc's. I'm 5'3 and 110 lbs.
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Hey Menext00, Good question! I should have mentioned that hahah DUH. I am 5'4" 123lbs. I chose 375 originally , but a week after that i was debating if it was too small. everyone told me to go bigger. and im glad i did. on the imager the 375 looked so small. so i went bigger. i just posted the pic on my review. check it out.
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Thanks! You look totally hot!
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Thank you!
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Thank you so much for your post. I'm going to get my breast done. I just had a tt 11 weeks ago and I went for my ba consult. I tried on 350, 400, and 450. I chose 450 but I an so scared it's too big. So I was determined to do 350, but keep thinking maybe that would be too small and I should do 400. I was also sold on silicon but the 5 people I know that had theirs done all strongly suggest saline. So many options! I am 5' 3.5 and 126 pounds. I'm actually trying to lose another 6 and that may put us more even. I am also going to be starting training for my first bikini competition as well. You are so motivating. You look great too. I hope my results are close to yours! :)
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I measured a 34DD early on and now am 32DDD. 34 band was loose but fit the cups. I would wait to buy bras because I think you are for sure going to be bigger! You look really good in your photos. You picked the perfect size for your body.
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I'm afraid of that. I don't want to be a DDD lol. Hopefully when they stop swelling it will go down a lil. But for dropping they won't drop much because I have textured tear drop
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i have textured tear drop too and i think mine didn't really drop but relaxed a bit and got looser and squishier. They kinda of filled out on the lower portion when they relaxed. I hope you keep posting. I like checking in on your reviews!
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Yay! Thank you and yes I will keep the updates coming
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I'm watching both of you! Rlena, probably asked you this already.... what kind of teardrop did you do? Britt, you went with Sientra classic, correct? I have Sientra round base.
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Michelle50 I went with textured tear drop round.
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So we are the same except size. My BWD was too small to go bigger :(
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yeah classic mod profile
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