African American Rhinoplasty- Scared As All Get-out, But Hopeful!

I'm a registered nurse so I've done alot of...

I'm a registered nurse so I've done alot of research on the post-op care for the procedure. I'm comfortable with the healing time etc. My concern is finding a surgeon who has a lot of experience with the "black" nose and will be honest about what can and can't be achieved with my particular nasal structure. Ever since I was 15 I knew eventually I was going to be having rhinoplasty done. I'm please with all the other features of my face. But as all of us looking to have rhinoplasty done know, if the nose isn't in harmony, the symphony is off. I have a consultation with a top surgeon in Beverly Hills next month. I'm sure hoping he can be my artist with a scalpel...chisel...and sutures ;)


good luck!!=]
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Hello... Is this your after pic???
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She looks a lot like this lady on youtube. If it is her then she already had her procedure. Go to youtube and search for AANoseJob.

Just realized I never updated :)


Girl you are pretty. I wouldnt be having surgery if I had your nose. But I understand where you're comng from as far as being satisfied even though other people think you're beautiful. Best wishes to you on getting your new look. I have my initial consult on oct 25th. I am so ready for this! SO GLAD that i discovered this site a few days ago. The support means a lot and so encouraged by other ladies. Take care..
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What doctor did you use
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You look really pretty
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