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I had an arm lift done at the same time as my...

I had an arm lift done at the same time as my extended tummy tuck. I would recommend against doing more than one procedure at a time. It was just too much for my body. I needed my arms in order to compensate for my tummy, but couldn't use them. I didn't get a vertical scar in my armpit--which is typical. The result is that I have a cave for an armpit, which makes is very difficult to shave. I'm still healing though, so I'm hoping that this gets less annoying. But I did have over an inch of skin removed, so the bat wings are gone. I'm only 3 weeks in, so I'm really hoping that my view of what I had done improves.

Thanks will let you know how I get on, really feel for you having 3 to do but lets just imagine a few months from now I'm sure we will be happy!!!
My tummy ones go all the way around the back (was an extended TT), so I'm really not looking forward to those. But you are exactly correct- Think Happy Thoughts! Think Happy Thoughts! :o)
Thats funny because I have to remove mine this week on my tum unfortunately it still makes me feel a little nervous too, good luck !!

Got the ok from the doc to stop wearing the arm...

Got the ok from the doc to stop wearing the arm compression garment. That dang thing was driving me crazy. Tomorrow I have to remove the tape. Kind of freaked out.

Today is 1 month post-op. The surgical tape is...

Today is 1 month post-op. The surgical tape is gone and the ointment is on (this is why it's shiny in the picture). The incisions look horrible up close, but I know they will (hopefully) smooth out over time. Just glad to be rid of the compression garment.

Today marks 5 weeks post-op. I've had the arm...

Today marks 5 weeks post-op. I've had the arm garment off for a week. It feels so weird--the skin inside and out. I can't wait until the skin smoothes a bit so I don't feel so much like a Frankenstein. And reaching is still difficult, but SLOWLY getting better. More pictures to come this weekend.

5 weeks pics added

5 weeks pics added
Hi, really interested to read your review.
I am having my arms done on the 30 july. How far down your arm was your scars?
How do the scars look now and do you regret anything?
I am really looking forward to it, but of course still not sure how confident i will be to wear a t shirt and the scars being noticed.
Hi CharlieJ and SMS1978,

I appreciate your posts on this site. It's a great place to go because there are not a whole lot of people in my life right now that I can talk plastic surgery with. It's all I can think about.

SMS1978, you look great !!

I am scheduled to have a brachioplasty, along with a mastopexy with implants for July 27th. I want to do everything that I can for a good recovery and achieve the best results possible.
I enjoy reading your updates, keep them coming.
Hi there pretty face.
We will definitely have to compare notes since you are 7 days after my surgery.
I had breast cancer in 2002, and had my lump removed and my left breast looked really deformed due to the lump near my nipple..the cancer was only .6cm. I was lucky, all contained and only had to have radiation therapy. Anyways i had my breast reconstructed, I didn't have implants, just had my breast tissue reorganised in there and i had my good breast lifted. If I had known how good my boobs would have looked with just a breast lift i would have done it alot sooner. I found out i had breast cancer only by booking in to have implants and my doctor sent me for a mammogram.... we were all blown away! He is so glad he sent me for it. They said they wouldn't have picked up the cancer for 18months....that was without the implants....hate to think if i had had implants.....omg....i am so sorry....i don't mean to scare you, i was just letting you know why i had my breast lifted. I am so happy with outcome, you will love your new boobs!
and the looking forward to having no wings! Keep me posted as I will let you know how i go. SMS1978 has been so helpful. I myself don't really have many people to discuss this with as I really don't want anyone to know what i am doing. Good luck.

Posted the 8 week update photos, along with some 7...

Posted the 8 week update photos, along with some 7 week pics that my niece took. I wanted her to try and bring some beauty to something that shows so much pain.

Hi Charlie,
I am new to your blog, and have some questions. I had a TT going into my sixth month. Wow, if I had know it was going to be like this, I would maybe have never done it. I'm still very swollen or it just seems like it, got a little pot belly and the tightness is so uncomfortable. Anyway, I'm having the arm lift in a few month and this time I want as much information I can get on the recovery. No one told me about the recovery for the TT. I have read everything you have blogged. So if you have any advise, I would love it. I have been rethinking of the date and may have it in January, trying to give myself more time to heal from this surgery...but I do love my new belly. Thanks.

Hi Helen,
I am not sure if you were wanting to talk with me (SMS1978) or CharlieJ that had commented on this entry. I have a separate review for the arm lift. If you click on my profile, you will find the link to it. It said that you had some questions, so if you would like to send me a private message with all your questions, I would be happy to answer them for you. :o) Thanks!
That was good that you didn't have to pay for your compression garments.l did, but i only got 1 of each...thigh, arms. I have to wash overnight and put them back on. How often do they need washing? Can you see the garments under your shirts?
What do you suggest i wear in hospital? PJ's or track pants. What sort of tops would be best....i don't really have any button up ones, just long sleeved tshirt types.
Did your arms/hands swell up much? and is so for how long. I know it will differ for each of us.
8 hours surgery!!!! There is no way i could have left the hospital after 2 hours recovery. I had my tubes tied and that was only a quick took me all day to wake up, and i should have left a couple of hours later. Also the vomiting, that is what i am worried about too. How can we afford that?
One other question SMS, is there anything you can suggest to empty my bowels before surgery, so i don't have to worry about going for a few days.
Revision? Does that mean going under for a long time repeating it all over again?
Cheers and thanks again.

So, I'm at 14 weeks now. In the pictures, the...

So, I'm at 14 weeks now. In the pictures, the scars look like they've faded, but in person, they still seem very bright pink. My right side seems to have a raise scar. The left side is must smoother--can hardly feel it.

Since starting back on weight training, the right arm pit that used to look like a belly button has smoothed out, so it looks like I'll be able to avoid the revision there. Thank god for that.

But I just wish that the scars would fade faster. I swear, people just stare at me, thinking- "Did this woman try to commit suicide by cutting her upper arms in case she failed"? I swear-- that is the face they make when they notice them. So frustrating.

Got a new prescription for something called...

Got a new prescription for something called Cordran tape yesterday at my 15-week post-op appointment. It's supposed to help with the scars (which are still bright pink as ever), since the Bio-oil, Scar Zone, Scar Away, Cocoa Butter and Moisturizer with aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter is doing nothing to lighten my scars. Well shall see how this works. If this doesn't do the trick, he said I could use laser treatments to lighten them.

Please let this tape work!
Hello, OMG! i thought i was the only one, really didn't know who to talk to about this that would understand but i came across this site and read your story. I so feel you! i also got arm lift and tummy tuck at the same time and your so right! i felt so restricted had to get my mom to take some time off to help out since i do have little ones, after a couple weeks i felt overwhelmed i couldn't do much for myself having both procedures done at the same time. i had mines done in june, I'm coming across to my 6month, I'm happy with my tummy tuck but my arms have thick dark pink scars still and my skin still seems to be loose so I'm planning a revision in Dec, so i understand about the dark scars and its funny what u say because i catch people looking at my scars randomly while talking to me and yes people stare and its uncomfortable,i wish they would heal faster! i know that the tummy tuck scar will be fine i had a c-section delivery and had a long scar and it healed nice and got light as my skin so I'm hoping tummy tuck will heal as good too, but these arms are very dark and i got keloids which is thickening of scar so my doc wants to go back in remove scar and of course pull more skin, i did loose about 15lbs after surgery so maybe that loosened skin more but i really wasn't fully happy when it was done because even though it was swollen i still saw it somewhat loose and told my doc, he said to at least wait for 6 month recovery and go from there. so December it is... 6 months post op... and I've been using the silicone scar gel i don't see improvement, but i guess it doesn't matter now I'm getting the procedure done over so ill have to start all over with the healing process, i did discuss other methods with my doc and we are going to do injections which help break down scar tissue from inside out and should improve coloring. ill keep u posted. and i wish u well with your recovery. God Bless you...
Wow, I'm sorry you have to do revision on your arms. My arms look good other than the scar tissue. I didn't really swell at all other than the initial first few days. Good luck with your revision. I'm having my tummy tuck revised on 11/15/12. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully I'll be fixed up right this time. Best wishes!
Hi, I certainly share your frustration. I had my arms done in March and I still have very red scars. My are different than your in that they were done down the back of my arms. I am having a tummy tuck done in December, and when that is done, the doctor is doing some kind of needling work that is supposed to break down the scars and help the collagen in my skin help the scar heal lighter. I think that because it is our arms and we use them all the time, the scars do not get the opportunity to rest and heal like on our body. I hope that you will continue to keep us posted on your progress, and I will reassure you that as time goes on you will become less and less self-conscious of the scars...

I'm at 28 weeks now. The right arm scar is still...

I'm at 28 weeks now. The right arm scar is still pretty bad. The left arm is doing better. I'm starting to get the little nerves back that reach the surface, so it feels tight and painful at times. Still not sure if I'm happy with the outcome.
Thanks everyone. I will basically be waiting until the middle of May to have a serious talk with my doctor about the scars. That will be my 1-year mark. If they are not faded by then (which they should be for the most part), then I will talk about getting the laser treatment for scars that he has mentioned in the past. but said I should wait on.
Hi! Just checking in on those scars. My doc did some needling work during my TT on 12/26 and now the scars feel basically filed down. They are softer and sort of a brownish red. But, seriously, it feels like someone took a sander and buffed them out. I'll keep you posted on their healing. I had the arm lift down in march so this scar repair was about 9 months later. Now, if I can just recover from this TT surgery. Ugh.
I use Coco Butter during the day and at nights I tape on the Silicone Gel Sheet. You can find it online.

So I've finally changed my status on whether it...

So I've finally changed my status on whether it was "worth it" or not. I've decided to say no, it wasn't worth it. It's been 9 months since my arms were done, and my scars are still horribly visible. I thought by now they would at least be skin-toned, but they aren't. I feel like a freak when going out in public. I am sick of the stares, and I wish I had not gotten it done.

For those who are wanting to give scar treatment advice, I've tried everything. They are lighter than they were when I first had the procedure done, but they are still very pink. Not happy at all.

I've loaded some updated pictures. These were...

I've loaded some updated pictures. These were taken at 40 weeks post-op. As you can see, they are still VERY pink. I will be waiting until my 1-year appointment to officially be referred for scar laser treatment.
Where can I see the pictures. I am thinking about a mini arm lift. Due to aging, I have loose skin I want to get rid if.
I'm so suprised by the position of the scars, if I hold my arms like you are in your pic's, you can not see my scars from the front of the back at all. (i have pic's posted also) I'm happy i had it done but my arms were 19 inches when i started and 12.75 right now and i'm only 2 months out.
I didn't really have a say in where the incisions were placed. They try to make it the least noticable from both sides. All stitches were the disolvable kind, so not sure if that had anything to do with it.
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